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Sorry but you can’t say you’re body positive and use fatness as a degrading thing when someone comes out to you. 

A fat woman isn’t a lesbian because she’s fat, she’s a lesbian because she’s a lesbian

A fat woman isn’t bi because she’s “desperate”, she’s bi because she’s bi

Fatness isn’t inherently bad or showing of things you consider “negative” 

You cannot be “body positive” while using fatphobia to perpetuate queerphobia

New Voltron OC~ Ilexia one of the champions 

How Rick Got His Groove Back

This moment is EVERYTHING…….

Here is Rick leaving for a run to find something ‘interesting’ for the tyrant he now serves. His son is giving him grief and questioning his decisions. Due to the testosterone being systematically drained from his body by the tyrant, Rick is feeling less than worthy of Michonne.

He is no longer a leader, is helpless to fight back and is half the man he used to be (in his mind).

As he leaves, he’s most likely feeling he’s still on shaky ground with the woman he loves. The woman who most likely has her shit more together than he does.

He leans in to give her a respectful yet chaste kiss because that’s all he feels he deserves to give her after everything that has happened.

But our girl? Our perfect, warrior, in love, Queen??

She is having NONE of that.

Nope. She knows what her man needs and, hell what she needs and plants her life returning, testosterone giving, lips on his.

Rick gets some of his mojo back, Michonne ascends to goddess level of awesome and we all hyperventilate before falling into a heap on the floor.

God I love my show and I love my ship!

source for gifs janel-maloney


girls do it better // a mix by aesthyric

“You’re living in the past, it’s a new generation. A girl can do what she wants to do and that’s what I’m gonna do.”

01. salute // little mix • 02. run the world (girls) // beyonce • 03. reflection // fifth harmony • 04. survivor // clarice falcão • 05. hard out here // lily allen • 06. problem // natalia kills • 07. bad reputation // joan jett  •  08. bad girls // M.I.A  •  09. homewrecker // marina and the diamonds •  10. me & my girls // selena gomez  •  11. hurricane // halsey  •  12. i eat boys like you for breakfast // ida maria •  13. playa boi // cher lloyd •  14. so what // p!nk •  15. do my thang // miley cyrus • 16. that’s my girl // fifth harmony •

{l i s t e n}


GIRL GANG // a mix for the girls with weathered, eroded veins, sparkly silver nails, butterfly knives hidden under mini-skirts, and lipstick as red as the blood of the men that have wronged you. {listen}

 ((cover art goes to sugarbone​ !!! please check out their incredible artwork))

@coldharmonies (AN ANGEL) prompted: even twists his ankle! 

“stop wiggling.”

“i’m not!”

“you are,” and he says it with a heft of a huff.  “stop wiggling!”

even’s shoulders droop his body down, head drip-dropping back onto the nest of pillows isak has propped up behind him.


“it looks like it’s already bruising.”

he says again, carefully, with the corner of his lips twitching in the smile, “isak-”

“are we sure it’s not..? it looks bad,” and when he glances up, his eyebrows are worried furrows, cheeks a chalky pale. he sounds exasperated, but looks oh so concerned, and his fingertips are so gentle where they smooth the cloth-wrapped bag of frozen peas to even’s twisted ankle.

even just rolls his eyes. drama. “i’m fine. baby, i’m not gonna break.”

“you’re never dancing again.”

he flops a hand up, stabs the air in mock protest. “nei! i’ll never stop danc-”

“and especially not in socks on the wooden floors - what were you thinking?”

there’s a moment.

and then, he can’t help it. the laugh springs open in his lungs, bubbles up right out of him. and when it hits the air, fills the air, isak, oh, isak tries to narrow his eyes sharp and baleful at him, he really tries to, but. well.

they’re sitting lopsided on the bed holding frozen vegetables to even’s foot because he slipped and fell in his socks while dancing, and suddenly, that’s the funniest thing that’s happened all week and isak can hardly breathe through the hiccups of laughter his body is shivering loose from him.

shaking his head, he crawls up the bed. settles in even’s lap with one knee on either side of his hips snug.

“you’re so stupid,” but he’s grinning.

even slips his hands under the hem of his t-shirt to hold his waist gently, and he kisses the words to his lips: “i’m your stupid, though.”

and isak- he hugs him in, and he kisses him back, and he promises, “you are.”

Hey tumblr, look at these books right here,

you take a good look? good.

these books were both about how a society made to cater to people in terms of censoring “offensive” material became that of a dictatorship. 

you were meant to read these and be warned of the consequences, not use them as instruction manuals.