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instead of the mourning song we had him paint a picture of him and hero and “cry pathetically” originally it was because of time constraint but through rehearsal he just became so ridiculously hilarious. Also I think once everything was sorted out we spent most of the time groan just “really Claudio? You can’t tell which of these girls is the one you’re marrying, dude she has a box on her head!” Basically no one could dislike Claudio by the end he was just an idiot.

awwww, wee knob.

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(My own reading of the play, not a specific performance)

Beatrice: Ravenclaw, She treasures her wit over anything and she does not want a husband because she fears she will have to become the meek wife.

Benedick: Ravenclaw, Again, he loves his wit, he hate Beatrice because he worries she’s wittier than him, and loves Beatrice because she is probably wittier than him.

Hero: Hufflepuff, A cinnamon scroll, too good, too pure, but definitely keen to have a bit of fun setting up her cousin and fight back when she has been wronged even if it takes a while to work up the courage.

Claudio: Hufflepuff, He cares deeply and only wants to fight for a cause, he only attacks Hero because he believes he was betrayed by someone he cared about more than himself.

Don Pedro: Slytherin, Wants to be in power over everything even his two best friend’s love lives

Leonato: Slytherin, Cares deeply about his social position and believes that the best thing for his daughter and himself is social advancement, probably wouldn’t have been so angry about Hero’s infidelity if it didn’t lose social standing.

Antonio: Gryffindor, Loyal to his brother and willing to fight to right the wrongs against him.

Don Jon: Slytherin, loves power for powers sake, doesn’t really care what people think about him as long as he can still make them do what he wants.

Borachio: Slytherin, Cunning as all hell, he is the one to make all the plans, but aligns himself with Don Jon as a source of power.

Conrade: Hufflepuff, Got caught up with Don Jon and Borachio and just goes along with it all, occasionally tries to cheer up Don Jon.

Balthasar: Gryffindor, Loves to be the centre of attention, doesn’t really care about the repercussions of his actions, sings loudly about being a player.

Dogberry: Gryffindor, Doesn’t let being wrong stop him from using big words, leads through exuberance.

Verges: Gryffindor, Loyal as anything, you’d have to be to not have deposed Dogberry

Sexton: Hufflepuff, Insanely patient to have put up Dogberry and the rest of the watch, probably does all of the paperwork the Dogberry and Verges either forgot or did wrong just to make the watch look good for the prince.

Margaret: Gryffindor, Playful and loyal, was probably drunk when she slept with Borachio and didn’t even remember it, felt like crap when she realised Hero’s downfall was at least partially her fault.

Ursula: Gryffindor, Easily excitable and fun loving, a little bit shy, but willing to go out of her comfort zone to help Hero with her plan

Friar Frances: Ravelclaw, Seriously though, what other house would come up with that plan?