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The final count is in and we have 118 hamsters! If you are able to help please consider donating at or through our Amazon wishlist at We really need water bottles, houses, food, bedding, and wheels.

We fit 118 hamsters into our quarantine room. Our quarantine room is on a separate air supply from the rest of the house to prevent the potential spread of any disease.

Each mom with nursing babies has a nice big cage to raise her little ones. Each adult hamster has his own cage. Every cage has a house (actually we need a few more), nesting material, food, water bottles (we officially ran out), a chew toy, a whimzee, a sprig of millett, and a dog biscuit.

Unfortunately, however, the Flagler County Humane Society was quite thorough in their mass euthanasia of every female hamster. We are quite disappointed in their handling of this. Nearly 100 female hamsters were needlessly killed AFTER we told the director of the shelter we could take every hamster. It actually cost them more to kill all of the hamsters than it would have to just let us take them.

We already have rescues to transfer approximately 85 of these hamsters to once they are cleared to go and I am confident we could have handled many many more. To say I am upset about how the shelter handled it may be the understatement of the year, but all we can do now is love the ones we have here and try to get our name out there so this never has to happen at any shelter again. #hamster #love #rescue #wedidit #thankyou

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Creepypasta #1143: I Hated My Little Brother

Length: Long

I really did, I swear. Not a day went by when I didn’t want to punch his stupid face in, throw him into a truck’s path, send him off on a weather balloon to space. I really despised him.

A bit of backstory:

I lived with my father, my mother, and my little brother, George, or “Georgie” as a nickname. George was 11. He had sandy brown hair, and George was my parents’ little angel. He could do no wrong in their eyes. In everyone else’s, though, Georgie was a tiny demon sent from the depths of the Underworld. He harassed smaller children, stole lunch money, and did worse things I don’t even want to say. Almost once a week, our neighbors or George’s teacher would show up at our door, forced smiles frozen on our faces.

“I’ve come to have a chat about George,” they would say.

My parents would gasp at each “false” relevation. Someone killed the class hamster and wrote GT (George’s initials) in blood on the tabletop? No way. Our angel couldn’t do that! They would proclaim. Someone stole Samantha’s lunch, stuffed it in the girls’ toilet, and forced her to eat it during recess? How dare you accuse Georgie of that! It must have been some other child, though Samantha had to go to a mental hospital for a while because of the trauma. Our George burned someone’s homework? Lies. Our George kicked a kitten? False. Our George stole $78 worth of candy from a store? Of course not. He told us he bought that candy.

The list goes on.

My parents never got worn down. They never stopped to consider these claims, even when obvious evidence was presented. Ever. George was a sweet little honeycake. But as George’s sister, by God, it was 1,000x worse.

He would take my homework and hide it, burn it, or stuff it in the toilet. I came to school empty handed those days, and the teachers nodded and gave me 100s. They knew George.

I came home from school one day and all of my stuffed animals were hanging by their necks from nooses on the ceiling of my room. I screamed, ran downstairs for my parents, and when they came up they yelled at me because if I “wanted to make a statement”, then I could have just asked them to repaint my room black or dark blue or whatever.

The torture was endless.

So this brings me to about 2 weeks ago, when our house was being repainted in George’s room. One of my friends, Titi (her real name was Tatiana, but she hated it) had enough.

“You know,” she said to me, mischeviously, “we could get him back.”

“How?” I asked.

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All the World’s a Stage

Request: A party with your bias group ends with a game of seven minutes in heaven with bts, you can choose the member but we need more Namjoon

Member: BTS Rapmonster x Y/N

Type: fluff

“This party is dying,” Taehyung muttered beneath his breath as he hurried around the kitchen. “People keep leaving.”

“You act like your surprised,” Jimin chuckled, watching his friend idly. “It started after you busted out your Beginner’s Kit for Magic.”

“The trick with the hamster KILLED,” Taehyung gasped, clutching his chest. 

“Killed the party,” Yoongi muttered, taking a large sip from his red solo cup. “When most of the members of Seventeen leave, you know things are bad.”

“You know there aren’t seventeen of them, right?” Taehyung muttered. “It’s not THAT many people.”

“I have an idea,” Hoseok hummed, nodding from his position by the oven. Jin looked up from his baking and wiped his flour covered hands across his apron. 

“The last time you had an idea, Namjoon ended up in the hospital,” Jin hissed. 

“When is Namjoon not in the hospital?” Hoseok groaned. “Do you want people to stay at the party or not?”

“I resent that,” Namjoon grumbled, chewing on a crisp. 

Hoseok rolled his eyes as he leaned back onto the counter. “Well?”

“What’s your idea Hobi?” you hummed carefully, trying to ignore the several dirty looks that were leveled in your direction. You knew if no one actually asked him, he would begin to pout. 

