kills sister


Author: @sabrinas-wolves

Pairing: Stiles x Reader

Warnings: Mentions of death and blood. Slightly graphic descriptions.

Y/N= your name

Y/L/N= your last name

Y/H/C= your hair color

Song suggestion: The Night We Met by Lord Huron

A/N: Special thank you to @sincerelystiles for encouraging me to post.

“You guys are going up against Theo and the Doctors? Didn’t he, like, kill his own sister, try to kill us all, somehow manage to convince Scott that Stiles killed Donovan in cold blood, pit Liam and Scott against each other during the full moon, and separate the entire pack? Don’t forget how the Dread Doctors are messing with your minds,” I said. “Yeah, that’s the gist of it,” muttered Stiles. “Makes sense to me. I’m in.” Stiles opened his mouth to speak, but Scott beat him to it. “He’s out of control and needs to be stopped somehow. We’ve waited way too long and all those things you mentioned happened because if how long we’ve waited to take action. We can’t let Theo keep controlling those kids,” said Scott. “What’s the plan?” Liam asked. “We know he’s going to be here tonight. He’ll most likely be here with the Dread Doctors and his pack will definitely be with him. We have the sonic emitter that Argent gave us, hopefully that’ll be strong enough to stop the Dread Doctors. As for his pack, we just have to keep them separated. They won’t be as strong without Theo. We’ll try to talk to Theo first, convince him he’s wrong.” Malia rolled her eyes. “He’s not going to talk. This is Theo we’re talking about. Let’s just kill him,” she suggested, a hint of excitement laced in her voice. “Malia, we’re not killing him,” Lydia replied, clearly annoyed. “Y/N-” Scott started, but was immediately interrupted by Stiles. “Is not going.”

I threw open the door angrily. “Stiles!” I tugged on Stiles’ shirt as he walk, begging him to let me go with them. “Y/N, please. I don’t want you to go. I need to know for sure that you’re safe.” I grabbed Stiles by the shoulder, pulling him to a stop while glaring at him murderously. “I can handle myself!” I exclaimed defensively. “I’ve been training with Allison. I know how to fight.” Stiles looked at me with pity and all I wanted to do was scream at him. “I know you can, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind. What if something happens?” I rolled my eyes for what seemed like the hundredth time today. “Nothing’s going to happen, Stiles!”

Stiles, unsurprisingly, wasn’t budging. We argued back and forth in the middle of the hallway. Students pushed past us, some brushing their arm against mine, or even accidentally hitting me with their backpacks. “I don’t want you to go!” Stiles snapped. “Well, you’re not my parent to tell me what I can and can’t do. I don’t have to listen to you!” I realized how childish I sounded, but that didn’t matter right now. “I’m just as useful as you guys. I can fight,” I insisted, my eyes pleading. “Not against the Dread Doctors. They’re different, more powerful. And Theo… I don’t know what his intentions are.” I pursed my lips, searching for something to say without whining like a infant. “You all risk your lives to save Beacon Hills and each other,” I responded calmly. “I’ve done this before. Why not again?” Stiles shook his head, not daring to look me in the eye. “I don’t know what I’d do with myself if anything ever happened to you. I’m sorry, Y/N.” With that, Stiles walked off, leaving me standing alone in the student packed hallway.

When the bell for lunch rang, I raced out of school to my house. The pack did the same but I obviously wasn’t allowed to go with them. “Scott, come on. You know I can help!” I had told him. Scott smiled at me sadly, “I know. We all do, but Stiles thinks it’s best if you stay and, to be completely honest, I do too.” I headed straight for my room, ignoring my parents when they asked why I was home so early. While I waited for it to be six, I practiced with the punching bag in the basement. I punched and kicked furiously, the bare skin on my knuckles bleeding a but as the skin was scraped off. I shook my arms and kept going at it, as a mini warm up for whatever was going to go down tonight. A quarter to six, I called up Lydia. Before she spoke, I could hear more than one voice in the background. “Hey, Y/N. I can’t talk right now. We’re going to head out soon. Is it important?” I shook my head no, only remembering seconds later that she couldn’t see me. “No, I was just going to ask you if you could lend me your math notes. You can give them to me tomorrow.” Before she could answer, I hung up the phone, tossing it to the side.

