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Reverse!Genji and Zenyatta realize that Zen'sis baby is Hanzo, their point of view of the scenario pls?


It was Hanzo finally tracked him down, he saw something cross across your face as your hand rested on your stomach. The realisation flittered through him and his grip tightened on his weapon. He felt something almost like affection towards you and didn’t want you to watch him kill the father of your child. Even it was an alternate universe’s version.


He realised it pretty quickly after discovering you were pregnant, you were asking Genji about his brother. But he could see the desperation in your voice, the way your hand clenched on your stomach. Zenyatta head ran through several possibilities, wondering how upset you would be if he killled Hanzo.

headcanon: Otabek and Yuri have been hanging out for a couple years just as friends bc yuri is actually (really really) shy but he’s decided today is the day. They go out for tea and are quietly sitting across from each other and Yuri just slighty moves his pinky to touch Otabek’s. Otabek does nothing and Yuri is completely red but he moves his hand over his. Otabek doesn’t say anything, but picks up Yuri’s hand and kisses his palm. Yuri melts and Otabek just sips his tea.

I’m not even sorry.

//Algunos de los chokers más tenebrosos que he visto..