Time for me to dump an unnecessary head cannon on anyone out there!

So here’s what I make of killjoy names. 

  • Most people have their birth name and then the name they picked for themselves (Party Poison, Mad Gear, Show Pony). 
  • If they’re in a specific position when they choose it, then sometimes it has something to do with that (Kobra Kid, Dr Death Defying, DJ Hot Chimp). 
  • If you feel (or want to feel) a connection to whatever heritage you’ve got, sometimes joys will base their names around that (Vamos, Vaya) 
  • Some folks get picked up by a gang before they pick up a name, so that affects what they choose (the Ultra Vs)
  • But, there are some joys who used their real names a bit too much before they had aliases, and so their killjoy names have their real names (Tommy Chow Mein, Val Velocity). These guys aren’t exactly squeaky, but in general they’ve been around long enough and have enough connections that they’ll be in the black. (except val. val can suck an egg)

planetary--punk  asked:

so, just imagine in the middle of a freezing winter night on a frozen lake out in one of the zones a ton of joys ice skating! it wouldn't matter if it was in shoes, roller skates(such dare devils! ) or actual ice skates, and there'd be small fires and music and a bit of food to go around. everone's just there having a good time taking their mind off life for a little while

Fuck that sounds so nice! Like the desert would look so different too, with all the warm browns and yellows of sand covered by snow and ice. ‘Joys would be falling all over each other, covered in bruises and laughing their asses off. And people would FINALLY have a good excuse to wear their jackets 24/7. And the waveheads would definitly be hiding out indoors because the cold is too harsh on their sunburnt skin. Killjoys in winter is just fucking great

If satan screams out loud… and violence is the only sound… when the engines come squealing… demons reeling… the dance ground, just a mask among the crowd. You need to hold tight to… whatever gets you through the night. Beyond the cover…pages give you color. That ink will never run dry… killjoys…killjoys never die.
—  The true lives of the fabulous killjoys (Chapter One.)
This week has been fucking wild

- Taylor Swift got dragged
- I actually said the words"I agree with Kanye West"
- Khloé Kardashian posted a picture of some random girls asshole
- Chloe Mortez tried to be relevant
- Selena Gomez turned out to be a dumbass
- Jeffree Star got dragged
- Melania Trump copied Michelle Obama’s speech
- MCR rose from the dead