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1. Small kisses littered across the other’s face.


Eve wakes up to a body half on top of her own and quiet snores of the woman currently laying on her. 

Eve cranes her head back slightly, pulling away as to get a better look at Villanelle.

She wants to take it all in, from how Villanelle’s typically perfect hair is matted and a mess in the mornings to the slight drool on Eve’s shirt to the adorable snoring that Eve never thought she’d enjoy.

Niko used to snore and it drove her bonkers but she finds she doesn’t mind Villanelle’s soft adorable noises, or maybe it has more to do with who’s making the noise than the quality of them.

Eve looks Villanelle up and down, sees how her legs are tangled with Eve’s own, how her arm is across Eve’s waist protectively like she’s afraid she might be snatched away from her in the middle of the night, how her head is tucked into Eve’s neck, her even breathing coming out in puffs against her jaw.

Eve thinks it’s quite possibly most definitely the cutest thing she’s ever seen.

She spots the litter of bruises on Villanelle’s neck, reminders of the night before and how caught up in the throws of passion Eve had been.

She closes her eyes too tired to keep them open and dreams of the past night.

Eve had surprised herself and Villanelle when she had been to one to recommend a night cap after they had gone out for drinks with her coworkers.

It had been a shy request laced with heavy meaning to which Villanelle had quickly agreed too.

The entire walk back to Eve’s home had been tense, but not in a bad way, no, but in a way that felt like there was electricity crackling between them that ran into their bones and through the veins.

Because they both knew the implications of what could happen and honestly, Eve was so sick of pretending like she didn’t want it. 

Like she wasn’t aching for Villanelle.

They got there soon enough, Eve offering her a drink immediately. 

They went from the kitchen to the living room, sitting on the couch and chatting idly, neither brave enough to bring up something.

And then Eve had turned her head at the exact moment Villanelle had been staring at her lips and something pulled inside of her and she snapped.

She pushed her body forward into Villanelle’s and their lips connected and before she knew it they were in her bed a mess of limbs and naked skin touching everywhere.

And Eve had sighed deeply when Villanelle finally entered her and she felt the universe sigh too in relief, as if it was saying finally.

Villanelle made her see stars and fireworks and every stupid cliche you can think of.

Then it had been her turn, she was nervous and unsure but Villanelle was looking at her like she was the fucking sun and suddenly all nerves had just left her body in an instant.

And when Villanelle had finally come, Eve was sure the breathy moans and choked out gasps were the most beautiful sound she’d ever heard.

Eve’s woken up again by the soft press of lips on her forehead, then her nose, then her chin, then her lips, and when she finally manages to open her eyes she sees Villanelle’s bright, beautiful, radiant smile inches above her.

“Hi,” Villanelle whispers.

Eve sighs and closes her eyes again which are still cloudy with sleep and pulls Villanelle towards her, “Too tired, sleep more.”

Villanelle huffs and begins to place even more kisses on Eve’s face, all across her forehead and down her cheeks and it’s then that Eve gives up on sleeping and meets Villanelle’s lips against her lips.

Eve might be beyond exhausted but she thinks she doesn’t mind being exhausted if what wakes her up are Villanelle’s soft lips against her skin.

okay but hear me out: a reality dating show AU where Villanelle is a rich socialite and Nadia, Anna, Aaron, compete for her affection … but it’s the show’s married executive producer and director, Eve Polastri that Villanelle really wants.

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i’m having some thoughts about killing eve and

the part that i find really interesting about this show is

eve is more of a sociopath/psychopath than villanelle is.

eve: checks off 14 items

villanelle: checks off 12 items (I didn’t see her lie in the show nearly as much as eve did, so I left that one off)

like… eve has shallow emotions, uses others, has no empathy. villanelle does use others but she has arguably very intense emotions for eve and had very intense emotions for anna, and seemed to feel empathy for them (it was more her lack of understanding of the emotions of others that made her end up doing things to scare/upset them). eve has poor control over her behavior, while villanelle makes impulsive choices on purpose.