killing stalking


This scene is so heartbreaking. Even though his uncle abused him, it’s impossible to forget the kindness and love he showed him before any of that happened. In a way, that makes it so much worse. Suddenly, someone you love and trust is doing something unforgivable to you. And the pain and trauma they caused you mixes with the love and happiness you felt for them. It is so freaking sad that the only thing Bum can focus on after watching him die, is all the times his uncle showed how much he loved Bum. There are some things that are unforgivable, no matter what, and Bum’s uncle is guilty of them. But that doesn’t mean Bum can just forget everything that happened before then. He’s trying to grieve for a man who loves him and cared for him. A man that he loved as family. But that means he also has to grieve for the man who abused him, and that will mess up even the most emotionally stable of us.