“Follow me, and you’ll find out,” he grinned with a wink. He launched himself from the counter and hurtled toward the door of the kitchen, grabbing ahold of Namjoon and Jimin’s shirts along the way. 

“Aish, this shirt is expensive,” JImin grumbled. You followed the stumbling trio into the living room. 

“So is my time, so quit whining and pay attention,” Hoseok muttered. You lifted your brows, surprised by his words. Normally Hoseok was the literal definition of sunshine, but when he was savage, he went all the way. 

“Everyone!” he shouted, standing on the ottoman. 

“Not on the furniture,” Namjoon whined, plopping onto the couch. He patted the worn leather beside him to signal for you to sit. 

“Am I included in everyone?” Jungkook sighed, shuffling forward with a pouting Taehyung. Several other partygoers you recognized as idols entered the room as well. You suddenly felt very subconscious, more aware that you were a non-idol than any other time you had hung out with the boys of Bangtan. 

“Every one is included in everyone,” Yoongi grumbled, entering the room behind him. Jin trailed flour as he entered the room and turned down the music pumping through Jungkook’s speaker. 

“Alright folks! The name of the game is spin for seven!” Hoseok chirped, holding  bottle proudly in the air. The crowd of partygoers began to whisper amongst themselves, especially the members of Got7. Hoseok furrowed his brow, noticing a very enthused Jackson Wang in the corner beginning to get loud. “And no, this doesn’t have anything to directly include you, members of Got7.”

Jackson immediately slouched, slithering into the arms of Jinyoung beside him. 

“Now, everyone sits in a big circle, and a designated person, spins the bottle,” Hoseok smiled, hopping from his standing position on the ottoman to begin walking between the guests. “The person who the bottle lands on, well, you get a seven minute spin in the closet of love with the original spinner!” 

A mix of groans and nervous giggles radiated through the room and settled into silence again as Hoseok placed the bottle on the ottoman. He grinned to Jin and winked. “Told you I could make things interesting.” 

“Now!” he continued. “I think it’s only fitting that our leader takes the first spin!”

The crowd cheered as everyone focused on Namjoon. His eyes grew wide as he realized the meaning of the words that had just escaped from Hobi’s lips. 

“Aish, I knew I should have gone to the studio,” he hissed, glancing nervously to you. His cheeks were growing darker by the moment and the feeling of secondhand embaressment filling your chest was almost too much to handle. 

“Spin,” Taehyung nodded, his smile as wide and boxy as ever. He looked carefully to Jimin who nodded shortly at him before they began to chant in unison. “Spin, spin, spin, spin, spin!” 

The group of onlookers quickly caught on, their volume increasing by every utterance of the word “spin.”

“Alright!” Namjoon gasped, rolling his eyes and gripping the bottle Hoseok had placed before him. He grabbed one of the books teetering on the edge of the ottoman and placed it flat against it’s surface. He sat the bottle on top and gave it a quick spin, sending it careening away from the couch. 

“Aigoo! Hyung!” Jungkook gasped, chasing after the bottle. He returned with a large grin before placing it on the book again. “A little less destruction next time, yah?”

Namjoon grumbled to himself as he attempted another spin, this time setting the glass clockwise and rotating atop the book. It felt as if all of the oxygen had been sucked out of the room as you watched the bottle whirl before you. Slowly, but surely the glass finally came to a halt, the neck of the bottle definitely pointing at you. 

You closed your eyes and refrained from groaning as you surveyed the result. You weren’t necessarily upset by the outcome, Namjoon was incredibly attractive and kind to you, and honestly you couldn’t hope to spend seven minutes in heaven with anyone else at this party. You did, however, get mildly upset by the attention, and the fact that around fifteen to twenty people were surveying how uncomfortable you were. 

Knowing that you would be shoved in a closet with that same crowd of people anxiously awaiting the moment you would emerge with tousled hair and swollen lips was also disheartening. If you were going to kiss Namjoon, you wanted it to be private…and special. 

You were ripped from your thoughts as Taehyung wrapped a large hand from around your wrist and yanked. He giggled wildly as he shoved you toward the closet, no matter how hard you fought. “Come on Y/N, it’s just a game!” 

Hoseok pulled Namjoon along before you, shoving him into the closet as soon as Yoongi had opened it. 

“It’s not a game to me,” you hissed, just as Taehyung pushed you toward Namjoon. You landed with a thud into his chest and groaned, both of you lost among the coat racks. 

The closet door swiftly shut behind you and you heard Hoseok laugh maniacally just as the light within was flicked off. 

“Aish,” you groaned, trying to grasp at the wall and stand on your own. Namjoon grumbled to himself as he attempted to do the same, but much less gracefully. You couldn’t see in the darkness you had been forced into, but the mere sound effects of his scramble was enough for you to know. 

