If Twin Peaks was to be set in space, new Danish act KIll J would certainly be the resident singer at The Roadhouse. Her debut Phoenix stirs the pot with R&B bass, hand claps and influences from Middle Eastern music. Her wonderful and distinct voice is layered and whispery in parts, that insane and distinct shaky effect is whats up! If iamamiwhoami and Yo-Landi Vi$$er had a side project…. KIll J would be the outcome. Listen to the hypnotic mix below! 


Kill J – You Have Another Lover


I was torn between "Phoenix“ & "Bullet” when choosing which of Kill J’s songs would be a better introduction to her genius. I decided on “Bullet” for its less time spent in existence and its

INTENSITY. good god. Her voice trills and reverberates. The instrumentals and other synthy sounds give the song a heavenly haunting and almost hypnotic or trance like quality. And as for the video footage…it escalates the fiery severity and texture of her songsmith craftsmanship. Thank you Denmark for fostering this dynamic diva.

And dang girl, you crazy- but we love it:)




Light the candles
Dim all the lights
& Fall deep into this vibe