killing you a lot

i try to enjoy the little things in life. good coffee. cute dogs. the smell of almonds roasting. killin nazis. big cuddly sweaters. sleeping in.

Subban on his teammates giving him a solo lap of the ice before warmups started: “I wasn’t expecting that, but right before we went out, the guys had their sticks up like creating a gauntlet down the hallway - then they got the PK chant going and I had to fly right out! I think the last time I did that was either my first game as rookie or something like that. I got to be honest with you, I’ve got a great bunch of teammates … the way they handled everything the past couple of days … it’s a good group of men in there.”

there’s a rule about taking Doctor Who seriously and it’s that to take it seriously you need to not take it too seriously 

this show doesn’t take itself seriously, no matter how dark it might get at times

this isn’t some fucking gritty Edgelord show, this is a show watched by millions of children about hope and belief and trying to help people even when it seems hopeless and even when it doesn’t work, we should never hope that anyone in it stays dead, especially not anyone that represents so much for so many

above all we should never as older fans want anything for it that would take away from the enjoyment of the younger fans

you can’t treat it the same way you would a lot of other shows. its demographic is anyone who is willing to believe in it, anyone of any age. 

this is a show about an idiot in a magical box who fixes things with a screwdriver and a belief in the goodness of people

an idiot who gets into ridiculous situations that are often also dire, who saves the day always but only uses violence as a last resort, who tries to win with words and cleverness first 

over the last few years it’s been one of the only shows on television still trying to tell a hopeful story in a world obsessed with Edgy Cynical Realism, while never shying away from how harsh the universe can be

it is a show about possibility where almost any thing or person or story that can be imagined could be plausible (hello, people being killed by plastic inflatable chairs, a small box being infinitely huge on the inside, a lesbian being saved by her magical star girlfriend)

it is a show created by lifelong fans, it is a constant love letter to itself with stupid little in jokes and nostalgic trips, and above all it is a message and lesson of hope and kindness

take it or leave it but that is what it will or at least should always be

Y’all I just tortured myself to draw all of these swords just for one day of Inktober please validate my art lol I’m too much of a nerd for anime and video games to not draw almost every sword I know… Enjoy!

One thing that is….oddly refreshing about Wonder Woman is that Diana doesn’t have a ‘no killing’ rule like Batman and Superman.

Which means I don’t end up sitting there during fight scenes going ‘that guys’s dead’, ‘him too’, ‘oops, and him’, ‘this is getting to be a pretty high body count for someone who doesn’t kill, isn’t it Bruce?’


SORRY this turned out so big … if you can’t read the text i suggest copy + pasting the url and just zooming in from there

anyways here’s a messy chart as to how i think pearl killed PD. i also like the theory that pearl somehow helped rose get near PD, where rose killed her; you can use a lot of the arguments here to point in that direction.

whoever the real killer is, though, i’m almost certain that pearl was involved in some way. as a bystander, a conspirator, whatever.

I’m going to start a collection based on this post and this post. I shouldn’t because it’s silly but I’m weird and like silly stuff. So here we go. First one of Team Free Will with Koala-Couch-Blanket!Dean and the other too. 

I think it won’t be sillier, maybe cuter, who knows…

alex standall clearly tried to kill himself. i know that a lot of you think that tyler shot him because he took the picture down but i think that he decided to take him off his hit list, because he was the only one who actually stood up for him and listened to him. there were actually multiple signs that showed that alex was suicidal (him speeding, the fights he picks that he clearly can’t win, mentioning suicide more than once, the pool scene, him cleaning his room just before he shoots himself…) but just like it was with hannah: you only realize it when it’s too late.

Some more handwriting analysis

Okay, so my last post analyzing the handwriting in the Twitter clues got a lot more traction than I was expecting, and that’s pretty neat, so I thought it might be fun to share some of the notes I made last night. 

Two interesting things I didn’t really touch on in the last post: 

1. The person who labeled the photograph is the same person who scribbled out the eyes in each of the three instances.

2. Each person used a different and distinct type of pen.

I’m about to share my notes on this handwriting with you, but I just, uh… I just want to preface this by saying that I went through a handwriting analysis phase once.

It was a pretty big phase.

It was a phase that lasted for a very long time. I was really into it.

I’m– okay, look. I can feel you judging me. I just happen to have a lot of hobbies, alright? And three of them are handwriting analysis, theories, and puzzles. Stop looking at me like that, I’m having a good time here. 

Dead cold hands.