killing technology

Mental link.

I’ve realized something, thinking back to the Schneeplestein Power Hour.
He operated a person through a boardgame, symbolizing a body. With his own hands, his own tools.

But now we’ve seen him playing a game. A videogame called Bio. Inc. Redemption where he can evolve a disease digitally to kill people.

We’ve seen Anti do the exact opposite.
From being a digital virus where he took over Jack’s recordings, Jack’s social media and glitched it out.

To later, being a disease, making Jack cough, itch, not feel good.

This makes me think that Anti and Schneeple have made a mental link. They share knowledge.
Schneeple knows that Anti can take over things with digital powers, he doesn’t know why or how Anti does it, he just knows its possible so he tries to do the same.
Anti knows that Schneeple is able to kill people by cutting them open, he knows through Schneeple that diseases are able to make people suffer and murder them. He doesn’t know how Schneeple would do it, so he does it his own way.

They dont share emotions or feelings, they share knowledge.
Now you might say that recently we have seen these evolutions surface more frequently. They have always been there.
Schneeple existed before Anti did. But i think they started to link in October.
Before October Schneeple didn’t want to kill people yet.
Anti didn’t immediately make Jack feel sick.

They are not the same person. They are tied very closely together. Them being the same person would take away the aspect of Anti being community created and thus this all being our fault.


1987. Killing Technology

is the third album by band Voivod. It was the first to add the progressive sound in their thrash metal reportire. According to interviews from the time, Voivod were more influenced by hardcore punk and crossover bands during the time they created Killing Technology, Kreator and Motörhead being the only metal bands everyone in Voivod were all still into by 1986.

‘Killing Technology’ is an essential album in the band’s development, really taking both them and the thrash metal sound to new heights that had not been yet heard before. Things still sound a bit raw and light on memorable songwriting to call 'Killing Technology’ one of the best Voivod albums, but it remains a great album for the band and genre.

   Michel Langevin   Denis Bélanger   Jean-Yves Thériault   Denis D'Amour

I’m gonna answer this in the form of what-ifs and personal theories and also based only on the Prime 3 pirates so here goes:

Since their real body is a limbless leech, I don’t think they could have utilized tools on their own. They were probably the weird alien fish equivalent of dolphins. UNTIL

Maybe a certain species of alien bird with no sense of boundaries was watching these little worm guys and seeing their potential. So they decided to show up and be like “hey u guys want limbs and also space travel?”

There’s definitely a pattern in the series of the Chozo being responsible for horrible disasters that kill a bunch of people. Like Metroids, you know because SOMEONE thought virtually-unkillable killing machines were just the dandiest solution to get rid of another unkillable killing machine. And also uplifting the Bryyonians and we all know how that went. So I think it would be perfectly in-character for them to also be responsible for the Space Pirates being a threat, (and also destroying their own Homeworld hey just like Bryyo) when they would have otherwise been harmless alien fish on a perfectly healthy planet.

I mean think about it, they spend their whole lives in the ocean with no arms and then suddenly someone shows up, sticks them on land, gives them hands and is like alright have fun with that sensory overload mate. And then they go crazy developing and dominating every inch of their planet’s surface for no other reason than NOW WE CAN. And then that one planet just isn’t enough, so they use their newfound legginess to make laughable attempts to conquer every other planet too! 

And the rest is history.

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Hey April! You're are always so critical, and I love your opinions and how sure you are when you're talking about it. So I was wondering, why do you ship Bellarke? I would love to read your reasons.

Why do I ship Bellarke? The basic reason:

The show wants me to. They’ve been setting up the story of Bellarke (both as individuals and as a couple) since the first Season. 

The more complicated reason:

I very rarely see a relationship on TV (and especially the CW) as carefully crafted as Bellarke has been. It’s enemies to friends to lovers done right. Bellamy and Clarke began as antagonists in a world that was trying to kill them all and struggled to overcome the inherent class differences (which is why Clarke has problematic white savior tendencies, btw) in order to create a co-leadership dynamic that was so great to look at. 

