it’s come to the point where i’m wondering if i joined a new fandom if they’d reject me right off the bat or if they’d take pity on me and welcome me with open arms a warm blanket and some milk and cookies

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"Quinn acknowledging their traumatic troubled past and urging them into the future, together, because she never can say goodbye." My goddd! And the fact that Quinn was looking ONLY at Rachel during her thank you speech. Because it was meant for Rachel alone! And now I realize what was horrifically wrong with her performance for Never Can Say Goodbye. Those three idiots shouldn't have been there in the first place. Rachel should have been the only one in there! This fandom kills me every time.

As for the fact that Finn, Sam and Puck where there during Never Can Say Goodbye, well if you watch better the performance Quinn dances with every boy one by one and then she let them go when she finishes dancing, with that Quinn is telling the three boys that she’s letting them go definitely because remember “you can’t change your past (Finn, Sam and Puck), but you can let go and start your future (Rachel).


the comeback that no one was waiting for

I’ve been ghosting tumblr without being signed-in for the last God-knows-how-many months, but now that I have some time for a while, I decided to resurrect myself from the dead. Whee~

I was going to do this in a separate post, but. Fandom things that have been happening with me. (SPOILERS. Will put under read more, check tags for fandoms. One or two pictures are also a little graphic, mind the series tags.)

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If I'm honest I hope Louis confirms it tomorrow on GMA and Louis and Harry start interacting again on stage now that it's clear that they are not together because I'm missing their interactions so much (I know that it doesn't work like that but you know...)


Okay, so I’ve been puzzling over this since San Diego, why Harry is so “no interaction” onstage, I’ve come to a conclusion. 

I personally think he’s trying to kill the Larrie fandom from stage. If he gives absolutely nothing, he’s hoping that people will stop believing. 

I think Harry really loves kids, and would abhor the idea of Louis’ child seeming not legitimate because of “Larrie”, I think Harry possibly sees an innocent child is now caught up in this mess, and I think he’s finally decided enough is enough. He can’t say anything publicly, but he can change his behavior. And, that’s what I think he’s done. 

I’ve been so unsure if he’s really mad at Louis behind the scenes, because sometimes I’ll see pictures and I don’t think it’s bts like it is onstage, there are times they seem normal, even calling him a wanker seemed more normal than what happens when they are onstage. 

I’ve been mulling over this for a month, so please indulge me. 

I think he’s known since Louis flew to LA right before Cardiff that Louis was going to be a dad, and that’s when things changed onstage. 

I think he won’t at all give anything onstage anymore to later be misconstrued for Larrie proof. 

I also don’t think he’s thrilled with the no comment from anyone in 1D except Simon, especially Louis, I don’t think he likes that strategy. I think he probably thinks about this poor kid googling itself one day, and wants no part in trolling the Larries anymore for fun or for profit. Another reason why I think he looks done and his twitter is blah. He’s not giving anything. 

Anyway, this is all my personal speculation, I could be way off base, it’s just what feels most right to me currently, and I’ve spent way too much time thinking about it. 

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why do you think the cinnamon roll text post was wrong?

i don’t like to pull the ‘i don’t know what show you’ve been watching’ card because it seems petty and unnecessarily dismissive of other people’s experiences, but honestly which part of this child looks like he could actually kill you??? look, rt fandom, look….wake up. michael is a cinnamon bun through and through

and i could literally go on about gavin but i’ll let michael & gavin themselves explain this:

gavin: I’m not actually a piece of shit. I would consider myself a good person.
michael: nah. you kind of are. you’re a piece of shit.

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This whole story has been falling apart from day one. But this just might have completely killed it for the fandom. lmao I dont care what happens now its so obviously fake.

Why don’t you believe it?!? Isn’t it normal for grandma’s to post pics of their grandkids loved up in the club?!?

Adore U (akkinda) era

Because Adore U era is almost finish, let’s make a rewind of what this era gave us : 

  • Jeonghan’s long hair
  • Hoshi dancing to a jellyfish dance, idk how to call that fucking dance he always does
  • Boonon I personally think this is one of the best things of this era
  • Maybe future main vocal Hansol Vernon Chwe
  • Fucking Kim Mingyu singing a serenade at ASC
  • God rap Jeon Wonwoo
  • Mingyu the aspirant visual of the group
  • More aegyo from Seokmin and Hoshi
  • Jeoncheol, the OTP where a side (Coups) gives love and the other one (Jeonghan) reject it.
  • More Meanie moments.
  • Emo Wonwoo jokes.
  • A lot of Vernon memes.
  • Jeonghan the cheesy pick up master.
  • Andromeda
  • Jun as a vampire
  • Hansol’s solo song from SMTM4
  • This strange video
  • Joshua making streap tease and Minghao stoping him from killing like a whole fandom
  • Seungkwan waking up Hoshi whenever he takes a nap
  • Wonwoo almost kicking Mingyu’s ass when he asked some food in the special video from Busan
  • The whole video from Busan tho
  • The switched version of Adore U
  • Leader Coups almost dying because of the fireworks
  • Dino converting girl groups dances to MJ style
  • Hansol hitting a fan
  • “Pull up on you wacks with Mac fully loaded”
  • “Naega Hosh” 
  • Those 2 fools jamming together
  • Jeonghan singing View to Coups
  • The round glasses fashion style (almost all of them wear those Harry Potter glasses)
  • The donut hoodie

You can add more, now I can’t remember all, so just add here many moments, let’s make a long post about this.


Adventures of Crossfit Andy Hurley in Hogwarts….

- The Beautiful Cinnamon Roll , Too Pure For This World, Too Precious

- The Comic-book nerd-Ravenclaw breaking all the stereotypes

- The struggle to put up with that troublemaker friend (especially when you are the prefect) a.k.a Perks of being a prefect

Also : Adventures of Pepe Wentz in Hogwarts


the originals ladies appreciation week
day five: underappreciated female character