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Klance miraculous ladybug AU, am I right or am I right?

Want to stop trans murders?

Want to stop trans murders?

Stop shaming men who like us, stop calling them gay when they’re not, stop watching dudes play us on screen.

Yes, it’s actually a deeply complicated and nearly intractable set of issues at the dangerous intersection of race, class, homophobia, misogyny, and economics, but the thing that most people can DO, right now, no matter who or where they are, is really that simple: stop shaming the men who like us, stop letting us be portrayed by men.

After years of thinking on this issue, listening to survivors of assault, reading the reports, talking to countless trans women/sex workers, that’s the heart of this. Straight men kill trans women partners because other people, and culture as a whole, says it’s gay, less masculine, to be with us.

So shut it down. Shut down every person or conversation that claims trans women are “really” men, every media depiction with men playing us.

If y'all have other ideas, I’d love to hear them. I’ve seen endless “stop trans murders” posts but no suggestions as to how, or any accountability.

I am a volunteer patient escort at planned parenthood

This is something I just shared on FB about my experiences as a patient escort. Just thought I’d put it on here too.

Alright y'all. Prepare for a long post, but one you should read.

Some of you know, but some of you don’t, that I volunteer at Planned Parenthood about twice a month. My official title is Volunteer Clinic Escort. My role is to safely get patients and family into the clinic safely, with privacy, and with a friendly face. Not all Planned Parenthoods (PP) have these, but the clinic where I volunteer does because we have loud, abrasive, volatile, threatening, verbally abusive and dishonest anti-choice protesters who harass people in the clinic. I would like to tell you about my experiences with them and with patients who talk to me as I stand outside with my umbrella and vest.

(I would like to note that this is not the place to tell me that abortion is wrong, that I should not support PP, that I need to stop what I’m doing. I’ve heard every argument before. In fact, I’ve had every arguement screamed in my face. You’re welcome to your opinion, but I will not be acknowledging it on here, and I ask that others ignore dissenters too. This post isn’t about me and why you think I’m wrong. It’s about what I see every time I volunteer.)

When I am volunteering, I am outside and often have patients and family members talk with me. I’m obviously not there to counsel or to offer advice medically one way or another, but I am a friendly ear and people just need to talk sometimes. Also, when volunteering, patients entering the clinic are verbally harassed by the anti choice protesters almost immediately and, while we don’t encourage it, they often yell back. The protesters don’t listen.

On my very first day, I had a person head into the clinic. As I smiled to her and went to get the door, an anti-choice protester (ACP) yelled “Mama! Don’t kill your baby!” The patient immediately responded tearfully “my baby is dead. My baby is falling out of me right now. I didn’t do anything.” The ACP, without missing a beat, screamed back through her child-sized megaphone “No he isn’t! Your doctor lied to you! These murderers just want your money!” I ushered in the patient as gently as I could while my co-volunteer told her kindly that those people didn’t matter and that in a week they wouldn’t even remember what they heard here.

In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, we have had a ACP sneak into the clinic and threaten to burn the place down. The police did nothing. We had two other ACPs try and enter the clinic to tell patients they would adopt their babies. We told them to get off the property and when they didn’t, we called the police. Eventually the ACP returned to the narrow strip of lawn they stand on at the edge of the parking lot, and luckily so, because the police never showed again.

My clinic, luckily, has never faced extreme violence while I was there. But other PP and health care clinics are not so lucky. They are burned down, have bombs planted, have clinic escorts and workers physically harmed.

They are shot at and three people die.

I have had patients tell me that they will be killed by their partner if they have an abortion. I have been told that their partner will kill them if they DON’T have one. I’ve been told how people with physical disabilities cannot carry a child without side effects so severe they may not survive. I’ve had patients explain that their mental health is at risk if they go through with the pregnancy. I’ve had patients come in with a wanted pregnancy that ended in miscarriage and they needed PPs help to safely remove the tissue. I’ve seen people come in who admit to being addicted to drugs and know they cannot go through this pregnancy.

Planned Parenthood helped all these people, not just with medical care, but with helping abused patients find help to escape violent partners. Helping those who want to conceive find fertility doctors. Helping drug addicts find resources to become healthy.

All the while, the ACP stand outside, screaming and hollering, telling women that they are murderers and whores and that they will burn for murdering their babies. But it’s ok, they do it out of love. They scream at these people and tell them awful things and then beg to have the patient come talk with them.

They don’t see the hypocrisy.

It is a rule to not engage with the ACP at all. In the year and a half I’ve been doing this, I’ve said maybe a total of 50 words to the group, all of which are some form of “you are on our property, step back right now.” I may not engage them, but we can make eye contact and make them believe we are listening. We do this so the ACP begins shouting at me, and not a patient getting air outside. I would much rather be shouted at than have them scream at a patient.