I took a quick shower, changing into a black pullover and capri black yoga pants with a pair of old sneakers. I did my Y/H/C hair into a quick, messy ponytail. I stuffed some random clothes in a bag and headed down the stairs. “I’m staying at Lydia’s for the night. Love you guys!” I hugged my mom and dad and was on my way. I parked a block away from Scott’s house, hopefully far enough where they wouldn’t spot me. I tapped my fingers against the wheel anxiously. When Scott, Stiles, Lydia, Allison, Malia and Liam all poured out of Scott’s house, I knew it was time. I turned my car back on, opening the windows for some fresh air. The two cars were off, and I followed, keeping a reasonable distance. I wasn’t that surprised when they parked outside the school. Getting out of the car already, I hesitated and remembered the knife that Allison insisted I keep under the seat just in case. “Fuck it,” I mumbled to myself, leaning down to retrieve the knife.

I crept towards the doors slowly, careful not to make any noise. Opening the door with one swift movement, I slid inside, closing it just as smoothly. I could hear voices, one of them definitely belonging to Theo. I could identify only his because he was talking much louder than the others. As I got closer, I heard their conversation better. “Theo, why are you doing this? Don’t you see it’s wrong?” The voice belonged to Scott. “Wrong? I’m powerful. I’m more powerful than you and your little Beta put together!” Theo said with a laugh. I peered into the classroom, leaning forward so I could see everyone. Only Scott and Stiles were in the classroom with Theo. Where were the others? “See, I killed Josh and Tracy, which means I now have their powers too. Amazing, isn’t it? But I want more,” Theo growled. “I want the power of an Alpha. Of a True Alpha.” I squeezed the knife in my hand, completely forgetting that I was holding it by the blade and cutting myself deeping. Blood dripped onto the floor and I bit my lip to keep myself from making any noise. Thankfully, it was in my left hand and I throw with my right.

I closed my left eye and watched Theo carefully as he moved back and forth, his arms flailing as if explaining something. I drowned out all the noise and focused specifically on Theo’s chest. A blade to the chest definitely wasn’t going to kill him, possibly not even hurt him, but he’d be surprised and it would give Stiles and Scott time to run or attack or do whatever they were planning on doing. I realized just how much my hands were shaking, how nervous I was. I tried to steady my hand. Throwing with a shaky hand could be lethal to me. Closing my eyes, I took a deep breath, concentrating on an image of my steady hand. When I opened them again, my hand had stopped trembling. I outstretched my arm behind me. Holding it by the blade, I aimd as if to throw it for real, but it just being a practice. Expertly, I flung the knife in Theo’s direction, convinced I would hit him where I had planted a mental target. Everything seemed to be in slow motion. I smiled proudly inside when I saw it going straight for his shoulder. But that’s not at all what happened. Theo dodged to the side like nothing, as if it were just a bee he was avoiding and the knife stuck into the wall.

“You didn’t actually think that I didn’t notice you standing there, did you? I could hear your heartbeat before you were even inside the building.” Theo’s eyes fell on mine and he shook his head slowly. “You should have told your girl to stay,” said Theo, still looking at me, but his statement directed to Stiles. I took one slow step backwards, Theo’s eyes still staring directly into mine, and a sudden fear coursed through my veins. Theo took four quick steps forward when he was suddenly pushed down to the floor. Theo stood like nothing had happened and when I saw his eyes, they glowed a bright shade of yellow. “You shouldn’t have done that,” Theo snarled. He flicked his wrists and I saw his claws emerge.

