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Why do Carol fans think that Carol and Daryl are supposed to be in a romantic relationship just because they are friends? Also, Carol is not in a place right now to be thinking of "romance". Romance is not a cure all for the emotional trauma that Carol is presently going through. Daryl and Carol remind me of Linden & Holder on The Killing. At the end, that relationship was left open to interpretation.

Well, I certainly don’t claim to speak for all Carol fans, and I’m sure plenty of them don’t think Daryl and Carol should be in a relationship. but I can tell you why I think they should be, and it’s exactly as I described - there is no reason for them not to be.  They have made it perfectly clear that these two people mean more to each other than to anyone else. They trust and know each other to a degree they don’t have with anyone else. They share a bond they don’t share with anyone else. Why then would two people who feel that way about each other, are of a similar age, are both single, and have compatible genders and sexualities NOT consider taking it further? 

No, Carol isn’t in a place to be thinking of romance but she IS in a place where she thinks that her life can be sacrificed for the good of the others, and not just her literal life but her emotional life as well. She has extended from what she told Daryl in the hallway in Consumed, that she couldn’t stand by and watch anyone die, or she had to leave. So now she’s stayed she is literally giving every single part of her, even putting aside her true personality, in order to protect and further her loved ones. And there is NO-one putting her first. THAT is what she needs right now. And no, it won’t cure all her emotional trauma, of course, but it would certainly help to know there is someone there who puts HER needs first, who listens and doesn’t judge, who will be there to comfort her and support her no matter what. She needs that more than ever, and whether or not she’s in a place for romance or sex is irrelevant really because she IS in a place to be loved, and that is what a partner would offer first and foremost.

I mean, it’s why a relationship with any of the ASZ people would be ridiculous. Besides the fact they don’t actually KNOW the real Carol, she certainly isn’t in a place to start from page one and build a new relationship with someone she doesn’t know, building trust and knowledge and going through all the games and uncertainty that come with a new relationship.

With Daryl she doesn’t have to go all through that. They have the foundation in place. They don’t have to jump through hoops, try and impress each other, and make some big production of dating or anything frivolous like that. All they have to do is take the next step, express their feelings verbally or otherwise and complete the picture of who they are for and to each other.

While you may be happy with a relationship left open to interpretation, I - and plenty others - am not. Frankly on this show I’m SICk of things being open to interpretation. I want them to tell ME the story, not have me make up a story by filling in the blanks myself. If I want to do that, I can write my own. I want them to be clear and unequivocal on what these people are to each other nbad how they feel. 

I love people who are critical of the group they’re in.

Christian sees another Christian making fun of gay woman, and he informs the other Christian that the Bible also says not to judge others.

Atheist sees another atheist being mean to a religious person, and reminds them not to harrass people for believing in something different.

Kid sees a friend bullying someone, and he steps in and tells the friend to stop.

Black person sees another being saying or doing racist things to a white person, and decides to stop it.

Peta member sees massive animal killings in their group, and fights to stop it.

Men’s rights activists sees another quoting rush limbaugh, and tells him to fuck off.

Christina hoff sommers sees feminists screeching about “rape culture” or about gendered wage gap, and addresses these false assumptions with facts and research.

Be critical. Especially if you choose to be in that group. Don’t just ignore bad people in your group. Don’t blindly agree with them to avoid being alienated by the group. Don’t claim that anyone who doesn’t share your exact views aren’t a part of your group. Fix it. Be critical.