killing zod

Okay nope, Thomas Astruc called N52 Superman and Man of Steel crap. HE IS CANCELLED IN MY FUCKING BOOKS. NOPE SORRY. 


Pearl’s very upset?

Putting aside for a moment the fact that Steven is the real issue here, this is now the second time Pearl has had a rather extreme reaction to the topic of Pink Diamond.

Even then I had a suspicion that Pink Diamond’s death affected Pearl personally, but now I’m almost sure of it. At the very least, she was almost certainly present when it happened. I don’t imagine she was separated from Rose very often (if at all) during the war. My primary theory is that Rose didn’t intend to shatter Pink Diamond, but was forced to in defense of Pearl (think Superman killing Zod in Man of Steel). 

Whatever the case, something about all this is hitting Pearl unusually hard.

Listen, the scene that really fucks me up the most in bvs is right after Supes’ confrontation with Lex, and he finds Lois. He *literally* looks like he’s going to be sick. He tells Lois that Martha is going to die unless he can convince Batman to help him. Otherwise, Clark will have to kill him, and as he’s saying this, HE LOOKS LIKE HE IS GONNA VOMIT. When he killed Zod, he didn’t think he’d actually have to. He wanted to do anything but take someone’s life with his own hands. Zod left him the choice of killing him, or allowing Zod to kill innocent people, AND CLARK! CHOSE! EARTH! And Zod’s death clearly effected Clark, like he was utterly devastated to use his own two hands to take this equally powerful being’s life.

NOW, he has to once again face the possibility of killing someone else. But not someone equally as powerful. No. At the end of the day, no matter his skill set and incredible mind, Bruce is a human being. Clark even says it himself later that, “if [he] wanted it, [bruce] would be dead already. Bats honestly would have no fucking chance if Superman wanted him gone. Lucky for him, Superman isn’t built that way. That entire scene with Lois perfectly captures Superman, in that the thought of killing someone MAKES HIM ILL. It’s WRECKING him, and I just will never get over it.

The world doesn’t deserve Superman, but luckily he doesn’t care about what the world deserves. All he cares about are the people in it.

concept: jason discovers the tell that to zods snapped neck meme and replies with it to anything the other say

“jason stop killing” “tell that to zods snapped neck”

“jason theres no way you can eat all of that” “tell that to zods snapped neck”

“jason i swear to god thats not how we do it” “tell that to zods snapped neck”

and his personal favorite:

“hey jason its me superman” “tell that to zods snapped neck”


His foe had gone the way of Krypton, but Superman wasn’t sure he would ever forgive the Zod for making the hero the instrument of his death. Anguish tore at Superman’s heart; he had always sought to save lives, not take them. Killing Zod took a terrible toll on him. His shoulders slumped as he stood above the body, feeling both emotionally and physically drained. 

He really was the Last Son of Krypton now, he realized.

Apart and alone. 

[Man of Steel Novelization by Greg Cox]

Self defense vs murder

“The right of self-defense (also called, when it applies to the defense of another, alter ego defense, defense of others, defense of a third person) is the right for persons to use reasonable force or defensive force, for the purpose of defending one’s own life or the lives of others, including, in certain circumstances, the use of deadly force.” - Wikipedia

I don’t give a flying fig if you approve or disapprove of Clark killing Zod in MoS, but for the life of me stop calling it “murder” or using words like “savagely” when describing it when Clark actually begs Zod to stop and is shown to regret the decision he is about to make. It was self-defense. It LEGALLY was self-defense.

Also as far as Superman killing Zod “in front of a child”, considering that child was about to be killed by Zod, I don’t think he or his parents are losing much sleep over him losing his life.

Also stop acting like you didn’t see Clark breakdown in Lois’ arms afterward. Just overall stop acting like you only watched parts of the movie (unless that’s exactly what you did or are just repeating the same tired arguments from other people while completely ignoring the context of the film).

So I decided to watch Man of Steel again and I just wanted to talk about the scene when Clark snapped Zod’s neck…

Okay, so a lot of complaints I’ve heard deal with the fact that Superman kills him, which is a valid concern. However, Superman and Zod are equals in this scene. He is BEGGING Zod to stop and Zod won’t. He’s put Clark in a position where he HAS to choose between an innocent family and this person who is ultimately trying to destroy humanity. And so Clark kills Zod. Not out of hatred and rage, but in order to save not just one innocent life but a whole family.

I don’t know about you, but if Superman decided to let that family die, I would be concerned that this isn’t the Superman I know, who lacks the conviction to do what is right. And even after saving this family, he isn’t happy. He cries put in anguish and is utterly distraught.

Also, people are constantly praising the Dark Knight trilogy, and while it’s amazing, I think people forget that Bruce killed in that. He pushed Harvey Dent which resulted in a broken neck. That was Batman who killed him. That blood is on his hands.
On a similar note, remember Superman II? Superman killed Zod in that one too. You know, he smashed his hand and then threw him into a pit. That killed him. And after that, Superman wasn’t in anguish because of it. He just kind of shrugged it off.

I will never understand the criticism for Superman’s choice to kill Zod.