Theo pounced, arms outstretched and mouth wide open. I stood there, frozen, not entirely sure what to do. My mind screamed at me to move or do something, but my feet were stuck to the ground, like someone had glued me there. I peeled my feet off the ground, finally, and ran towards the knife that was still impaled into the wall. I watched as Theo and Scott went at it, scratching each other. Stiles seemed to be throwing inanimate objects at Theo. “Hold him!” I yelled to Scott. Stiles joined Scott in the struggle to keep him still. I struck the knife in his spine. For any normal person, it’d paralyze them. Theo fell to the ground, as stiff as a stick. I stood over him, chuckling to myself. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” asked Stiles. “I asked you to stay.” Right as I was about to answer, I felt a sharp burning pain on my ankles. I leaned into Scott for support. “Your little tricks don’t work on me!” Theo yelled. Scott pushed me towards Stiles as an attempt to get me away from Stiles. Stiles caught me immediately. “Scott?” Stiles called. “Go!” I limped out, my arm slung over Stiles’ shoulder while his was wrapped around my waist. “Are you okay?” Stiles asked. “Yeah, I’m totally fine. It doesn’t even hurt.”

A loud rattling noise startled us both, and we turned around abruptly, staring as Scott sat up groaning. Theo approached Scott, his eyes hungry for violence and power. Theo scratched frantically at Scott’s chest. Stiles and I headed their way as fast as we could. A slight whistling sound echoed throughout the empty hallway and an arrow pierced into his back. Seconds later, there was another in his chest. And another in his side. At the end of the hallway stood Allison pointing her bow at Theo, and Lydia who came running in behind her. Theo was momentarily surprised, but that instantly vanished. Allison and Lydia jogged towards them, Allison holding something long in her hand. She pressed it to the back of Theo’s neck and I realized afterwards that it was some sort of taser. Theo’s body spasmed and Lydia jumped back when Theo fell, straining to speak but his words were incomprehensible.

At this point, I didn’t even feel the pain in my ankle anymore. “Are you guys okay? Where are Malia and Liam?” I asked as we got closer to them. We backed away from Theo’s still shaking body. As if on cue, Malia and Liam came running down the stairs, looking behind them as they did so. “They were behind us… last time we saw,” Liam panted. Malia put her hands on her knees and sucked in multiple breaths. “I have no clue where Corey is. Josh almost killed us and we barely got away from Tracy,” explained Malia. Allison was kneeling by Scott, helping him up slowly. “I’m okay, Allison,” Scott insisted quietly. “Uh, guys?” Liam pointed behind me. Theo was standing up as Josh, Corey and Tracy ran down the other stairs, followed soon by the Dread Doctors. The Dread Doctor’s image flashed and they were soon standing behind all of their experiments. “Lydia, you have the sonic emitter?” whispered Stiles. Lydia nodded discreetly, reaching into her pocket of her shirt and pulling it out. “Not yet.”

Theo gave the silent order and Tracy crawled onto the walls. Her eyes became an orange-yellow color and slitted. Her tail swung back and forth, dripping with Kanima venom that, with just one small scratch, could paralyze you. I stared in horror at her tail, my eyes darting back and forth matching the movements of her tail. She pushed herself off of the wall in a millisecond. Instinctively, everyone ran. Everyone except me. When I took a step back, it was way too late and Tracy’s, heavier than I anticipated, body fell on mine. I struggled under her, trying to crawl away, but soon my body stopped working altogether. I couldn’t move, and I scold myself for being an idiot and not moving away.

A strong pair of arms grabbed the back of my shirt, pulling me up towards them. I tried so hard to move something, my finger or my toe, to get away from who I already knew was Theo. “The side effects only last a few minutes. Enough time for me to do whatever I need,” Theo whispered, his lips pressed against my ear. I threw my head back so it hit his. “Don’t touch me,” I snapped. Theo laughed. His hands traveled down to my stomach, playing with the material of my shirt. I could hear my heart pounding in my ears. I searched for Stiles, finally finding him being held back by Scott. I felt my legs moving again. Theo was right. It wasn’t lasting long. But why? “If you hurt her, I swear to God-” Theo cut him off with a loud laugh. “I’m not going to hurt her. I’m going to kill her.”

