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OMG! A war hammer!! It's all coming true

im already imagining all the potential gifsets lmao like this king bob quote: “I was always strong … no one could stand before me, no one.” had better find its way onto a gendry graphic next season. dont fuck with me. and omg when him and arya are finally reunited??? with his badass warhammer?? oh man. but yeah im very excited again. i think because ive decided to just go with the flow. its killing me that the fandom is already complaining about fanservice and jon/dany and everything tho. like this show has already been a mess for YEARS so its about damn time the rest of them caught the fuck up. 

Ohhh nooooo @iscoppie drew this suit sans and it’s so perfect, I can tell it’s going to cause me problems oh nooooooo…..

And then @drowninginfelines said he would be a sloppy drunk and oh no

oh no he would 

*whispers* oh noooooo

Hm? What’s that @theslowesthnery they’re going to Alphys and Undyne’s wedding??? Whatttt??? Don’t you know that on my list of prohibited substances and–


nooo noooooo…. this is so illegal

ILLEGAL *throws tablet out of the window*

  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is announced.
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Child spoilers come out.
  • HP fandom:*crawling back into their grave* like this. We are dead again. Forever. We have been killed. We are not immortal.
*Narrator voice* Ladies and Gentlemen...

You’ve seen:

  • The Kiss™
  • The Nose Thing™
  • The Heart Eyes™
  • The Spit™
  • The Vow™
  • The Smile™

You’ve experienced:

  • Clarke the husband and the Bitanic™
  • The Pick Up Lines™
  • The Lextric System™
  • The Little Grounder Family™
  • LExtra
  • The Candles™
  • Whipped Lexa™
  • Sin Day™

And now, get ready for…


“Et entendre ton rire comme on entend la mer
S'arrêter, repartir en arrière “

I finished Stone Ocean a while ago, and it took me some time to make a fanart out of it. (read: crawl out of my half-denial half-traumatized state enough to draw something.)

The quote is from a french song called “Mistral Gagnant” by Renaud. It’s basically about a father cherishing his daughter, spending time with her, being nostalgic. 

*sees cool art in tags*

Tumblr user:”This is not my art”