By the time the Season 1 finale rolled around, we had two individuals who didn’t just need what the other offered (Bellamy brought heart to the table, while Clarke brought logic) they wanted it and recognized that together their potential for leadership was so much greater than individually. This is the Season where Need and Trust are established in their relationship.

In Season 2, we spend the first half watching them literally fight to get back to one another? And when they are reunited? It’s explosive. Then we watch them go on their separate journeys over the rest of the Season, both struggling to find a balance inside themselves (and both failing). Without each other, both lose help and both find that their leadership is just not as effective. This is the Season where Love is established (definitively on Clarke’s part) in their relationship.

Season 3 was rough for us, I’ll give you that. Our ship spent the first half of the Season seemingly on opposite sides (I say seemingly because when push came to shove, they were both doing what they thought was necessary to save their people) of a war. They’d both found love with other individuals (Gina and L/xa) and both were happy with those two, even if just for a moment. 

However, I’d argue that both Gina and L/xa represent the same thing for Bellamy and Clarke. A love that was true and real, absolutely, but that was also an escape. Neither Clarke or Bellamy were their true selves when they were with L/xa and Gina. Both refused outright to discuss their trauma with their love interests (also of note-L/xa’s refusal to discuss parts of her own past with Clarke), both love interests existed in a world apart from the horrors that Bellamy and Clarke were dealing with on an every day basis (Bellamy about Gina- “Gina was real.”, Clarke about L/xa- “L/xa was special.”) and both love interests were murdered (notably wounded in almost the exact same ironic way-Gina, an Arkadian (technologically advanced), killed by stab wound to the abdomen, L/xa, a Grounder (technology resistant), killed by a gunshot wound to the abdomen).

With each other however, Bellamy and Clarke don’t have to put up a front. They’ve witnessed the trauma the other has suffered and in most cases, have been a participant (Charlotte, the Ring of Fire, The Mt. Weather Irradiation, etc). They are the only two people in their world who truly know the weight of the actions they’ve committed because they’ve committed them together. It’s why Clarke felt confident she could leave Bellamy at the end of Season 2, it’s why Bellamy felt comfortable opening up to Clarke in 108, it’s why they had that “moment” in 403, it’s why their leadership (and their relationship) is front and center in Season 4. 

Clarke and Bellamy can only be real, can only be their true, vulnerable selves, can only show how broken they are with each other. Without each other, they falter, just look at 404. Look at Bellamy, who is telling Kane that he is hopeless and compare that to the Bellamy of 403, who tells Clarke he has hope because they’re still breathing. Look at Clarke, who in Episodes 401-3 was been able to present a strong front to the public (even if she’s unsure in private) and compare that to the Clarke of 404 who is visibly worried, who doesn’t know how to fix the anger of the mob, who has to be saved by Jaha. 

I love Bellamy and Clarke because they are complete with each other in a way they’ve never been with anyone else. I just….love them.

Forgotten In Space
Forgotten In Space

80’S TUESDAY: Forgotten in Space by Voivod - The 80’s was a golden age in rock music bringing all the threads of earlier decades together to create genres that are still in place today.  This was particularly true of metal which started with the heights of NWOBHM, proceeded by thrash, and culminating in crossover hardcore sounds.  Then you have Voivod, which sounds like thrash, but comes from a whole other realm of music altogether.

The Killing Technology album released in 1986 was like Metallica’s Ride the Lightning in that it set the stage for what Voivod was going to be about.  It was extreme prog metal at its loudest and most challenging.  You do not listen to the album as much as you get tossed around, brutally beaten and aurally slayed.  While that might sound quite awful, in this case it works out to beautiful effect.

Forgotten in Space is perhaps some of the finest example of this mixed bag of time signature twisting, abrupt tempo shifts, and dissonant chordal progressions.  Piggy lays down some of his most blistering solos, Blacky and Away keep the steamroller going, and Snake delivers some of his strongest vocals to date.  They make a strong case to embrace the weirdness.