kills me everytime they say it

Dating Cesaro would include:

× He always saying “wow” everytime you are on ring.
× “it wasn’t that great, Cesaro”
× “wow, you almost kill her, you need to teach me that move”
× Sharing hotel room because he’s your best friend.
× Giving him massages after his matches
× He knows that he is in love wih you after he saw you kinda flirting with Perkins.
× So he stop talking to you
× “what is going on with you? I thought I was your best friend, Cesaro”
× “It’s just that I don’t want to cause problems between you and Perkins and…”
× And you kiss him
× Then you was shocked because you did that
× “look, I’m sorry, maybe you just want me like your best friend and I understand that but I wanted to do that since forever”
× And he kissed you deeply after that
× “I want to do this like a gentleman so… I’m in love with you (y/n), I can’t say since when but I know that I’m deeply in love with you… do you want to be my girlfriend?”
× Blushing all the time he’s around
× Him telling you how beautiful and smart you are every two seconds
× Stealing his shirts
× He would complain about it but secretly think it was so attractive
× He would be so touchy
× Smirks
× Really good sex
× He loves make you cum just with his tongue
× Spanks. All the time. It doesn’t matter if you are not having sex.
× Training together
× He spoils you a lot because his woman deserves nothing but the best.
× Sheamus rolling his eyes when he’s with you
× “seriously, both of you make me feel sick.”
× but he can hide his smile because you make Cesaro so happy”
× Cesaro would love shopping with you
× “will you try on lingerie for me?”
× Fancy dinners
× It would be a oh, so perfect relationship

How do you feel about our relationship?

“ Everything’s going to be alright, as long as we stick together ”

“The day you told me you loved me was the greatest day of my life”

Always knew there was something special about you. Glad I found it”

“It’ll be a cold day in hell before I let anything bad happen to you”

“Don’t know what karma I cashed, but I definitely don’t deserve someone as good as you” 

The expressions on Victor’s face when he says “it almost sounds like marriage proposal” kills me everytime.

I???? Can’t deal with this?????

I don’t know what to say about all these pictures of Sans with a glowing penis…… Why. just Why. xD
everytime I see a pic like this, I just can’t take it seriously.
to me, if he really had this “thing”, he would only make stupid things with it like… idk, being a lamp. yeah.
and then he would probably make an epilepsy because of it xD
but Hey, I’m not juging. do whatever you like. (even if drawing a skeleton with a glowing penis is a liiiittle weird. Just a little.)

I’m sorry the quality is terrible… I draw with my 3ds (and as you can see, the quality is bad) and I make the animation with my phone so… I don’t use very professional stuff xD but you get the idea-

  • Ouma: Hey guys, did you ever notice everytime we have a class trial, the words “class trial” float all around us?
  • Momota: Pfft…The hell are you talking about?
  • Harukawa: I think we’re obviously more focused on finding out who killed yet another one of our classmates, Ouma.
  • Akamatsu: I agree with her, Ouma.
  • Saihara: As do I.
  • [during a class trial]
  • Yumeno: Me? A culprit? Ask my mom ‘bout that, see what she has to say about me being a murdere–
  • Ouma: [aggressively pointing] GUYS!!
  • Kiibo: I heard you aren’t supposed to interrupt, Ouma!!
  • Yumeno: Let me finish, y'know?
  • Akamatsu:
  • Akamatsu: What the–

Hey guys:) okay alot of people have been asking for a masterlist, but I also just started writing imagines. So these are some i’ve already done, and everytime I upload I’ll add it on here :) I love you guys. Don’t forget to request <3

Nate Maloley Imagines

You’re hurting me

You’re hurting me Pt.2

Don’t you dare say you love me

Don’t you dare say you love me Pt.2

Don’t you dare say you love me Pt.3

Did they hurt you?

It Kills me to see you with her

It kills me to see you with her pt.2


Theres no way in hell i’d fall in love with someone like you

Are you cheating on me (ft. Sammy Wilk)

Are you cheating on me pt.2 (ft.Sammy Wilk

Are you cheating on me pt.3 (ft.Sammy)

Are you cheating on me pt.4 (ft.Sammy)

Please don’t hurt her

Please stay

Dancers (ft. Sammy)

Jsazz Imagines

Overprotective boyfriend

Mommy and Daddy

Is that my shirt?

Is that my shirt? pt.2

Jack Gilinsky Imagines

I’m Pregnant

I wanted you to fight for me

You said you loved me

You said you loved me pt.2 (ft.Nate)

Derek Luh Imagines

Everyone Always Leaves

Jack Johnson Imagines

Did I just say that out loud?

