killing two birds with one legged monsters

Will's Strategies

One of the most frightening things Nico had ever witnessed was watching Will Solace fight. His previous assumptions that the son of Apollo was useless with a weapon or any sort of violence had been thrown out he window in a split second.

The war had prevented Nico from seeing Will fight. He was always confused when Will walked into the arena and kids would usually sit back rather than fight him. Nico used to think it was because he was so bad at it, not because he was actually an extremely threatening opponent.

Being humble had caused this for Will. Will would always thinly smile or shrug it off whenever Nico insulted his fighting skills. Occasionally, Nico would comment on how Will couldn’t even kill a mosquito let alone kill a monster when Lou Ellen or Cecil would visit and talk about fighting.

Often, the son of Hades had been given a strange look, but usually, the person would manage to look away immediately. Nico never understood why. Perhaps it was because Will was their friend.

However, all the strange behavior started making sense the day a monster broke in during an intense capture the flag game.

Some Ares kid had assumed it was a Hecate child that had wrapped mist around themselves to be presented as a vicious monster, froth dribbling from its snout, fur a deadly dark shade no one could exactly point out and razor sharp teeth that had broken through his armor.

Immediately, the kids surrounding the area had called the Apollo kids, who were in the blue team.

Nico happened to be on the same team.

As the whole group ran towards the screams and the clanging of metal, they weren’t doin g anything to stop Will Solace from running ahead of everyone instead of slowing down. Nico did, however, try.

“Will,” He said, as he shoved a branch out of his way, quick on his feet, “Get back, you idiot!”

Will had merely casted him a glance, barely even panting as he ran. Both of them took a quick turn, their team following behind, “I have to help,”

“You don’t even have a weapon!” Nico exclaimed, but was proven wrong when Will fished his pockets for a penknife. Nico couldn’t manage to comment as they reached the scene.

The halfbloods were backing up from the monster, that growled at anyone who got closer. Yet it somewhat beckoned everyone to, like it was asking for a challenge. No one dared move.

Will Solace immediately bent down into a kneeling position. Alarmed, Nico did the same. He tried to ask Will what he was doing but was shushed as the son of Apollo followed the monsters movements.

His eyes were quick; traveling from the monster’s legs to abdomen to its face.

Nico heard him whisper things that were either gibberish or too complex to understand.

“Sartorius… rectus femoris,” Will muttered under his breath, “Tensor fascia latae,”

“What?” Nico hissed, but Will only shook his head and kept his gaze fixated on the monster, who now growled and roared at anyone who dared near.

No one asked Will what he was doing, so Nico decided to watch, against his own will.

Then, Nico blinked.

The movement was too fast to catch. Nico only saw a blur of movement and the sound of a large body hitting the gravelly ground. One second, Will was next to him and the other he disappeared and the monster lay dead on the ground.

The threatening glare on Will’s face, the savage glint in his eyes. The way Will held the little harmless pocketknife that had killed the monster. Will’s eyes met Nico’s for a second and the son of Hades fell back.

Nico couldn’t move. Will glanced at the rest of the group, then back at the monster, cutting off part of the monsters thigh, which gruesomely fell to the ground. There were a few groans in the group as the monster faded away.

“It was the thigh,” Will muttered, then a little loudly said, “Don’t worry. It can’t move now,”

A collective relieved aura travelled through the group as everyone slowly got up and started to thank Will. He just waved them off

Nico was still surprised. He got up tentatively when the rest of them had left to take a break from the game, all shaken up. Will was sitting, back towards Nico, where the dead body of the monster had been. Nico shakily walked towards him.

“Will,” he whispered, settling down next to the son of Apollo.

Will looked at him bitterly, and mustered up a weak laugh, “Weyhey. Turns out… the measly son of Apollo can fight, huh?”

Nico was taken aback, “You know I didn’t-”

“Yeah, Nico,” Will looked away, “You did mean it,”

Nico looked to the ground, ashamed for taking him for granted. If only he’d known. Nico usually didn’t judge books by their cover, but he felt extremely awful and honestly, a bit confused.

“Sorry,” he said in a small, embarrassed voice, “If only if known,”

“If only you’d known,” Will echoed, “I almost told you a few times. When you made fun of me in the arena because you thought no one wanted to fight me… I changed my mind, though,”

“They were scared of you,” Nico said, realization dawning upon him as his confusion faded away. Why he was given looks of confusion; people couldn’t believe Nico thought Will didn’t know how to fight. Nico glanced at the son of Apollo, “How do you do it?”

“Being a healing son of Apollo has it’s perks you know. Along with getting the heartbeat and the pulse rate of a patient, I can also find their weakness or Achilles heel, if you may. Same for their wounds, and pains. It goes for monsters, too,” Will explained.

“The monster had gotten injured before, on his leg. And he had a weak point near the wound, so I thought; why not kill two birds with one stone or something?” Will said, and Nico nodded.

Nico brushed his shoulder against Will, “I guess you’re cool,”

Will smiled, “I guess I am,”

~ Based on a headcanon I saw