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I'm so sorry if you get asked this a lot, but what are some good active tc blogs on here? Ones that aren't too big, I need some new people to follow haha

I don’t know who you follow, but I tried my best. As far as I know, none of these are problematic. Hope this helps

@1999thenobodies, @grunge-kitteh-kat, @harrisandklebold, @but-he-sure-did-bleed-a-lot, @true-crime-innuendo, @beautypoe, @dylanns-bowlcut-is-daddy, @rebwillbefreetoo, @im-not-serial-killer, @kfjjdd, @kill-all, @akavodka, @ttruecrime, @tedbundy-baby, @jeff-jeff-lionel-dahmer, @violentvoid, @vodka-is-godlike, @thedahmerfanclub, @serialkillerfanatic, @dahmsday, @fr0-ggy@bbyreb, @pointl3ss-af, @unlitfuse, @thecolumbinediaries@crookedbowlcut, @kleboldsrevenge, @justanotherbundyblog, @elliottrodger, @colum-vine, @demolitiondevil, @dahmcannibal, @lilroof, @paranoidschizofr, @dylanwrath, @outrun-mygun, @vodkareb, @poisonanddkerosene, @pumptkicks, @tedbundyismyhomeboy, @rebandvodkaarentnobodies, @dylankleb0ld99, @rebslittlebitch, @ass-like-kylie, @serialkillershavemyheart@baccac, @murder-and-sadness, @rebvodka-99, @columbinevodka, @collectionofdylann, @dahmerer, @beautifulstrange1, @everythingaboutted, @voidofthesouls, @sometimesitrytohard, @ericharr1s, @boysxwithxguns, @harrisbasement, @warrantforsuffering, @macabresunsets, @jeffrey-bundy, @misternightstalker, @vodkas-dreams, @mrbundysbitch, @whatsonelessperson, @homicidalinterest, @tedbundyblog, @murderwonderland, @vodka-hate-wrath2, @rebgodlikevodka, @dylannstormwhore, @godlikedylan, @killmankind99, @pumpedupreb, @freeericharris, @grahamsaysno, @rebxxxvodka, @richard-ramirez-1960, @666nightprowler, @dylannsroses, @bundy-is-my-daddy@serialkillerontherun, @columanson, @ericharrisisthicc, @kleboldharris99, @goddamnharris, @donutsfordylan, @420wrath, @columbinefascination, @harrisklebold1999, @columbinesvodka, @vxdka-reb, @diaryofericharris420, @marthaaaaaaas, @3-eyes-4-me, @dzhojahar, @wallflowerdeath, @babeklebold, @truecrimelovely, @rebvdka, @nygmobblepottrash, @r-e-b—v-o-d-k-a, @killmywrath, @sunshineboiii@serial-killlin-it, @erichrris, @sunshine-boy-klebold, @babyklebold, @6pandas, @serialselection, @bittersweetbunnyboy, @richieramirez, @alwaysaslutforrichardramirez, @vodkasviolence, @dylanvodklebold, @rebdoomr, @dylannbundy

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Hello, first of all big fan of your writing :) I am quite bad at the whole "forgive and forget" thing.. when I have an argument with someone and they say something (hurtful) it just keeps going trough my mind and I just have trouble being like "Okay he/she was upset prob didnt mean it" and can stay upset for a bit. ofc not over stupid shit (I aint a psycho). Could you make an blurb/imagine about Niall would handle this? xxx love ya lots

Forgive and forget.  Those two words are spoken with such conviction and ease when someone says them.  However they are the epitome of “easier said than done”…at least they were for me.  I forgave, too quickly most of the time.  I didn’t like conflict but I also didn’t shy away from it.  I was one of those people who kept my mouth shut and my head down until someone said something I considered was over the line and then I was at the ready to argue my point.

But with Niall it was different.  We never fought or at least seldom enough that I could say “we never fought”.  He was laid back and I was laid back.  So the necessity to argue a point never really came up.  It seemed unnecessary to keep anything resembling an argument going we could be talking or laughing or kissing…or fucking.  

So when the argument between us started, it just kind of hit out of nowhere.  I couldn’t even tell you now what started it.  He was watching a golf tournament on TV, I was reading the news on my iPad…his head was laying on my thigh while my fingers gently played in his hair.  Usually nights that started out like that ended up with a steamy fuck against the wall or on the kitchen counter.

I was prone to reading under my breath, something he said annoyed him at first when we started dating but he’d grown used to now.  He said that it calmed him to hear me breathing words out like they were mere whispers on my tongue.  What he failed to mention was that he didn’t always feel that way.

“Babe…”  I heard him say it but I didn’t acknowledge it right away.  I was reading a story about Syrian refugees.

“Hey…”  He said softly.

I didn’t answer again.  I as almost done and it’s rude to interrupt people when they’re reading.  

I felt his finger lift up and turn my chin towards him,

“Little loud over there aren’t we?”  He said, a tiny smile cracked on his face.

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Some good blogs to follow?

