kills the self

bonkai - the deadass most tragic ship to ever exist

remember what the prison world did to bonnie, she was so lonely she tried to kill herself, let me repeat, bonnie bennet tried to k i l l herself after only a short amount of time. imagine how kai felt, 18 years trapped alone. humans are social creatures, he was probably driven insane with hallucinations; audio and visual. if bonnie tried to kill her self after like a month or two, imagine how kai felt. he could not die, if he was unstable in the first place, no wonder he is the way he is now. kai parker is a sociopath by circumstance, it’s not his fault and that’s why we connect with him so well. I guess that’s why bonnie and kai have some sort of ‘connection’ they both know the haunting loneliness that isolation in prison worlds can be like


Happy Birthday to Terra-Man!

On February 25, 1878, Toby Manning was born.  The son of outlaw, Jess Manning, Toby carried out his first robbery at the age of ten, while his father recuperated from a bullet-wound.  When an alien tried to steal the loot, the elder Manning shot at him.  The alien killed Jess Manning in self-defence, but not before telepathically linking with the dying outlaw.  The alien decided to raise the boy as his father had intended.  Taking the Toby into space, he trained the youngster how to use alien weapons, which he adapted to 19th Century Earth weapons.  Once Toby learned all he could, he killed the alien.  He became the interstellar outlaw, Terra-Man, naming himself after his home planet.  Upon returning to Earth, he realized that interstellar travel had slowed his aging and that nearly a century had passed.  He fought Superman several times, and Blue Devil once.

Created by Cary Bates, Curt Swan, and Dick Dillin, Terra-Man first appeared in Superman v.1 #249, cover-dated March 1972.

These comics (and many more) are part of the DuGarm Collection at the University of Iowa: Special Collections: 

Superman #278 (August 1974), cover by Nick Cardy

Action Comics #468 (February 1977), cover by Neal Adams

Action Comics #470 (April 1977), cover by José Luis García-López

Superman #337 (July 1979), cover by Ross Andru

Action Comics #511 (September 1980), cover by Ross Andru

Dead cold hands.