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Free for All: You're able to go on a killing spree. All is fair game in this bloody war. Out of all you kill only five. Who are these lovely souls you wish to collect and why? They can be friend or foe.

Five people I want dead:

1. The Courier ( @safrona-shadowsun ) - “I need her heart. I need her blood. I need that fucking bitch dead. She bothers the fuck out of me and she’s worthless to me if she is not by my side. She has been marked. A reward for the death of the Courier.”

2. Silvermoon’s protector ( @allasticus ) - “This man has been a thorn in my side for quite a while now, preventing my Kingdom to establish itself in the Silvermoon sewers. I would be doing him a fucking favor, cleaning up his precious streets and keeping the vile trade off his city. But he’s still fucking with me and mine. He needs to die.”

3. The Mercenary ( @revarik ) - I have not heard from him in years and maybe is dead. I would hope so. That way I don’t have to worry about his fucking ass. That lovely tight ass of his…”

4 & 5. “These will be saved for later. I’m sure someone is going to rise up my fucking shitlist and we’ll just have to mark him or her for death. Who’s ready to piss the fuck out of me anytime soon? Hmm?”

@gilneanhybrid (my love to those mentioned above :) )

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I'm not a member of the "poor Stefan" club, but I do question some of the decisions Caroline made. I disagree that she took responsibility; I know she said the blood was on her hands too, but she then walked away five seconds later. I just felt, and I have felt this way since 8x07, that Caroline should have gone with him. Regardless of whether Stefan changed the deal, he is still protecting Caroline's kids. I feel like she is ignoring him and the truth so she doesn't feel guilty.

Why should Caroline have gone with Stefan when he made the deal in the first place to save her kids so she could be happy? What is the point of having both of them on a killing spree for Cade without their humanity on (since that was the underlying part of the deal.) I’m just so confused about how little people seem to understand the deal or what it entails, Cade only made that deal because he knew that Stefan would be tempted by the darkness as long as he was “The Ripper” which meant turning his humanity off to be as ruthless as possible.

As this ask pointed out really well why Stefan needs to have his humanity off for the deal to work:

The more time I see Stefan working for Cade, the more I understand why Stefan turned it off. Stefan is certainly imperfect and capable of cruel and unspeakable things, but I really struggle to believe that Stefan with his humanity could have done a satisfactory job for Cade. It sucks that he did it, but I think that with life he has with Caroline and the twins, he wouldn’t have been able to get the job done.

Also it’s been one episode and like even the 8x12 says that she desperately tries to connect with Stefan so maybe just chill?


To combine two of my passions, I decided to make a compilation of TV shows and movies related to mass murder! The following focus solely on random and/or public incidents, so basically just no familicides. All of the descriptions were taken from Wikipedia or IMDb.

School Shooting TV Shows:

Millenium Episode Teotwawki (1998)

“Frank and Emma search for answers when a gunman fires upon high school students.”    

Third Watch Episode …And Zeus Wept (2001)

“Sully takes Tatiana to meet his mother, and offers her a way to get her Green Card. A kid takes a gun into his high school. Faith has a physical exam.”          

Rebus Episode Question of Blood (2006)

“Detective Inspector John Rebus and his sidekick DS Siobhan Clarke are called to investigate a shooting at a local college.”

Numb3rs Episode Dark Matter (2006)

“Charlie helps the team solve how many shooters there were in a school massacre.”          

American Horror Story Episode Piggy Piggy (2011)

“At Westfield High School in 1994, a shooter enters the school and begins killing students.”

Utopia Series 1, Episode 3 (2013)

“The group feel the full weight of The Network’s power as Grant is framed for a mass murder at his school.“

19-2 Episode School (2015)

“In the season two premiere, the entire squad is involved in an intensely tragic school shooting which profoundly impacts their lives.”  

School Shooting/ School Revenge Movies:

If…. (1968)

“In this allegorical story, a revolution led by pupil Mick Travis takes place at an old established private school in England.”         