Sammy Wilk Imagines


Please stop you’re scaring me

Please stop you’re scaring me Pt.2

Dancers (Nate)

Are you cheating on me (ft.Nate)

Are you cheating on me pt.2 (ft.Nate)

Are you cheating on me pt.3 (ft.Nate)

Are you cheating on me pt.4 (ft.Nate)

Opening Act Series- Omaha Boys

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

how each call to toto went as told by me:

seb: called toto to assure him that no one would notice if he swapped in another german. toto took a shot everytime seb mentioned “4 championships”

dan: half the factory heaved when they saw dan’s name. toto said for shoey reasons i can’t sign you.

max: toto didn’t answer.

checo: called and explained through sobs that he needed this to save his marriage. toto thinks of writing a “stop falling in love with germans” self-help book and puts checo’s resume at the top of the pile.

hulk: when hulk calls lewis viciously shakes his head and says “he could kill me with his little finger” toto considers this as a positive and asks hulk to send over his contract.

fernando: toto doesn’t even say a word bc lewis is already crying “2007″ over and over. the call ends with spanish cackling and toto penning his resignation letter.

carlos: toto calls carlos first, however, christian answers and hisses. toto bins carlos’ paperwork. 

valtteri: “mika told me to call. i don’t care about the seat so im pretending for him. also, tell susie it’s been a year and i want my cake pans back”

stroll: toto laughs so hard he cries and drops his phone in the sink. 

kevin: reminds toto that on his debut he shared the podium with nico so he should get the seat by osmosis. toto genuinely thinks about it.

romain: “pay me in working brakes and i’m yours”

stoffel: he calls from a broom closet. toto can hear ron dennis and fernando shouting about custody in the background and decides to call the police instead of signing him. 

marcus: says all he does is race and sleep anyway so no inter team issues would arise. toto finds this incredibly soothing. 

nasr: toto only answers for fear of the man losing more hair. 

ocon: toto rejects the call. no children in his car.

pascal: is the last to call at 3am and toto doesn’t even look at the name, just shouts “no! no! no, you can’t have the seat” “…..i lost my keys, can i crash on your couch?” toto and susie motherhen him for three days. 

  • seven: mc
  • seven: ...
  • seven: mc
  • mc: what????
  • mc:
  • mc: . . .
  • seven: go tO sLEEp
  • mc: but you called me
  • seven: sLEEP cHILd
wishlist of #robron things I want to see in the near future!

⋆ Hand holding (as in walking hand in hand) even for a tiny bit, ED? please?

⋆ A hug where Aaron arms go around Robert’s shoulders. This is a HUGE crave I have that’s killing me. Everytime they hug I’m like “ok, now, now, NOW”

⋆ Back of the head holding (i won’t be picky, it can be during a hug, or a kiss, or a conversation…)

⋆ Playful banter. They’re so good at it. I hope there’s much more to come when they’re living together and dealing with each other rarities!

⋆ Complimenting each other. Rob has done it in the past but I’d love to say open complimenting like “you look gorgeous” or “i’m proud of you”

⋆ Heart to heart conversations about their pasts, specially about Rob’s since Aaron’s has been well discussed alreay and the poor lad doesn’t need to go back there.

⋆ Double date w/ Vadam. Can’t believed we haven’t got one yet! How is it possible, Emmerdale? We want answers!

⋆ A bed scene. A proper one. Like BOTH. IN. BED. CUDDLING. TALKING about anything. I am not daydreaming about SEX, I know everything about 7pm shows and all but COME ON. I could point out 10 scenes like that shared by straight couples!!!!

⋆ Going away on a proper holiday. Even if we don’t get to see it. It’s been almost a year since de Barcelona fiasco, they could do with a bit of sand & sun.

⋆ Teaming up to help others. It could be something light, for example, playing matchmakers or something more troublesome & shady, if you like.

RT and add your own!

Me this past few month since YOI ended

Me: *cries everytime someone says “see you next level”*
Me: *creates mini crack videos*
Me: *binge reads Viktuuri smut fanfics in Wattpad at 3am*
Me: *doodles fanarts*
Me: *jumps on the Killing Stalking bandwagon*
Me: *reads Blood Bank*
Me: *is still shook from Episode 12*
Me: *gets Vietnam flashbacks from Episode 11*
Me: I need help..

