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The Devil in the Details

Characters: CastielXReader

Word Count: 1693

A/N: One-shot inspired by 12X12 Stuck in the Middle (With You) – consider this your spoiler warning. I hesitated to post this fic, since there are so many other amazing reader insert “re-writes” of the most epic Cas scene ever. But after re-reading and editing it, I think it’s different enough to share. Script straight from the episode is italicized and not mine. Obvious angst (You saw the episode, right?! Right?!), also fluffy flooff.

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Let me tell you a story – the unlikely story of Lucifer’s underling, Ramiel, Prince of Hell, who unwittingly used one of heaven’s most unyielding weapons to unleash the undying love of an uncommon angel. And how the King of Hell, Crowley, unquestioningly the luckiest upstart crossroads demon ever to usurp the underworld, gave this unparalleled love an opportunity to unfold with nary a soul unpeopled in the undertaking. You could say the match was made in heaven, but the devil was undeniably in the details.

Castiel, fallen angel of the Lord, former soldier and commander of Heaven’s divine army, recent (only in practical terms of eons of existence) sufferer of human weakness, the seraph with too much heart, remained stoic even in the face of certain death.

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“Your ears are twitching, something wrong, Jackie?” Gabriel asked quietly.

Strike commander Jack’s graying ears twitched with continued annoyance and his tail kept curling and uncurling in obvious anxiety or pent up energy. Gabriel had prided himself in picking up Jack’s emotional-ticks years back, especially when they had become dependent on each for emotional support with the formation of Overwatch and Blackwatch.

Jack had been sitting quietly at his desk for the past hour and his ears had started twitching slowly and built of speed and nervous jerkiness until finally his worried made him say something.

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Post Timeless 1x13 Thoughts

I also love how they are setting up Wyatt and Flynn to be foils of one another. 

Sure, up until now, on the surface they seem like polar opposites. Wyatt the straight-laced soldier fighting for his country, Flynn the renegade villain determined to get his revenge. 

But their stories are actually pretty similar, which is classic foil set up. Both are reeling over the murder of their family. Both desperate to fix it. Both make less than stellar decisions as they try to achieve their ends. Both have a certain chemistry with Lucy. 

But after this week, I think we will see the true foil separation emerge. 

Wyatt truly got to see the dark side of getting what you want by any means necessary, which is what Flynn has long since decided he is ok with doing. The ends justify his means. But Wyatt killed an innocent person (albeit indirectly) to achieve his desired mission this week. To save the person he loved. And we saw his utter remorse at this when he and Rufus got back in the Lifeboat. He was wrecked and guilty, and he knows that this isn’t what Jessica would want from him. We’ve yet to see this kind of remorse from Flynn, even when pushed by people somewhat in his counsel. 

Wyatt then returned to learn that his recklessness was all for naught. Jessica is still dead. And as where I think Flynn would have continued to go after what he wanted, I don’t think Wyatt will. The ends won’t justify his means. I don’t think he’ll be able to reconcile killing innocent people with saving Jessica. I think while in similar circumstances, he and Flynn’s choices will begin to differ more and more and more. 

They both have the potential for a great villain backstory and set up. But if I’ve learned anything from my time as a Oncer, it’s that it’s not our pasts but our choices that define us, that separate heroes from villains. 

And I think even after the awfulness of the trip back to 1983, Wyatt’s still one of the heroes of this tale.

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ourqueen-inexile  asked:

What's your ultimate Fix-it style scenario? who lives, who dies, what happens? Your Ultimate Happy Ending I guess

ajdhsgsjd im gonna be so sad having to drag my sorry ass into s7 after this. but here’s my fantasy

• we start before agot even begins. Oberyn and doran petition the crown and robert, guided by ned and feeling sympathetic about the loss of a beloved sister, has gregor clegane arrested for his crimes against elia martell
• ned just kinda? Turns down the job as hand and the starks stay together
• south? Who gives a shit about the south the starks are happy and whole

but like at this point the happiest ending i can fathom realistically (dont ask what my unrealistic ending is it involves reanimated robb dany falling from “grace” and more stannis than anyone really needs) is more like