The Deadly Tower (1975)

“The infamous story of Charles Whitman, ‘America’s favourite sniper’ (in Stephen King’s words), is told here once again.”          

Massacre at Central High (1976)

“Maimed by bullies at a California high school, a new student (Derrel Maury) engineers acts of revenge.”

Heathers (1988)

“In order to get out of the snobby clique that is destroying her good-girl reputation, an intelligent teen teams up with a dark sociopath in a plot to kill the cool kids.” 

Murder of Innocence (1993)

“Newlywed Laurie Wade finds her marriage, and eventually the rest of her life, shattered by her deep-rooted psychotic behavior.” Based on Laurie Dann.

Hostage High (1997)

“An armed man with a grudge against a former teacher holds students hostage at his high school.” Based on Eric Houston.

Duck! The Carbine High Massacre (1999)

“Two bullied high-school students fight back against their oppressors in a hail of bullets and blood.”

Bang Bang You’re Dead (2002)

“A teacher suggests a student take the lead role in a play, despite the teen’s earlier threat to blow up the school.”

Home Room (2002)

“A high school shooting has repercussions on the town and students.”

Heart of America (2002)

“Armed high school students plot a shooting spree that they plan to unleash at the school moments after the final bell on the last day of the school year.”

Zero Day (2003)

“Two troubled adolescents chronicle the events that ultimately lead up to a terrifying assault on their school.”

Elephant (2003)

“Several ordinary high school students go through their daily routine as two others prepare for something more malevolent.”            

American Yearbook (2004)

“Will is the kid-next-door, but is relentlessly terrorized by school bullies. Then the mysterious Chance eventually convinces Will that they should get a gun and take the bullies out: pull a Columbine.”            

The Only Way (2004)

“Devon Browning is viewed as an outcast and is a victim of physical and emotional abuse from his classmates. After a tragic death in his family, his life begins to fall off course. He eventually seeks revenge by bringing a gun to school and opening fire on his classmates.”

Dawn Anna (2005)

“The true story of a single mom who overcomes many of life’s obstacles.” Based on Lauren Townsend’s mother.

Killers by Nature (2005)

“B-movie stalwart Eric Spudic directs this story about two bullied high school misfits who exact deadly revenge on those former classmates who did them wrong.”            

Ekskul (2006)

“A high school student who is constantly bullied at school and abused by parents at home, had enough and took several other students hostage.”

State’s Evidence (2006)

“When 16-year-old Scott Byers decided to bring a camcorder to school, none of his schoolmates ever imagined what was to come.”

The Life Before Her Eyes (2007)

“As the 15th anniversary of a fatal high school shooting approaches, former pupil Diana McFee is haunted by memories of the tragedy.“

Klass (2007)

“An average guy of an Estonian high-school decides to defend his bullied classmate. This starts war between him and the informal leader of the class. As teenagers’ honour is a touchy thing, everything ends in bloodshed.”            

Polytechnique (2009)

“A dramatization of the Montreal Massacre of 1989 where several female engineering students were murdered by an unstable misogynist.” Based on Marc Lepine.

April Showers (2009)

“A survivor (Kelly Blatz) of a high-school shooting tries to come to terms with the horrors he witnessed, along with the loss of his best friend.”

The Final (2010)

“A group of high school outcasts get revenge on the students that torment them.”

Amish Grace (2010)

“A grieving woman copes with the loss of her daughter after a gunman kills Amish schoolgirls in Pennsylvania.” Based on Charles Carl Roberts.”

Beautiful Boy (2010)

“A married couple on the verge of separation are leveled by the news their 18-year-old son committed a mass shooting at his college, then took his own life.”

We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

“Kevin’s mother struggles to love her strange child, despite the increasingly vicious things he says and does as he grows up. But Kevin is just getting started, and his final act will be beyond anything anyone imagined.”          

Nothing Can Touch Me (2011)

“The outsider Katrine survives a school shooting and is the only one to see who the shooter is. The hunt for the boy begins, and slowly Katrine realizes that she has more in common with him than any of her other classmates.”            

