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Shower Time

Shower Time

(Blah, blah blah, blah , I don’t own any characters just the plot and yadda yadda lol. )

“No. No. Ugh, no. Oh shit. But no.” , you said tiredly as you flipped through a clothes magazine. Boredom filled your mind as you turned page by page, just criticizing every little thing as you waited for Joker to be done in the bathroom.
You glanced up at the clock and saw it had been a half an hour and he was still in the shower. You had to be at a job interview at 3:20 and it was already 2:45. Grumbling you tossed the magazine aside and walked over but didn’t bother to knock and strode in.
Steam enveloped you and slowly filled the bedroom before you closed the door behind you. Grinning you said casual ,

“J. I’m joining you.”

Your response was an approved chuckle as he said ,“ I don’t abject to that Doll.”

Smiling you quickly took off your clothes and hopped in.

“Why hello beautiful.” , he teased grinning , he had the scrubby against his chest. You chuckled and rose a brow.

“It takes you 30 minutes to scrub yourself.”

He thought a moment before a sly smirk formed upon his lips ,
“I could use a bit of help if you don’t mind doll, I’ll reward yah with some… Alone time afterwards.” He winked.
You laughed tilting your head back as you took the soup dripping purple scrubby from his grasp.
“Why not. Where do you want me to start?”

He gave a suggestive cock of the eyebrow as you shook you head ,
“Turn around yah perv.”

He chuckled but did as you said and you started scrubbing his back. As he relaxed he purred. You felt a tingle in your stomach. You just loved it when he purred. As you went to his lower back he breathed,

“Oh (Y/N) your so.. Good.”

A satisfied blush tinted your cheeks as you continued.

“Alright lovely , turn.” You said when you finished his legs . He did so and you looked up in his eyes. He looked deeply into your own and they were filled with adoration . For that moment he was focused on you, how much, though it was difficult for him to show it, or say it. He Cared for you. He gently took the scrubby from you . He leaned you pecked your nose. You giggled as you snuck a wad of bubbles , making a Santa beard around his mouth. He cocked a brow , then huffed causing the bubbles to fly in to the shower water air.
He then copied you and stood straight,
“Turn .”
You giggled giddily as you spun on your heels. You nearly slipped but he caught you. Expecting a slight growl instead you were awarded a sincere chuckle. “Careful there missy, don’t need to crack your pretty pretty head.” He kissed the top of your head. You smiled leaning into his touch as he started to scrub your back. You hummed softly and he purred in suite.

“Someone’s gonna feel real special tonight”. He said softly yet lustfully into your ear and he rested his head on your wet shoulder. Reaching you turned off the shower as he pecked the skin there.
Stepping out and drying off you glanced at the clock in the bathroom and let out a disgruntled ,
“God Damnit!”

He snapped his head up at you as he wrapped his towel around his waist,

“It’s 3:45.”, you sighed.

He laughed ,“ like I was gonna let you leave anyway.”, he winked.

You looked at him and kissed his lips which he returned fully , “I love you , yah ol’ mug.”