• remaining starks reunion at winterfell
• sansa completes her arc by killing petyr and reconciling with arya
• jon and dany team up but instead of marrying jon to secure the north she marries sansa in the bisexual plot twist of the century
• jaime lannister comes to his fucking senses and goes back to brienne
• casterly rock falls to tyrion after cersei dies and he gets to rule with smugness knowing his father is rolling in his grave
• dany recognizes what robert did not, condeming the actions of tywin lannister and gregor clegane during the sack of kings landing and totally fucking respects the shit out of the martells
• (books) lady stoneheart is laid to rest as is robb, jon having begun a commission for his statues in the crypts
• (books) theon and jeyne find some god damn peace - theon is the one to kill ramsay

Idk theres probably a lot of plots i forgot but like? who cares
Mr. & Mrs. Smith AU
  • I couldn’t help myself. Inspired by this {x}
  • Adrien and Marinette Agreste are young married couple in their mid-twenties
  • Adrien is a physics teacher who is finally coming out of the shadow of his father, the famous designer Gabriel Agreste
  • Marinette is one of Paris’ up-and-coming fashion designers
  • The couple met in high-school, where they eventually fell in love
  • But Adrien and Marinette are not without their secrets, especially from each other
  • Adrien is the assassin known as Chat Noir, working for the villain Hawk Moth
  • Marinette is Ladybug, the heroine of Paris who works for the secret agency Miraculous
  • Plagg and Tikki are their handlers, respectively
  • Ladybug is famous for foiling Hawk Moth’s assassins, but has never encountered Chat Noir
  • Adrien and Marinette couldn’t be more in love
  • However, their relationship has been feeling strained from keeping their secret lives from each other
  • Everything unravels when Hawk Moth assigns Chat Noir to take out Ladybug and Miraculous assigns Ladybug to do the same to Chat Noir
  • Thus begins the rivalry unlike Paris has ever seen
  • Ladybug and Chat Noir can be seen battling it out all over Paris’ rooftops almost every night
  • Much to her chagrin, Chat Noir always shows up with a flirtatious smile and his deadly Cataclysm when Ladybug is on her nightly patrols
  • Luckily, she is always able to lose him and keep her identity a secret
  • When he isn’t purr-suing Ladybug as Chat Noir, Adrien is investigating possibilities of who she might be under the mask
  • As their relationship begins to suffer from the late nights and long “work” hours, the two begin to connect the dots
  • Especially when Marinette has an unplanned encounter with Chat Noir
  • Or when Ladybug saves Adrien and accidentally calls him “handsome boy,” something Adrien has only heard from Marinette
  • When they find out who the other truly is behind the mask, their lovers-spat is heard all over Paris
  • Their fight halts at a stalemate: Adrien can’t kill Marinette and Marinette can’t kill Adrien
  • The couple reconciles, to Tikki’s and Plagg’s happiness (they kind of knew, but didn’t say anything)
  • When Hawk Moth realizes that Chat Noir has turned against him he unleashes his army of trained sleeper-assassins, known as Akumas, to take-out Ladybug and Chat Noir
  • Marinette and Adrien flee their home as the Akumas descend upon it
  • During the fight that ensues, Paris watches in bewilderment as Ladybug and Chat Noir fight against the Akumas in tandem, bickering and shooting flirtations at each other the entire time
  • In the end, the Akumas are defeated and Hawk Moth has gone into hiding from suffering such a loss
  • Marinette and Adrien settle back into their daily lives, more in love than ever
  • And at night, Ladybug and Chat Noir protect Paris in case Hawk Moth returns

What if: Fandom AU | Only Lovers Left Alive x Iron Man AU / Frostiron | Part X
Inspired Music: World on Fire - Les Friction, I Wasn’t Made for Fighting - Woodhands

SUB-PLOT (Cont.): A few weeks pass and slowly, Tony’s insatiable thirst for blood is somewhat tamed. Adam finally manages to find a hospital that offers clean blood each month. But their relationship after Tony’s accident had made them living together hard. With Tony being a newborn vampire with little knowledge to fend for himself about his new nature and the fact that he had no choice but to stay away from any human contact causes him to become bitter. And the source of his anger is turned on Adam, because he blames the vampire for turning him into what he was.