Pivot Point (2011)

“A psychological drama that follows four high schoolers down a dark ride.”

An American Terror (2012)

“A group of friends hatch a plan to get revenge on the bullies who have been tormenting them.”

Blackbird (2012)

“An alienated teenager’s posturing online threat ignites a firestorm of fear in a small community.”            

Hello Herman (2012)

“Set in the not so distant future, in Any Town USA, sixteen year old Herman Howards makes a fateful decision.”

White Rabbit (2013)

“A bullied high school student starts having visions of a rabbit that he killed when he was a kid, soon putting him in a state where his imagination threatens to cause him to carry out violent acts.”          

Staudamm (2013)

“Roman has to travel to a small village in Bavaria, in order to get some files from a local police station. These files keep records about a high school massacre committed by a student a year ago.”

The Dirties (2013)

“Two best friends are filming a comedy about getting revenge on the bullies at their high school. One of them isn’t joking.”            

Rudderless (2014)

“After a grieving father finds a box of demo tapes made by his now-dead son, he forms a band in hope of finding some peace.”

Almost Mercy (2015)

“Jackson and Emily aren’t like the other kids. Two burgeoning sociopaths on the brink of total meltdown. Ticking time bombs seeking revenge. Who will unravel first?”            

Natural Selection (2015)

“While attending a new high school, a teen’s budding friendship with a fellow student leads to harsh consequences.”

Some Kind of Hate (2015)

“A bullied teenager is sent to a reform school where he accidentally summons the spirit of a girl, herself a victim of bullying, who takes vengeance on his tormentors.”

Ditch Party (2016)

“Five students trap themselves in the basement of their high school during an all-out assault on students and faculty, all at the hands of one disturbed student geared with guns and explosives.”         

Mass/Spree Murder TV Shows:

Cold Case Episode Rampage (2006)

“A 1995 mall shooting spree, in which two teenagers killed and wounded several people before committing suicide, is reopened when it is found that there may be a third person involved.”            

Criminal Minds Episode Elephant’s Memory (2008)

“When a spree killing begins in a small Texas town, Reid’s identification with the killer may endanger the girl with him, and cause Reid to put his own life in jeopardy.”

CSI Episode The Fallen (2014)

“A teenage boy shoots up LVPD headquarters and then holds Russell and one of his shooting victims hostage.”          

Mass/ Spree Murder Movies:

Targets (1968)

“An elderly horror-film star, while making a personal appearance at a drive-in theatre, confronts a psychotic Vietnam War veteran who’s turned into a mass-murdering sniper.”          

Why Does Herr R. Run Amok? (1970)

“Herr R. throws a dinner party for his boss and colleagues, but is humiliated when a toast he proposes falls flat. As his days repeat the same boring routine, Herr R.’s unhappiness grows.”

Two-Minute Warning (1976)

“A psychotic sniper plans a massive killing spree in a Los Angeles football stadium during a major championship game.”

Bloody Wednesday (1987)

“A mechanic who lives alone and sees a psychiatrist gets hold of a machine gun and opens fire in a coffee shop.”

The Fisher King (1991)

“A former radio DJ, suicidally despondent because of a terrible mistake he made, finds redemption in helping a deranged homeless man who was an unwitting victim of that mistake.”            

Stalking Laura (1993)

“A Silicon Valley engineer (Brooke Shields) cannot escape a co-worker (Richard Thomas) who has become obsessed with her.” Based on Richard Farley.

Falling Down (1993)

“A borderline personality disordered defense worker frustrated with the various flaws he sees in society, begins to psychotically and violently lash out against them.”

Amoklauf (1994)

“Excerpts of the life of a waiter who, living alone and isolated from the outside world developed an abysmal hatred of his fellow man.”

Tag der Abrechnung - Der Amokläufer von Euskirchen (1994)

“This movie depicts the story of Erwin Makolajczyk, a psychopath who killed 9 people in a courtroom on the 9th of March 1994.”

