killing time

my honest-to-god favorite thing about killing time is that kirk was going on and on and on about this wonderful lady, who was beautiful and dressed in silver and whom he compared to the moon, a lady who he had seen in his dreams, and i was like ‘oh geez i’m gonna have to sit though a het love before i get to the gay’ and then it turns out the the ‘she’ was. the fucking enterprise

He took another deep breath, trying to stand. But before he could gain his feet, a face materialised before his mind’s eye: firm features, tanned flesh, expressive hazel eyes, and a compelling human grin. Single lock of gold-bronze hair falling to the middle of a high forehead. Still… a stranger. A man who inhabited dreams. T'hy'la?

The Original Uncensored Killing Time (1985)


M/M Novel Tropes - City Meets Country AU

Tired of the city’s fast paced life and all the heartaches it had to offer, a marketing executive accepts a job offer to strategize a dying farming business.

“We’ll just know, I’m sure” said the voice at the other end of the line, when he had asked the owner of the farm how he was to recognize him while at the meeting point. He despised being without a plan. So he knew, from that moment on, that he would hate the man’s way of working with uncertainty. But, like shock to his system, just as he was told, he recognized him the moment their gazes locked. The man in the battered old truck was everything he was told to stay away from.

In time, his premature judgments begin to wear thin. The untarnished little world and the humble man it belonged to soon finds a way into his heart. The radiance of the kind and passionate soul shedding light on a path that he thought he had lost.