I felt his claws digging into my flesh, my stomach and back, and I let out a loud scream. Theo let me go instantly and I fell back. I clutched my stomach with my hands, causing myself more pain as I did so. The Dread Doctors started their move, their boots clanking and the gadgets on their suits making all types of noises. “Lydia, now!” I heard. Tears started forming and were already streaming down the sides of my face. “Y/N!” I could barely keep my eyes open. I started breathing heavily as I felt myself running out of air. “Stiles?” I whispered weakly. “I’m right here, baby. I’m right here.” Stiles held me, caressing my head softly. “I’m sorry, Stiles. I’m so…” I coughed up blood, my chin dripping with it. “I’m so sorry.” Stiles shook his head with a terrified expression. “Don’t be. You’re so brave.”

Stiles’ POV

My heart shattered into millions of pieces just looking at Y/N. “You’re so brave. Don’t be sorry at all.” I rocked her back and forth slowly. I knew what was going to happen. It doesn’t take a genius to know. I looked around at my friends. Scott was hurt, but he’d heal, so are Malia and Liam. Allison had a scratch on her arm and Lydia was fine. They all watched from a distance, Allison crying into Scott’s shoulder and Lydia sobbing quietly against the wall. The Dread Doctors were gone and Theo and his pack retreated soon after Theo hurt Y/N. “Is everybody okay? Are the Doctors gone? Did we win?” Her eyes looked so hopeful and, despite the situation she was in, she had a smile too. She had hope and I couldn’t just lie to her in her last moments. “Yes. We won. We’re all okay.” Y/N chuckled, which led to more coughing. “I love.. you,” she whispered. “I love you too, baby girl. I love you so, so much.” Y/N sucked in another deep breath. I wiped my face with my shirt. I couldn’t let her see me like this. “Stiles, I don’t- I don’t think I’m gonna…” She trailed off, and let out a loud cough. “Hey, hey, hey. You’re okay. You’re okay. I love you, Y/N. You hear me? I love you.” I pressed my lips to her forehead for a long time. When I pulled away, Y/N looked me in the eyes and smiled. “I love…” Her eyes shut slowly, her smile fading as well. I gasped as the body of the love of my life went limp in my arms. My mind took me back to the night time we met.

I walked into the school library with Scott, Kira, Malia and Lydia. “Our last year. Can you believe it?” Lydia said. We got on line, waiting for our turn to sign our initials onto the bookshelf. “My mom thinks this is vandalism,” Kira commented. I watched as all the seniors wrote down their initials. One girl caught my eye, only three people in front of us. She had the most beautiful eyes. She bit her lip and pushed a strand of Y/H/C hair behind her ear timidly. When it was her turn, she thanked the person in front of her when they handed her the marker. The girl smiled as she wrote and I noticed she added a little heart next to her name. She caught my eye and smiled again, wider this time, and her smile gave me butterflies. After my friends and I wrote down our initials, I searched frantically for the mystery girl. I spotted her just as she was walking out. “Hey!” I called to her, hoping she’d know it was to her. I pushed past kids and over chairs. “Y/I!” The girl stopped in tracks and turned around after a moment’s hesitation. “Hi,” I breathed out. “Oh, hi.” I smiled nervously. “I’m Stiles Stilinski.” I held out my hand. She shook it, her small hand fitting perfectly into mine. “Y/N Y/L/N.” My smile grew wider. “That’s a beautiful name, Y/N.”