*cracks knuckles*

@dahmersbeer @true-af-crime @asaproofie @panzerhorror @bowlcut-hell @bowlcutworshipper @ripbowlcut @sadboyroofie @saintreb @lanzafanza @thesandyhooker @listerqueen @fuckingkleboldd @ericfuckingharris  @godlikerebel @everlasting-contrast @rainflesh @thedeathmerchant @truecrimehothouse @congenitaldisease @daffodylan-klebold @rebs-left-glove @tecnine @god-fucking-like @everythingii @smi99les @reb-to-my-vodka @vodkatomyreb @dylanns-storm @halcyon-dylan @sadomasochistic-bitch @serialthriller @rebrumandvodka @andrekreigman @voyeurdlm @crookedhomicide @kissmyassbrooks @pootcalmbasement @vodkakleblog @twenny-wunn @imaginetruecrime @outfor23 @leatherwolf99 @pleasemrbundy @columbinexmassacre @spreekillerfanforlife @igotaghostinmynose  @fuckyeahits-sarah @jimmys-slurpee @gotholmes @i-eats-dem-all @rebvodka-closet-admirers @rebelnote @serial-killlin-it @shortbreadcal @blutonicgirl @havingtoomuchfunkillingeveryone @snowoncolumbine @spookyramirez @rebs-darling @erckelbold @1981klebold @rebvodkahelterskelter @manifesth0e @darklydreamingdahmer @damn-dahmer @bachman1488 @u-gun-b-ded3 @bunny-rabbits-doc-martens @thetruecrimesite @reb420angel

and everybody else~ sorry if I missed anyone ily :)

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do you have any true crime blogs like yours to recommend to follow?


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Thank you SO much!

I just want to thank all you guys in the true crime community for supporting me 😊😘😚💞 you guys can talk to me ANYTIME you want, about anything. Tbh i came here hoping to make some friends and chat about my fave topic on earth (true crime, duh 😜), but if you guys have anything on your chest and just need to vent, im here 💕 again, thank you so much xxx

I want to take this opportunity to thank the blogs who have helped me along the way. You guys are so important to me and you deserve some love:

@pugdestroyer666 @dahmer-bundy-manson @richardxramirez @richiesbitchie @trenchcoat-klebold @charlestonchurchmassacre @adamlanzaofficial @fuckyeahhybristophiliac @god-fucking-like @eric-baevid-harris @erichrris @gunstothesky @richard-ramirez-1960 @teddiddlybundy @klebold-wrath @nbk-rebvodka @dahmer-bundy-manson @dahmerxbundy @kleboldwrath @kleboldd @harris-klebold @serialkillers-shootings-murders @jeffdaahmer @jeff-lionel-dahmer @babygirlharris @serial-killlin-it @penumbrapsique @privetvodka @property-of-reb @vodkasbike @truecrimeprincess @asaproofie @kleboldqueen @godofsadnessvodka @studyingcrime @crimesandcuriosities @thecolumbineblogwithrebandvodka @everythingtruecrime @sadomasochistic-bitch @where-are-the-basement-tapes @oddtruecrimefacts @n-ightstalker @natural–selection666 @kipkinkel @kipkinky @godofsadnessvodka @truecrimedaily @nbkangel @everyone-has-a-dark-side-darling @murphkitteh @beautiful-without-a-thigh-gap @elegant-suffering @richard–trenton-chase @bundyish @truecrimecreep @truecrimerip @richiesbitch @eric-baevid-harris @erichrris @vodkasbike @n-ightstalker @killbold @manson-meat @missmayimurderyou @luciferlaughs @happy-homicide @fuckyeahhybristophiliac @httpsramirez @sadomasochistic-bitch @tedbundyhd @whorrorfying @vodka-and-halcyon @fromrussiawithcrime @dedosramirez @sturmgeist98 @psychopathicbundy 💕💕💕💕💕

And of course i cant leave out my all time faves (sorry if ive tagged you lots but i love you) 😍: @bundyphilia @adeadlyinnocence @irishcreamandhalcion @dahmersbeer @99s-boys @true-grittt @jimmys-slurpee @dedosramirez @bundysbitch

@the-hand-that-masturbates @thebl

Im so so sorry if i forgot anyone, but know i love you all and you can hit me up anytime xxx


I will snart hit 2000 followers. I am so very grateful. The True Crime Community here on tumblr means a lot to me. You are all my faves. Special thanks to all who likes my personal posts or ask and message me. You are such dolls!

Here are some people I especially want to thank. If you don’t follow them already, please do. Great people, great blogs. 

/love, darkly dreaming dahmer

@damn-dahmer @boyinredconverse @i-dream-of-dahmer @i-couldnt-resist-it

@jeffldahmer @edmilk-kemper @kipkinky @hybrist0phile @radakaff @theblooodcountess @children-are-tasty @a-dahmer-shame @dahmergasm

@dahmerxbundy @heartsick-and-hateful @bundyspooks @whiterthanwhitest @irishcreamandhalcion @true-grittt @truecrimerip @mrsjeffreylioneldahmer @thoseinperil @apartmentnumber-213 @craving-killers @bundyofjoy @phisobi @creepergoingdeeper @tedslittleasscheek @dahmersboy @dahmers-carmex

@jeffrey-is-a-babe @serial-killlin-it @iamlivindead @reallifeishorror @buffy-quinn @rebs-storm @fyeahtruecrime @gore-n-galore @u-gun-b-ded3 @jeff-dahmer