On Adam’s part, the vampire had begun to forgive him for Tony’s reckless move. He is aware that he had not been fair to Tony for acting the way he did (although in truth, he was angry because Tony had potentially put himself at risk by drinking blood that could have killed him) and tries to reconcile his relationship with Tony in his own way. He feels guilty for what he had done to Tony. But his attempts to get through to him fails.

Yes, Laurel Is Really Dead: (Canary Cry) Arrow 4x19 Review

Arrow says goodbye to Laurel Lance in “Canary Cry” except… it was a lot about some teenager running around as Black Canary and not a whole lot about Laurel Lance.  The focus is primarily on the team dealing with their guilt over Laurel’s death, especially Diggle. Then we toss in some flashbacks that were a straight up hot mess for good measure and the result is an uneven goodbye episode. Yet, somehow, it’s a fitting goodbye for this uneven character. 

Sorry for the less than poetic title, but honestly I couldn’t find title that conveys the point of the episode better than that. 

Let’s dig in…

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Initial Thoughts--5x22: Only You and 5x23: An Untold Story

–So I liked the finale!  I thought it set up the conflict/theme of 6a quite nicely.  Now let’s look at a few specific characters:


–I really liked the Regina/Emma scene in Neal’s apartment.  I thought that was really well done.  Regina’s clearly struggling to be the kind of person Robin would be proud of; the kind of person who has family and friends who will love and support her rather than fear her.  She’s got these two sides of herself, and it seems to her that no matter which side she chooses, she ends up loosing.  She chose to pursue the good.  That’s a good thing.  

–Regina took responsibility for the terrible things she’s done.  I loved that.

–The problem, of course, is that Regina doesn’t yet realize that she is both.  Regina and the Evil Queen are not two different people (well…right now they sort of are, but you get my drift, lol).  They are both parts of her.  She wants to be rid of the “Evil Queen”, but it’s not as easy as ripping the EQ’s heart out and crushing it.  It was never going to be that easy.

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michaelsgavin  asked:

raywood + fake boyfriends au omg ??? or raywood + mafia (not fake ah crew) au

fake boyfriends goes like every romcom you’ve ever seen right
ray’s so and so is having a wedding (maybe it’s a relative maybe it’s michael) and he will get murdered for showing up without a date because he’s in the wedding party for some reason god help him
and hey ryan’s single and a cool guy and the textbook perfect boyfriend that will get everyone off his ass about dating it’s perfect

they’ll go in, do the wedding, leave, and it’ll be fine

except it’s never just the wedding. it’s the rehearsals and the planning and the group outings and then the actual wedding and oh my god ryan did you really have to catch the bouquet and it’s people coming up to them and smiling and saying they look just as happy as the newly wed couple (and hey that’s great that means this whole plan thing is working) but it’s a lot of people coming up to say that and around time no. 5 ray looks at ryan and his heart breaks a little.

ryan’s a good dancer. of course he’s a good dancer. why wouldn’t he be. which means ryan manages to drag ray on the dance floor way more than ray was initially anticipating and ryan’s leading them both and grinning and just generally looking like someone ray would spend the rest of his life with, what the fuck, and he gives up and just spends the entire time wondering how he got in this deep without ever realizing it.

You know, there’s all these really big, drawn out explanations of why Captain Swan is not a good love story. And they are all good and true. But like, really simply, I think about if I was being pursued by someone. And not only did I know that that someone had actively tried to murder an innocent woman for the sake of revenge on another, but it was actually someone I knew and I actually witnessed the aftermath of his actions… That’s really weird to me. Like, Emma and Belle might not be besties, but they’re still cool. And now she’s dating the man that tried to kill her. I really can’t reconcile this. What if he wasn’t a fairy tale character? If Emma was back in Boston and some dude tried to kill someone she hung out with but then did something nice for her would she still be like, “ah well, he did say sorry, kinda.”