Charming Billy (1999)

“Billy Starkman is a seemingly ordinary man living in a small Midwestern town who one day wakes up, murders his family, climbs a rural water tower with a high-powered hunting rifle and begins shooting innocent people.”

Out of the Blue (2006)

“Based on the Aramoana Massacre that occurred on 13 November and 14 November 1990.” Perpetrated by David Gray.

He Was a Quiet Man (2007)

“A frustrated office worker becomes a reluctant hero after saving a woman’s life.”

Satanas (2007)

“Based on the spree killing committed by Campo Elías Delgado that took place in Bogotá in 1986.”

Le Banquet (2008)

“A bloody drama and an apocalyptic vision of the universities, and more generally of Québec society.”          

Fragments (2008)

“A group of strangers form a unique relationship with each other after surviving a random shooting at a Los Angeles diner.”      

Rampage (2009)

“A frustrated young man dons body armor and executes random strangers.”

22 Mei (2010)

“A bomb explodes in a shopping mall. Sam the security agent tries to save the victims, but at the end he runs off. Later he encounters all the people he saved. They all think that somehow he is responsible for what happened.”

Odd Thomas (2013)

“In a California desert town, a short-order cook with clairvoyant abilities encounters a mysterious man with a link to dark, threatening forces.”         

Mall (2014)

“The lives of five disaffected suburbanites come together in a shopping mall after a shooting spree.”

Rampage: Capital Punishment (2014)

“Bill Williamson hatches a plan to exact revenge on the rich while ripping Washington apart.”

Amok: Hansi geht’s gut (2014)

“Lorenz, a middle-aged accountant living a monotonous life, goes on a violent rampage after a promotion triggers buried memories.”

I, Olga Hepnarová (2016)

Based on the female Czech mass murderer.

Rampage: President Down (2016)

“Bill Williamson returns to bring down the president of the United States and his Secret Service detail.”


The exact guns used by Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold are pictured above.

Top picture (Eric’s weapons):

  • Hi-Point 995 carbine rifle
  • Sawed-off Savage-Springfield 67H shotgun

Bottom picture (Dylan’s weapons):

  • TEC-DC9 9-mm semi-automatic handgun
  • Double-barrel Savage 311-D sawed-off shotgun

Barry Loukaitis, who started shooting his classmates during a maths lesson in 1996. The fourteen-year-old shot and killed his teacher, Mrs. Caires, along with students Arnold Fritz, Jr. and Manuel Vela. He then took the class hostage, telling them “This sure beats algebra, doesn’t it?”


Joseph Taborsky was the only man in Connecticut to reside on death row twice. On March 23rd 1950 Joseph and his younger brother Albert decided to rob a store for some cash. The brother stayed in the car as Joseph went inside. Seconds later Joseph ran out of the store, yelling that the clerk jumped him and to hurry up and get out of there. Albert had no idea what his older brother had done until he read the newspaper the next day. He had shot the clerk in cold blood. Joseph’s victim died three days after the shooting. In January of 1951 the Taborsky’s mother called the police saying Albert had a confession to make. He proceeded to tell the police that he was driving the car the night the clerk was shot and his brother was the murderer. On June 7th 1951 the brothers were tried and convicted of murder. Albert got a life set and his brother was sentenced to die in the electric chair. Luckily for Joe, Albert wasn’t exactly the stableist of minds, he had a mental breakdown, claiming he was Christ and babbling incessantly. Joseph’s lawyers jumped at the chance to appeal the death sentence considering most of the evidence was based on Albert’s testimony. Seeing as he was no longer of sound mind his testimony became unusable and Joseph was released in 1955. About a year later shop owners in Hertford began being killed in a series of robberies. After his arrest Joseph met a man named Arthur ‘meatball’ Colombe, and the two began the killing spree the press dubbed “the Mad Dog killings”. Over one year they killed six people during robberies. The police were stumped, the only evidence they had was a footprint, size 12. They decided to go through the ex con list looking for those with big feet. Joseph’s name was high on the list. Also Arthur’s photo had been picked out by a store owner who had survived as his assailants accomplice. Joseph and Arthur where brought in and Arthur confessed to eight hold ups and six murders. He said he had only been along for the ride and Joseph was the one who fired the fatal shots. Joseph wasn’t as quick to talk but eventually he also confessed, as well as confessing to the murder back in 1950. Their trial lasted nine weeks and they were both found guilty and sentenced to death. Arthur’s sentence was commuted to life imprisonment but, his second time on death row, Joseph would not have another chance. On May 17th 1960 he was led to the electric chair and executed. Pictured above: Joseph after he was arrested, a few shots of Joseph and Arthur in custody and Joseph as he leaves the court house.

