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Has nepeta done anything really important?

Stopped Equius from possibly killing a bunch of people by being his Moirail, got Aradia, possibly the most helpful member in their session into the game, AND most importantly fucking allowed Fefeta to exist, poor, sweet, dear, precious Fefeta.

honestly at this point i’d literally kill to be muscular or atleast toned or something but instead i’m like ???????? bleh

Who Should You Fight: Shadowhunter Edition

Clary Fray: Don’t fight Clary. She’s tiny as fuck, but she killed a demon with a cell phone-sized gadget. That was before she learned how to fight. Clary Fray will probably beat you up if you try to fight her, and she’ll be pretty unscratched afterwards, because Clary Fray is more powerful than you. Also, she’s a cute little biscuit, leave her alone.

Jace Herondale: You should totally fight this asshole. He can’t even pick a name half the time. But the thing is, you can’t fight Jace Herondale. The one good side of the source of all his daddy issues is badass fighting skills. So basically, you SHOULD, but the odds of you winning are nil.

Simon Lewis: Definitely fight Simon. Even as a vampire, you could totally shove him into a locker. Maybe take his bass off him, or a book or something. But basically, you have nothing to worry about. Unless Clary or Isabelle find out.

Alec Lightwood: NO. Absolutely not. You do not want to fight a six-foot something archery expert who will not hesitate to leap into fluid, graceful action the moment you start shit. Besides, what did Alec ever do to you? Look at his sweater paws and his parental instincts and his cute smile every time hot boys show up. Do not fight Alec Lightwood.

Isabelle Lightwood: Oh my god. Oh my god, no. Isabelle Lightwood will fuck you up and cut you apart with her whip. And you’ll deserve it. And she’ll still be hotter than you afterwards. Don’t fucking fight Isabelle.

Magnus Bane: You could totally fight Magnus Bane tbh. He’s a reluctant lazy loser who lives with his cat and does not like to fight. I wouldn’t, though. He’s dating Alec Lightwood, and that guy will fuck you up. Get him alone, and you’ll be fine.

Jem Carstairs: Dude, first of all, why? Jem Carstairs is the personification of love and loyalty, and has been through hell and back for the sake of love and life? Also, his cat will miss him. So even if you wanted to fight Jem, you can’t. He’s over 100 years old, survived being a silent brother, and is awesome at throwing knives. You have no chance against Jem.

Will Herondale: Totally fight Will Herondale. He’s pretty sad and a total nerd. Though he is always tag teaming with Jem, no fat chance of getting him alone.

Tessa Gray: What’s wrong with you? Tessa is perfect, don’t you dare.

Chairman Meow: wtf the fuck, he’s a cat you sick fuck. Don’t fight cats.

seriously if vampires are real and they really are allergic to garlic then i could kill a vampire just by breathing on them there’s so much garlic in my system at all times. try to drink my blood and get pasta sauce instead surprise.

a good reminder to myself today, and to other writers: setting up goals for yourself like “i’m gonna sit down and write 4000 words today! no distractions!” is fucking hard, and it can kill your motivation and energy when you don’t accomplish it.

a better idea is going like “i can write 400, 500 words in an hour, sure.” seeing how much you can pump out in one isolated hour, even occasionally getting distracted or sidetracked for it, can be really good for you.

then you do that hour again. try to write 400, 500 words. then again. and again, for as long as you wanna write that day.

pumping out a couple thousand words a day suddenly gets a lot fucking easier once you change how your envision and organize that goal.

Severus Snape once intended to publicly kill a student’s pet as punishment for getting a potion wrong

Severus Snape, a teacher of children, took a 13 YEAR OLD’S PET and TRIED TO POISON IT and then proceeded to PUNISH THE STUDENT because the pet didn’t die

Severus Snape is a whiny, petty, self-absorbed abusive piece of shit there is no arguement here

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did you hear that people are basically saying that in the end scott will turn the big bad evil and kill stiles?

It could all be sooo simple, but you’d rather make it hard. Why are we drilling in the arctic again?

This mem day I wanna pay homage to those lives lost in countless wars of division, genocide, mental slavery and sadness where someone keeps getting richer while the people suffer and the planet continues to bleed away.

I wanna also ask that mankind do better and wake up! We dont need any more war, what we need is nature and love to guide and protect us all.
Love is free and nature is plentiful, but if we continue to seperate ourselves from nature we will only be seperating from ourselves.

Killing never was nor never will be the answer. Go deeper.

#ReThinkEnergy #SomeoneIsBeingGreedy #NatureGivesUsPlenty #WhyDoWeDrillHer #KillingInTheNameOfWhat #RageAgainstTheMachine

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Top 5 serial killer/ true crime books?

1) The Night Stalker by Philip Carlo (about the life and crimes of Richard Ramirez)

2) Little Lost Angel by Michael Quinlan (about 12-year-old Shanda Sharer who was abducted and brutally murdered by four teenage girls over a twisted love triangle)

3) Picture Perfect by Shanna Hogan (covers Jodi Arias’ and Travis Alexander’s twisted relationship and how she murdered him)

4) No Easy Answers by Brooks Brown (Brooks Brown was a friend of the Columbine shooters and wrote a book about them)

5) Deadly Innocence by Scott Burnside (the Ken and Barbie Killers, a couple who abducted, raped, and killed teenage girls) 

  • Me:*thinks about secondary character* hey, their backstory could be combined with that new idea I had last night!
  • Brain:that would be too long as a side arc
  • Me:...
  • Brain:you know what this means
  • Me:...
  • Brain:...
  • Me:*pained* noooo
  • Brain:oh yes, you will expand that whole thing into two novels or even make it a trilogy
  • Me:*slams head against a wall*
  • Brain:don't you dare, go start world building this instant!