Saihara x Kaede Headcanons

Okay so I was just lying down and thinking about random stuff and this came into mind:

-Everytime Saihara gains the courage to kiss Kaede they probs get interrupted by A CERTAIN SOMEONE (Probably Ouma Lol)

-Kaede and Saihara probs have ahoge fight in their free time

-Saihara enjoys listening to Kaede playing the piano as he reads his novels

-Kaede and Saihara both like cuddles and kisses (Although Saihara is a flustered mess when they do it both in public and when they’re by themselves)

  • Everytime Saihara says something negative about himself Kaede pinches his cheeks and gives him some pep talk

-when Saihara sees someone flirting with his girl he becomes a smol angery DEMON (He’d probably kill someone with his ahoge)

-Whenever Kaede cries Saihara gives her a big bear hug along with some words of comfort (Kaede does the same when he’s sad as well)

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)Hehehe

┬┴┬┴┤( ͡° ͜ʖ├┬┴┬┴Slowly retreats backwards on wheelies into SaimatsuLand

Saiede is slowly taking me over pls send help

Sweet Kiss

Well, it’s been a while since my last coloration, so I grabbed @thatsketchyskeleton‘s sweet Butterfly Bog sketch and colored it. God, I love to work with their stuff, even when expressions like this kill me everytime with the feelings. (I say that every-time, don’t I? But dammit, just look at that face of this smitten pinecone. xD)
Marianne’s hair is still a little struggle for me, I think the colors I saved for it are too bright, so I made it darker and yep, already looks better. x3
Another little struggle is to find a background color for them, there are so many that go very good with both their color palette and I decided on blue this time, because I rarely use it. With a bit of green it doesn’t look that cold anymore. x3
Anyway, I had a lot of fun coloring this. <3

Sketch © @thatsketchyskeleton
Coloration © Cedar-King/Pikuna

Namjoon appreciation

Just a few of the reasons why I love Kim Namjoon

•The blond hair
•The fact that he is a freaking smart boy with an IQ of 148
•“I’m sexy like a pornstar”
•When he gets all shy and nervous
•How brave he is despite all the hate
•Destruction monster
•“Hip Hop is dead, only sailor moon survived”
•Just how freaking amazing and talented he is
•I mean have you heard forever young
•The pink hair I mean it was amazing
•His amazing English skills that he taught himself
•His selfie game (it kills me everytime)
•When he accidentally founded one of the popular and iconic saying is kpop (you all know what it is)
•Freaking namjin
•When he dances with his face
•When he’s low key laid back but takes care of things when it comes down to it
•“I’m going to stab the members in the order they come in”
•When he gets all philosophical about things like dust
•The spongebob laugh (if you listen closely you can hear it in Do You)
•His love for fans
ex: still trying to sign for fans when his right hand was in a cast
•“If I’m a pair of basketball shoes, you’re flip flops”
•How awkward he is
•His passion on stage
•He’s the reason jungkook joined bighit
“Ey burn it up” *Kaboom*
•How cute he is with the members
•Vmon is lowkey so cute
•His inability to cut onions
•When he twerked on American hustle life
“Something keeps dangling”
•His under appreciated but totally lit mixtape
•When bts debuted and his hair looked like a sponge
•Rapper line
•When he chose Bangtan without a doubt
•His sleeping face
•When Hobi called and told him not to curse because he is being recorded and he almost cursed
•His friendship with Jackson of Got7
•When he kept calling the Korean embassy on Bon voyage when the members kept losing their bags
•How he shares his music with fans
•Did I mention how freaking talented he is because he’s freaking talented
•When he dresses like a grandpa
•“It’s butterfly, not butterfry”
•Oh and did I mention namjin

Hoseok natural skin colour appreciation post !

Hobi’s turn !!

He isn’t as “dark” as Joonie or Jimin but he still has a nice tan ! 

This picture kills me everytime PUt tHE TOguE AWaY

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Dear Charlie,

I’m so sorry, I think I’m bad again. I never learn, Charlie, why can’t I love myself? What made me hate myself so much? I feel like shit. I feel like whatever I do, say or think is wrong. I’m about to lose hope, you know, maybe people can’t change and if I hated myself for 8 years I will hate myself until I die. No one has ever truly loved me, is it because I can’t love myself? I’m not even brave enough to kill myself, I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I can’t get anything done right. It’s Monday and I want it to be Friday already just to get drunk and forget that I have to deal with my feelings. Everytime I wake up my bad thoughts hit me. I’m sorry for my friends because they also have to deal with this part of me. Anyway I don’t really tell them how I feel because they will think I’m crazy and never talk to me again, so I just pretend I’m okay all the time, which is also killing me inside but I don’t care ‘cause I’m already hurt. I don’t know what can I do.

Love always, your friend, Lfh.

Oh geez

I remember one time i was talkin to my friends abt my jamaican heritage and like my friend had interrupted me and was like “i thought you don’t like jamaican patties tho?”
And i was like “ya i dont”
And everyone deadass bring it up everytime
They always go like “mmmmhmmm there u goin with that diverse family tree bullshyt again”
And they been callin me a liar lmfao