kills me every time


      …or the missing half of a spyglass.


God I miss them!  It’s that wrinkled smile from both of them!  It gets me every time! U know…that smile that we’ve never seen him have w/ B.  Just sayin…   Crap! I can’t take it! Haha 

This photo kills me every time. 

The absolutely best thing about Derek breaking into Stiles’ room in Wolf’s Bane is the fact that instead of sitting down in a chair or on the bed, he decides to just stand ominously in the corner, waiting for Stiles to walk into his room. I mean, he crawls through the window into Stiles’ room and decides that the best course of action is to stand there and wait for Stiles to get home…

Just look at him!  Honestly who even knows how long he was there?