In Which Killua Dyes

“Killua we’re home!” Gon yelled over his shoulder closing the front door to the boys apartment.
“Kurapika and I got some stuff for dinner tonight. Oh, has Leorio called yet?” Gon and Kurapika wandered into the open kitchen setting the mountain of groceries onto the table cans crashing into bags a second of chaos.
“Killua?” Gon called out exchanging a worried glance with Kurapika who shrugged before reaching into the bags.
“Go ahead and look for him I’ll put these away.” Kurapika motioned Gon away with one hand.
“Thanks Kurapika I promise you won’t have to do anything else after I find Killua!” Gon affirmed before bounding up the stairs.

“Killua?” Gon knocked on the bathroom door. Light escaped the bottom of the door illuminating the hallway.
“Wha-? Ah! Fuck!” Killua squawked from the other side.
“Killua you okay?” Gons voice grew concerned trying to reach through the door. Kurapika stalked up the stairs following the boys commotion.
“Gon what’s up?”
“Is that Kurapika? Fuck! Gon yo- damn! Gon you said he was coming with Leorio!” Killua shouted over a crash and the sound of falling bottles and other bathroom accessories.
“He got here early, Killua are you okay?” Gon jiggled the locked doorknob.
“Gon I swear to everything under the sun if you open that door I will fucking smother you in your sleep.” Killua swore as the sound of plastic stopped and was replaced by cloths rustling.
“Oops!” The door that had been carrying their conversation split from its hinges and tipped into the bathroom. Gon’s hand splayed his face drawn with concern and curiosity.
“GON!” Killua screeched a hoodie haphazardly thrown on with the hood up. Kurapika leaned in the doorway.
“Hey Killua why are you wearing your hoodie inside out?” Gon asked innocently and lowered his hand.
“Killua you didn’t!” Kurapika gawked at the boxes and bottle in the trash.
“He didn’t what?” Gon’s curiosity peaked as Kurapika pushed past him and ripped the hood out of Killua’s grip and off his head.
“Kil- Killua your hair…” Gon’s jaw dropped almost as far as the Kurta’s.
“Yeah…the box said midnight somethin’ or other so I thought it was black not…this.” Killua motioned to his now neon purple hair.

“Do you…need help?” Kurapika offered his words drawn out. Killua shrugged scuffing his toe eyes piercing the tile floor. The purple dye stained Killuas hands that now sought refuge in his pants pockets.
“Okay…Gon why don’t you head back down and uh, work on dinner. Leorio should be here soon.” Kurapika stated taking control of the situation.
“Don’t say anything to him.” Killua growled to the floor red heating his face.
“Okay. What about Killua?” Gon crossed his arms.
“I’ll help him tone down the colour I guess.” Kurapika offered glancing at the mass of purple falling in Killuas eyes.
“It’s fine Gon.” Killua ducked under his bangs grinning at his best friends concern.
“But I like it! It looks like a flower!” Gon chirped as he turned down the stairs.
“Wha-!” Killuas sputtering followed Gon down to the kitchen along with Kurapikas laughter.

“So where’s Kurapika and Killua?” Leorio questioned sprawled on the sofa across from Gon perched on a love seat.
“Oh uh they…” Gon rolled the words in his mouth looking for an excuse.
“We’re coming hold on.” Kurapika slipped onto the sofa squishing into Leorios side earning him a blush and quick inhale from the doctor.
“I refuse!” Killuas shriek echoed around the corner.
“Killua it’s not that bad. I think it’s a good look!” Kurapika laughed leaning into Leorio. “Killua I want to see!” Gon whined fidgeting. “No way in hell!” Killua hollard back. The group paused. Killua sighed and stepped hesitantly into the room.
“Lilac!” Leorio shouted jumping to his feet. Killua’s hair had dimmed from a blazing violet to a pastel lilac. Kurapika and Leorio hurried over and casually reassured the blushing mess as Gon sat his own red tipped cheeks burning.
“You look beautiful Killua!” Gon stood abruptly loud enough to interrupt Leorio and Kurapika.
“G-Gon! You can’t just…” Killua trailed off ducking his head wide eyes trying to drill holes in his sneakers.
“Let’s go eat huh?” Kurapika redirected the group to the set table.


“Goodnight Kurapika! ‘Night Leorio!” Gon waved down the hall.
“Thanks for letting us use your room for the night Gon!” Leorio nodded. Gon headed up the stairs when the light for the bathroom turned on.
“Kurapika?” Gon slid the door panel, still off its hinges, and peered in.
“Gon!” Killua squeaked pulling his hood up. He had been meticulously staring at his new colour.
“Oh, Killua!” Gon stepped in the bathroom.
“Why are you hiding your hair?”
“Because well uh,” Killua stuttered pulling on the strings of his hoodie until just his nose, eyes, and a tuft of lilac where visible. His words muffled.
“Becausemyhairispurpleiguess.” The jumbled words made their way out of his hoodie. Gon took a step forward until their toes touched and whispered.
“Well I like it.” His cheeks warmed highlighting his spread of freckles. Killua’s face burned beneath the cloth. Without warning Gon leaned forward and kissed Killuas nose. Before Killua properly processed what happened Gon was out the doorway and in Killuas room where they were supposed to spend the night. Gon softly shut the door then leaned on it and sunk down his burning face in his hands and a huge smile filled his palms.

Killua ripped his hood off planted his hands in front of the sink and stared down his flushed grinning reflction.

The boys had the same thought racing through their heads.
“How am I supposed to sleep in the same room as him now?”

**Hilo this is I guess canon au but no chimera. None. I don’t need that thank you. I suppose some Leopika (Is that the name? That’s the name right?) Aged up boys. If you see anything is amiss lemme know! Thank!**


🎉 Happy Killugon Day!!!!! 🎉 I’ve been working on a school au (thanks to talks with @pemprika​..!! PLEASE LOOK AT HER SCHOOL AU STUFF THEYRE PERFECT) and this was a lot of fun to do!! oh yea I also added a little bit of context in the captions of what I was thinking about when drawing the scene ahaha;;

 I hope everyone is having a good killugon day!! 💚 💙