Kill the Starks.” Bucky remembers the order. He remembers the deed. He remembers the mangled bodies of Howard and Maria Stark as he executed his mission.

He remembers the punishment for not finishing the job and leaving the child alive. The child that was supposed to be in the car with them.

And he feels the familiar, detached sense of relief as he finally takes aim at Tony Stark and fires. Mission completed. 

Pretty fucking horrifying, isn’t it?

Wait. It gets worse.

The police officer who killed this kid is suing his family for emotional distress.

No. Seriously:

A Chicago police officer who fatally shot a college student and his 55-year-old neighbor has filed a lawsuit against the teenager’s estate that blames the mentally ill 19-year-old for causing the officer “extreme emotional trauma.”


Rialmo is seeking $10 million in damages, according to the Associated Press.

“The fact that LeGrier’s actions had forced Officer Rialmo to end LeGrier’s life and to accidentally take the innocent life of Bettie Jones has caused, and will continue to cause, Officer Rialmo to suffer extreme emotional trauma,” the filing says.


anonymous asked:

Is it bad how much I wanna see Lexa cry...even though it's awful and I know it will make me cry D:!??

I do too. I think if the theory about the Nightbloods being killed is true…or if Aden dies, that would cause Lexa to breakdown; breakdown in private after Clarke says “it’s okay”. Like just imagine (but with Lexa): 

it will devastate me. Especially if Clarke is there and hugs Lexa…comforting her. 


Hear me out, the expression on Bucky’s faces in both instances where he is shooting Steve and Tony are similar, almost identical. We all know that Bucky was in Winter Soldier mode when shooting Steve on the Helicarrier, trying to complete his mission. Who’s to say that he didn’t have a flashback to his Winter Soldier days and HYDRA orders and that’s why he’s trying to kill Tony?

anonymous asked:

how the hell you bucky people are excited for a guy with murderous tendencies? I mean, he's about to kill tony and yall excited? jesus

okay son, 1. this is a movie / 2. we can all like/dislike characters all we want / 3. we, who loves bucky, have our own opinions/metas etc and yes, perhaps we get excited about it, but doesnt mean we approve it? you never know. 

sonicsega asked:

So what u mean is that, when someone kills someone important to u, u kill the person?

if you decide to choose to kill some and let others live, you gain a neutral end, but you can kill everyone, including me TuT


They had been at each other’s throats for an hour. He couldn’t even remember what they were arguing about, but there was just something about the way her eyes turned flat black when she got pissed that drove him crazy. Grabbing her shoulders, he slammed her into the wall, knocking off a picture. He locked his lips to hers roughly, pinning her wrists to the wall above her head as he kissed her. “Just shut the fuck up.”  

renfowl asked:

In undertale the only way for a ghost to be killed is if they are completely fused with a physical body like Glad Dummy or Mettaton. I hope that helps since you said you were researching ways to kill ghosts.

See that’s what I was thinkin! Thats okay. I got plans.

anonymous asked:

Hello, I was wondering what your thoughts are on the Clarke and Titus scene coming up. Like do you think that she is crying over Nightbloods that have been killed or maybe she is crying becuase she is watching Lexa cry over them or maybe she is crying becuase she tried to save one of the Nightbloods like maybe Aden? What are your thoughts? thanks! P.S. I LOVE your bolg!!

I actually wrote a theory HERE. I theorized that Clarke is looking at Aden’s dead body or that he is in some sort of pain. He might be taking his Conclave and Titus is holding Clarke back saying that she can’t help him. Titus has a black warpaint stripe down the top of his head, so I think he is conducting a ceremony or Conclave. Clarke’s head is nodding slightly as she is being drawn away, so I think she is agreeing to whatever 

OR if we are going with another one of my theories, Lexa goes into the City of Light (through some machine in Polis Tower) and she might be in physical pain while her mind is in the City of Light. ALIE doesn’t control Lexa’s body, but what ever Lexa’s mind is experiencing in the City of Light, it is making her physical body show pain. That is why Clarke is so distraught. She is seeing Lexa on the table in immense pain, even though there is nothing in the real world hurting her. Clarke feels helpless. But, this is a ‘normal thing’ that Lexa has done, and Titus is holding Clarke back so that she won’t draw Lexa out of the City of Light. (“They are so close to their goal”)

Now, with the theory about the Nightbloods possibly being killed by Ontari and the Ice Nation….Titus might be performing a death ceremony and Clarke is crying. Clarke has her same hair style (while titus is holding her) that she has when she is standing in front of Emerson (who is tied up). Maybe Emerson was part of the attack on Polis, and was captured and chain up.