killling it

hoo boy

Musicals and Murder

Little shop of horrors- “I killed a man, and feed him to a plant from space”

Heathers- “I killled a girl, and told everyone she killed herself”

Dr. Horrible- “Accidentally killed the girl of my dreams, time to take over the world lol”

Cabaret- *takes place during world war 2*

Hamilton- “I killed a man cuase he trash talked me lol”

Jekyll and Hyde- *jazz hands* “murder”

Rent- “some lady paid me to kill a dog”

Wicked- “try to kill me with water… Just try…..”

But WHY does Keith love Shiro so much? Just why?? How did this man impact him so good that Keith, an independent, skilled & hot-headed fighter feels such a strong need to stand by his side & do everything in his power to Protect him??

I’m dying to know, dreamworks please im beggin

FreshDream child.

This couple even exist??

Fine. He is a energic person, likes to make other laughs. He looks self-confident, flirts and says things(?. but later he just screams alone because the shame uwu. He do it again later.

Feel free to ask about him. he doesn’t have name still… i think delusion it’s a good name. (Thank mikiiblu)