In patriarchal culture men are not allowed to simply be who they are and glory in their unique identity. Their value is always determined by what they do. In an anti-patriarchal culture males do not have to prove their value and worth. They know from birth that simply being gives them value, the right to be cherished and loved.
—  Bell Hooks, The Will to Change: Men and Masculinity

Spree murders, sometimes called cluster killings, tend to last a few days, weeks, or even months. In 1997, Andrew Cunanan, a 27 year old from San Diego, California, went on a four-state killing spree that culminated in the murder of fashion designer Gianni Versace in Florida. Cunanan feared that he might be infected with HIV and vowed revenge on whomever he perceived was responsible. Some of the five men he killed were gay, and some were not. Upon killing them with guns, knives and blunt objects, Cunanan would steal cars and money from his victims. He continued to kill as he moved southeast toward his final murder victim - Gianni Versace - and ultimately his own suicide. 

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You forgiving Frisk is the exact same as forgiving a Nazi who ran a death camp. They might say that they were under duress or that they were just following orders, but they were still instrumental in a senseless slaughter. The only difference is that Frisk wasn't a racist, so at least they were PC while they were on a killing spree. A child systematically exterminated an entire civilization, made an entire species extinct, yet you forgive them and give no consequences to those actions. Why?

Frisk never made excuses for themself. They did wrong and they want to do right now. They should be allowed that chance. I would say the same thing about a Nazi who ran a death camp and realized it was wrong at the very last second. The fact that they want to be a better person means something.



Tore Hedin was a Swedish spree killer, mass murderer and local police officer. For a short period of time, Hedin himself was assigned to investigate his own crimes. Back in September, 1943, Hedin committed his first crime at the tender age of sixteen. He had broken into a local brewery just to steal a handful of oats. To avoid getting caught, he set fire to the brewery. Eight years later in November, 1951, Hedin murdered his friend Johan Allan Nilsson in Nilsson’s own house after playing poker. Following this, Hedin took the opportunity and proceeded to steal Nilsson’s money. He then removed any evidence indicating that he murdered Nilsson with burning down his property. Almost one year later in the latter part of August, 1952, Hedin’s life shattered to pieces. His then girlfriend, Ulla Östberg, broke off their engagement. Enraged about Östberg’s decision, Hedin threatened to kill her. After the incident with Östberg, Hedin was fired almost immediately. In the following days, Hedin tried to reach out to his ex-girlfriend for several times and on August 21, 1952, Östberg finally told him that she won’t get back together with him. Her refusal was the final straw for Hedin and on the night of August 21, 1952 he began his killing spree, starting with his parents’ house, killing both his mother and father and afterwards setting their property on fire; a method he often used before going on a murder spree. Minutes later he arrived at the workplace of Östberg, a retirement home in Hurva. Hedin knew that Östberg was living there as well, entering the retirement home with climbing a fire escape and searching for the room he thought she was living and sleeping in, but there was no trace of her at first. However, within a short time Hedin found Östberg sleeping in the room of her matron, Agnes Lundin. He killed both with an axe he carried along the way and eventually set the retirement home on fire, killing nine elderly patients, with four dying immediately in the fire. Hedin then drove to a cabin near a lake and drowned himself. When the police arrived at the cabin, they searched Hedin’s car and found a suicide note where he took full responsibility for the murders and confessed to other crimes, stating the reasons as to why he went on a killing spree and naming the pain he endured following the break up with Ulla Östberg as the main reason.