“Hey,” he breathed, his voice only centimeters from you ear. You blinked a few times, attempting to get your eyes adjusted to the light, but Namjoon was still too close for you to even recognize specific facial features. 

“Hey,” you whispered, feeling the heat grow on your face and neck. 

“I know you don’t want to be in here with me, but-” he began, but you instantly cut him off. 

“Why would you ever think that?” you gasped, but instantly bit your tongue. You winced and inwardly cursed. 

“I heard you complaining to Taehyung,” Namjoon sighed. “I get it, I’m not the most handsome guy you could’ve ended up in here with.”

“Again, you’re argument is sort of losing me,” you chuckled. “Why would you think that?”

Your eyes had adjusted enough in the blackness to see Namjoon blink, a confused expression coating his face. “Well I mean, I do look in the mirror everyday. And I’m a pretty smart guy, so I just thought-”

“Well maybe if you stopped trying to be so smart, and stopped trying to tell me my own opinion,” you grinned, pushing his shoulder lightly. 

“Oh, um, okay,” he nodded. “What-What’s your opinion then?”

“To be honest?” you sighed. “I think you’re the only person I could bare being in this closet with.”

“Oh,” Namjoon chuckled in quiet surprise. “Really?”

His expression was smug, even when masked by poor lighting. You bit your lip to hide the shining grin attempting to appear on your lips. “Really.”

“So…you wouldn’t, you know, hate the idea of kissing me then?” he said slowly, uncrossing his arms and setting them lightly on your hips. Your breathing hiccuped for a moment, your body not expecting his sudden touch. 

“No, I hate the idea of a group of people anticipating it,” you laughed, allowing yourself to place your own palms to rest on his shoulders. 

“You know, all the world’s a stage. We’re merely players,” Namjoon growled, his movements confident. It was a surprising contrast compared to how nervous he was when you first entered the closet. It seemed all he needed was a push of validation to attempt to make a move. 

“So you’re saying we should kiss, at the very least, for their benefit,” you laughed. 

“YES, DEAR GOD, YES,” you heard Hoseok’s exasperated voice on the opposite side of the door. “You have literally two minutes left and although this is heartwarming and all, it’s not accomplishing anything!” 

You leaned your head back and groaned, setting your sights on Namjoon. He was watching you just as closely through half-lidded eyes. 

“Last scene of all, that ends this strange eventful history,” he whispered, leaning his face toward yours. 

“You don’t have to keep proving to me that you’re smart,” you giggled. “Just kiss me already.”

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Masterpost: First Hamster Cage + Equipment
  • At first, if you want to adopt a dwarf buy 2 of the biggest Samla boxes…  
  • … and at least 2, better 3, if you want to adopt a Syrian/teddy. That’s 14,99$ for each box, 5$ for each lid, and 0,50$ for the clip locks. 
  • Here you find more supplies for your cage that you can buy at Ikea!
  • Read the whole text post first before you go and buy stuff though :o)
  • Please note that I refer to a single hamster as “they” - don’t keep hamsters together. You can read why I’m against keeping hamsters in pairs or groups here and here
  • For a dwarf, you’ll buy 2 Samlas, 2 lids, 2x clip locks = 41$ 
  • For a Syrian you can buy 3 Samlas etc. = 61,5$ (But 2 Samlas are okay too, if you let them run in a safe area in your apartment.)  
  • You can also buy old fish tanks that are leaking - mostly they are between 20-60$, but also very heavy - Samla boxes are much lighter but don’t look as cool. 
  • Then you prepare the lids likes this, by using a jigsaw, mesh and duct tape on top! You can then clip the lid on the box with your clip locks. 
  • Some dwarfs won’t need it, but for bigger hamsters, a lid very much recommended (Syrians can jump pretty high). Don’t just cut holes in the lid because then your hamster won’t get enough fresh air.  
  • You connect all of your Samla boxes by using a jig saw and some kind of wooden tunnel (nothing made out of plastic) or a cork tube. Anything that fits and your hamster can’t chew through. 
  • Just saw holes in the boxes - make sure that the tunnel is big enough for your hamster to easily run through with full cheek pouches! (3″ for dwarf, 4″ for Syrian)
  • Next you can find or build a chamber house! 
  • Your hamster needs one because it represents their natural burrows so that they can choose which chamber to use for sleeping, storing food and so on. It should have at least 2 connected, big chambers! More is always better.
  • Here you can find a easy tutorial on how to build a chamber house!
  • If you want your hamster to have a bigger one like the one I built recently, you can message me for a tutorial or build one yourself, it’s pretty easy. It should have stands so it doesn’t move, holes big enough to fit through with full cheek pouches (2-3″ dwarf, 3-4″ Syrian) and one big sleeping chamber! It has no floor, so the hamster can dig out and a lid that you can open if you need to clean it. (Clean their toilet every day)
  • Here you can see the “luxury” version of my chamber hourse. (It was about 12$ for all the materials :o) )
  • Don’t forget to give your hamster nesting material: unperfumed toilet paper. 
  • Do not use hamster wool as it often tangles around your hamster’s limb and can easily suffocate or kill your hamster! 
  • Your hamster will soon put a lot of nesting material in his cheeks and build their very own nest and start sleeping in it! :) 
  • Also give your hamster hay! They eat it and use it as nesting material. 
  • Next you can give them more hideouts. Little wooden houses (make sure they are solid and have no dangerouns holes where your hamster tries to fit through), cork tubes (big enough), you can build hideouts made of flower pots or clay, maybe ceramic houses etc. I do not like and would not recommend anything made out of plastic (besides the wheel which should be made out of hard plastic)
  • Then your hamster of course needs a water bowl (better a water bottle). 
  • You can use this one:

I hope you all have a nice day! <3

okay listen up potential pet owners

if you have/are planning to have a hamster or any small rodent then listen up. this post is more specific on hamsters, but is also applicable for other small pets.

  • DO NOT use wood shavings as a bedding. i don’t care what it says on the packet or whatever renowned brand it is. don’t do it. these cause respiratory issues and should never ever be used. ever. the much better alternative is stuff like carefresh (and thats what i use too)
  • DO NOT use the ‘soft fluffy’ beddings they sell for hamsters and other small pets. this stuff is awful. i know the stuff looks and feels so comfy and you think ‘ah my hamster would love this’ but there are so many issues with this stuff. firstly, more respiratory issues. secondly, this stuff can and will block your hamster’s intestinal tract and compact in their stomach. hamsters like to put stuff in their cheek pouches, this stuff can get stuck in there too. tiny legs and arms (front legs?) can get tangled up and injured. you can use things like torn up tissue and toilet roll for this. and it’s best to leave clumps; let your hamster move it and rip it up themselves- it counts as enrichment and gives them something to do!
  • please please please get a cage that’s big enough. and i’m not talking about the ones you see in stores - everywhere. i’ve seen attendants guide a mother and her kid around, pointing out the stuff to get for their brand new hamster… which included wood shavings, fluff bedding, and a tiny cage…
  • carrying on from that last point, as a bare minimum you need something that’s 59cm x 36cm x 25cm. and on top of that you need multiple floors. depending on the size of your small pet, you have to make sure to give them proportional furniture. wheels, hide-houses, etc. chew toys are also a necessity. if your hamster starts chewing the bars, it can mean one of many things. your hamster is bored. the cage is too small and the hamster wants to get out. it’s a bad habit. either way, you need to stop them in whatever way possible. chewing bars could mess up their teeth, and consequently the teeth will grow too long and the hamster could starve since it can’t eat. another possibility is the teeth growing and injuring the hamster and possibly leading to death. note: roborovski shouldn’t be housed in cages with bars as these are very small and nifty critters and they’ll just get the heck outta there.

*an example of a cage you see in pet stores that are faaaaar too small. 

to conclude this ramble, know that although these companies sell materials and pet supplies, they are in it for the money. be wary of the treats as well, since different types of small pet can and cannot eat certain things. i remember reading a review of a woman saying she found apple seeds in her hamsters hanging treat. even though humans can deal with the tiny dose of cyanide, hamsters can’t. i mean, they’re tiny. almonds are also a big no for the same reason. honestly though, you can look up lists of what your pet can and cannot eat and how you should go about it. as an example, a syrian hamster can eat spinach. you have to give them small amounts over a period of time, so they can get used to it without causing an upset stomach.

anyway i hope anything i said has been useful, and please take these into account if you have/are planning on having a small pet. inadequate care for such a small animal could end up killing them.

So. I’ve being seeing a lot of pictures of Syrian Hamsters who are housed together lately so this has to be said.

Syrian hamsters are solitary animals and should never be housed together. They are very territorial and often fight to death. Sometimes one hamster kills the other and then eats it. You might not see them fight but it doesn’t mean they won’t, they might fight when you’re not around and they might have small wounds you can’t see.
Even if they don’t fight, they still shouldn’t be housed together. It IS very stressful, even if they look like they’re friends. Stress shortens their lifespans, causes health problems, makes them more vulnerable to illnesses. They can also snap one day and kill each other.
They can also look happy together until they reach sexual maturity and their instinct kicks in. 
When wild they will only meet to mate, they are not meant to live together. 

Please don’t house Syrian hamsters together. It’s not worth it.