I stared at her. “Y/N?” I shook her in an attempt to wake her up. “Come on, baby. Wake up.” I wiped my face with my shirt once again. “Y/N, please.” I sobbed into her shoulder, holding her close. “Baby, please.” I whispered uselessly. “Stiles…” I felt a hand on my shoulder. I slapped it away fiercely. “It’s no use, Stiles,” said Scott in a whisper. “Shut up!” I screamed at him. I sniffled and turned back to Y/N. Scott was right. At this point, there was nothing for me to do. “Y/N, I’m so sorry. I’m sorry.” I sobbed uncontrollably, rocking her back and forth. I didn’t realize how bad I was shaking until I saw Y/N’s dead corpse shaking as well. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. She was my everything. And now she’s gone. “I love you, Y/N. I’m sorry.”

I’m just gonna put it out there to anyone getting a bit mouthy over Jack being technically like 70 years old as a repute to the whole ‘Jashi’ thing…

Aang from Avatar was technically over 100 years old… and Katara was like 13/14 when their crush started…. I didn’t see anybody complaining about that??? 

I don’t mind how the Jack and Ashi thing plays out, personally. Father/daughter or together, together I don’t really care. Yet, if we’re arguing it’s all about ‘well Jack LIVED those 70 years so it counts’ then you have to admit it comes down to Ashi’s age. Which, as of yet, is unconfirmed. If she’s in her twenties then she can do what she wants. I’d feel more comfortable if she were like, 25, but in her twenties and she’s officially no where near the relationship being paedophilic. I could understand power imbalance maybe, but considering Ashi and her sisters almost killed Jack, plus Ashi has made all her own decisions up until this point, I’d say it’s all down to perception. It’s about whether you’re going to treat Ashi like a complete child whilst her age is unknown.

Let’s be real. She looks over 20 y/o, Phil seems to refer to her like she’s not in her teens and there’s been no references to her being in her teens. Also, there is absolutely no evidence that she is Jack’s biological daughter? So can we stop screaming INCEST?? Like, it’s kind of pathetic when you have to pull shit like that out of no where. You’re doing yourself no favours since you’d at least have a legit point if the show comes out and SAYS Ashi is a teen. Then you’d be 100% legit in your criticisms, so I don’t know why you’d add on this inexplicably random ‘incest’ thing.

anonymous asked:

how was everyone shocked that elena loved damon?????? I mean Stefan is a vampire, who has murdered, and she seen him kill before so why whould she care that Damon raped her friend, or killed her exes sister, or almost killed her town??? wouldn't she be hypocrite either way??????????

Because those two things aren’t the same. Stefan is a person who actively tries to be the best version of himself and attempts to atone for his past sins. He saved Bonnie, tries to help Vicki, protects Caroline, sympathizes with Matt, he is a kind and warm and sympathetic man who has a darkness in him that’s his vampirism. Elena fell in love with the *man*. She only says she can be with him after he saves Bonnie’s life, they only get back together when he risks his freedom to save Jeremy, in season 3 she lets herself fully go at the 20s dance after he tells her he’ll apologize to Bonnie and owns up to the fact that he has no right to ask her about details with Damon. Stefan continuously strives to be a better person and he isn’t a constant source of terror for the people she apparently loves. The same cannot be said for Damon and that’s what makes DE fundamentally contradictory to her character

Savitar Theories

Wally West:
-Yes: If he is Savitar, it would make sense why in the future he is in a catatonic state. The fact that he killed his sister, terrorized the team and even broke a version of himself’s back, could break him. Also he’s a speedster and I feel like Savitar has to be a speedster we know. Also it would explain Savitar’s first obsession with Flashpoint (Wally was the only Flash there).
-No: Why would Killer Frost just trust him so quickly? They are not close. Also why kill his sister (Iris), I don’t get it.

-Yes: It would make sense why she (Killer Frost) trusted him so quickly. It would explain the outright resentment Savitar has against Barry - Ronnie died helping him and Cisco’s brother died because of his timeline meddling.
-No: Neither of them are speedsters, in fact they each have their own set of powers so why make them the God of Speed? Why would they need to kill Iris?

