killing time


M/M Novel Tropes - City Meets Country AU

Tired of the city’s fast paced life and all the heartaches it had to offer, a marketing executive accepts a job offer to strategize a dying farming business.

“We’ll just know, I’m sure” said the voice at the other end of the line, when he had asked the owner of the farm how he was to recognize him while at the meeting point. He despised being without a plan. So he knew, from that moment on, that he would hate the man’s way of working with uncertainty. But, like shock to his system, just as he was told, he recognized him the moment their gazes locked. The man in the battered old truck was everything he was told to stay away from.

In time, his premature judgments begin to wear thin. The untarnished little world and the humble man it belonged to soon finds a way into his heart. The radiance of the kind and passionate soul shedding light on a path that he thought he had lost.

In Killing Time Kirk and Spock just strip in front of each other at separate points in the book and for no good reason and Spock tackles Kirk and screams about how his life is important to him and they die and regenerate together with the words “Come with me” and Spock completely rejects a perfectly suitable girl to get back to Jim and Spock gets so worried and overprotective about Jim’s health and the T'hy'la scene and the hospital “JIM? JIM!” Scene and the Vulcan marriage bond and wow this book should just be called “I somehow got my fanfiction published by the creators of Star Trek” by Della Van Hise

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What is this magic you're reading cos it's off the charts. I cannot handle the snippets you're posting, tell me more friend, it's incredible.

It’s ridiculously wonderful isn’t it

Killing Time by Della Van Hine, a TOS novel I’ve heard about for a long ass time now that’s supposed to be gay as hell (and so far it’s living up to the hype, obviously).