killing power

Imagine that a self-proclaimed enemy of Loki who he’s never actually heard of decides to summon a demon to kill the Trickster Prince and prove themselves the better sorcerer (they’re not). The demon they intend to call is actually quite weak, but you, an extremely powerful one, happen to be around and, after disposing of the pitiful creature, answer the summons out of boredom. Not knowing what they are actually dealing with, the would-be sorcerer orders you to kill Loki. Amused, you pretend to be compelled and go to meet your intended target, who immediately realises what he faces and prepares to defend himself as best he can until help arrives; instead you suddenly declare you like him and want to stay with him. He’s more than a little wary but agrees, knowing that he really doesn’t have much of a choice and it would be safer to play along until he can get away from you.

When I enter a fandom and realize there is no escape

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Hymn For Apollo by Percy Bysshe Shelley, 1972
                  “ The sunbeams are my shafts, with which I kill ”