Barry Allen:
-Yes: It would explain why Killer Frost trusted him so quickly. Future Killer Frost says she liked what Barry did to her. In the comics The Flash travels back in time to stop/kill himself. It would also explain why Wally went catatonic, because Barry is his mentor/older brother. He’s knowledge on how to hurt the team is specific.
-No: What could his reseasoning be for this? Because of his meddling with time? Why kill Iris? Which version of himself is this?

Anyway I think the main way for us to get a good understanding of who is in the Savitar suit, is to first figure out when/where the suit is from.

Are they going to tell us next week who Savitar is?

Hamilton Characters as Different Social Media Platforms
  • Alexander: Tumblr. Shitposts regularly, goes on long rants about social justice issues, daddy kink, kinda rly Gay™,hates donald trump.
  • Laurens: Deviant Art. Really likes to do the Art Thing™,is really gay, quiet when u dont know him but sO FRICKIN LOUD OTHERWISE WOO!!
  • Lafayette: Vine. naive af,does not understand most jokes but tells them again anyways,talks way too fast.
  • Hercules: Twitter: Rants a lot, lowkey a fuckboy,does not have an indoor voice as he is ALWAYS HYPED!!!!
  • Madison: Snapchat. Stays at party for like 10 mins then leaves for some reason and does not come back, kinda basic but everyone still loves him,99% pure
  • Jefferson: 4chan. Is the first to know about new memes, kinda problematic,angered easily,ironically says "make america great again"
  • Washington: Facebook. Pronounces "memes" as "mey-meys",you either rly like him or rly hate him,finds out about trends months late, dad friend.
  • Burr: Google plus. Everyone knows him ut most dont rly like him , 100% salt, steals memes from Jefferson.
  • King George: Myspace. 'hahaha remember me?",really wants people to talk to him again,lonely, still thinks its 2006
  • Eliza: Pinterest. The Mom Friend™™ ,really likes DIY projects, & does everything better than you.
  • Peggy: Ifunny. Commonly overlooked,does everything """ironically""",likes memes.
  • Angelica: Instagram. #nofilter,rly passive agressive,takes pictures of her food, has an iphone.
  • Maria: Youtube. Everyone knows her name,has a bit of a bad rep but is cool af, likes cute animals.

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"I mean Stefan is a vampire, who has murdered, and she seen him kill before so why whould she care that Damon raped her friend, or killed her exes sister, or almost killed her town?" - there are SO MANY wrong things in this question that I can't even, I just can't. Stefan killed people when he fed on them, because he is a vampire, Damon raping Caroline had nothing to do with vampirism. Like are this DErs for real? Seriously!

Certain anons don’t seem to understand the difference between vampirism, the fact that as a ripper Stefan couldn’t stop feeding and then he worked on getting better and blood is a constant struggle for him with the fact that Damon simply kills people because he can, he abuses women because he’s a predator and is actually just a terrible person.

“My sister was murdered when I was twelve years old. Her husband killed her because of jealousy. After that it was just me and my mom. I stopped studying. I became the black sheep of the family. I left the house and went my own way. There was a gang in the neighborhood. They gave me a place to live. They gave me work. They gave me marijuana and cocaine. I was always high. My job was tocollect protection money from local businesses. There were five of us who made the rounds. When I turned fourteen they told me I was ready to ‘test the knife.’ There was a shopkeeper named Maria. Her husband was a pain in the ass. He would always scream at us and call us sons of bitches. So we stabbed him over and over. There was blood everywhere. I felt like throwing up. Afterwards I felt empty inside. So I just did more drugs. And the way I looked at it—if my sister got killed, why shouldn’t other people die? At least that’s how I always justified it to myself.”

(Bogotá, Colombia)


It seems that way, doesn’t it?