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I will snart hit 2000 followers. I am so very grateful. The True Crime Community here on tumblr means a lot to me. You are all my faves. Special thanks to all who likes my personal posts or ask and message me. You are such dolls!

Here are some people I especially want to thank. If you don’t follow them already, please do. Great people, great blogs. 

/love, darkly dreaming dahmer

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Thank you SO much!

I just want to thank all you guys in the true crime community for supporting me 😊😘😚💞 you guys can talk to me ANYTIME you want, about anything. Tbh i came here hoping to make some friends and chat about my fave topic on earth (true crime, duh 😜), but if you guys have anything on your chest and just need to vent, im here 💕 again, thank you so much xxx

I want to take this opportunity to thank the blogs who have helped me along the way. You guys are so important to me and you deserve some love:

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And of course i cant leave out my all time faves (sorry if ive tagged you lots but i love you) 😍: @bundyphilia @adeadlyinnocence @irishcreamandhalcion @dahmersbeer @99s-boys @true-grittt @jimmys-slurpee @dedosramirez @bundysbitch

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Im so so sorry if i forgot anyone, but know i love you all and you can hit me up anytime xxx