Countless pieces of DD history are scattered across the Internet–pictures, old tweets, concept art, behind-the-scenes pictures, and more. For a while, I thought that some of these artifacts were lost to time. But as I started searching around, I discovered long-lost pieces of DD history, as well as concept art, videos, interviews, and behind-the-scenes photos that I’d never seen before. I created this blog to archive artifacts that might otherwise be lost, including:

  • Old Twitter pictures and screencaps (due to Twitter’s changing format, much of the content has been lost)
  • Concept art from various artists
  • Videos and transmissions from the beginning of the era
  • Screencaps of the transmitter on MCR’s website
  • Rare photos from the video shoots
  • Close-ups of scenery and props from the videos
  • Sketches and inkings
  • And more!

Ready to brush up on your DD history? Visit @killjoyhistory today to view the collection!


this one is for @the-name-is-goldilocks. i really hope you like it. my voice was a little rough, and i got cut off because i heard something moving outside. -cs

If Danger Days taught me anything it's to...

Never give into societies expectations of who I should or shouldn’t be

Never stop trying

Not be afraid to fight for what is right, and stand up for myself no matter what

And most importantly, its that I need to stay true to myself no matter what