When I am being yelled at, I have been called: a murderer, a nazi, a slavery supporter, a bad mother, a bad wife (they do not know if I am married or if I have children), a witch, a lesbian, a liberal, a member of satan’s army, a Muslim lover, a bitch, a slut, and evil. Some of these things are true and some are perfectly fine things to be, but to the ACP they are all bad.

Sometimes we have patient partners come talk to the protesters. They try and explain to the ACP why they are there with their partner. I’ve heard them tell the ACP every single reason, and every single time, the protesters still tell them they are wrong and a bad father and a supporter of Satan. Every. Time. And they call this love.

Since Trump took office, one of his first orders signed was a Global Gag Rule. People thought that this rule meant that no US money would go to pay for abortions overseas, but in fact, US funds have never paid for abortions and haven’t since 1973. Even in the US, because of the Hyde Amendment, no federal funding goes to pay for abortions.

What this gag rule now does, however, is prevent money from going to clinics that even mention abortion as a method of family planning. They don’t have to perform them. If they are mentioned at all in pamphlets or classes, they lose foreign aid money. This means that now they can’t provide birth control, wellness checks, prenatal care, or classes.

This will cause unwanted pregnancies. This will cause people to seek out abortions, often in unsafe condition.

This will cause people to die.

Roughly 1/3 people with a uterus will have an abortion in their life. I haven’t spoken to everyone who has had one, but I’ve spoken to more than most. No one gets an abortion out of malice. No one gets an abortion just to end the life of a fetus, just for kicks. No. One.

Planned Parenthood provides important health services, including abortion. They do this despite the risk of physical bodily harm, every day. People like myself stand outside PP to protect patients because it is important.

We. Will. Not. Stand. Down.

I will continue to volunteer, even though since Trump was elected, the ACP have gotten more and more aggressive in their tactics, since they believe Trump supports their actions. I will continue to walk these patients inside, to get help, because it is important and right. I will continue to fight Trump the slew of anti choice people supporting him. I will continue to support choice even though I know I will lose friends and will face hatred from people I know.

Planned Parenthood is important, and we will not stand down.


“Don’t kill your partner on the first day.”

Reasons I’d watch a Cisco and Cynthia spin off (ideally some sort of mini-series of 3-12 episodes maybe over the summer or something that would be rad)

1. Travel the multiverse. 

2. Doppelgangers get just about every arrowverse actor to show up without actually having to worry about messing with their character arcs in their home shows. Actors get to stretch their acting chops and we all get to enjoy the heck out of it. 

3. Potential musical universe. I won’t even pretend I don’t want this. 

4. Cisco and Cynthia both have really strong personalities. We’ve only gotten 3 episodes of them, but Cynthia’s kinda aggressive standpoint of “this is Right and this is Wrong” balanced against Cisco’s empathetic ability to understand other people’s perspectives could–

5. –make for some wicked character arcs where Cynthia learns over the course of the show to balance what’s Right or Wrong as she sees it against what’s actually reasonable to all these different cultures they come across; and Cisco has to face a decision in the climax where the Right way feels wrong and the Wrong way feels right (preferably not kill or be killed cause thats old and doesn’t really fit Cisco) and there’s no apparent third way out and it could all end where either Cisco has to make a choice and carry that back into the main arrowverse after the miniseries is over or Cynthia and her own character development works with him and they find that third way and they macgyver themselves a happy ending

6. screen time and development for two of DC comic’s biggest nobodies (because I love them but try bringing either of them up to a non-DC fan. or even a DC fan.)

7. I’m cynco af

Some “friendly” reminders about Mick Rory for y’all:
  • He was orphaned in his teens
    - “Last Refuge” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • His father was verbally threatening
    - “I’m gonna kill you.” “You sound just like my dad.” (1x12)
  • He has a history of self-harm
    - “You think by hurting yourself, it’s gonna make you feel better?” (1x12)
  • He has burn marks on over half of his body
    - “Revenge of the Rogues” (The Flash)
  • He feels generally out of place and alone in the world
    - “I don’t know who my people are anymore.” (1x06)
  • He was effectively betrayed by the only person he trusts
    - (Len disarming him for his own good) (1x06 + 1x07)
  • He spent lifetimes being brainwashed at the vanishing point
    - “Left Behind” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He was recaptured and subjected to their brainwashing
    - “Destiny” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He lost his partner of over 30 years
    - “Destiny” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He was seen drinking large amounts of alcohol after his partner’s death
    - Season 2 (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • The Time Masters continuously violated his mind
    - “Camelot/3000″ (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He started hallucinating his dead partner
    - “The Chicago Way” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He was able to take down an entire army with his traumas
    - “Camelot/3000″ (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He got punished for betraying a team that hardly ever treated him well
    - “Doomworld” (Legends of Tomorrow)
  • He saw his partner coldly kill an alternate version of himself
    - “Aruba” (Legends of Tomorrow)

Feel free to add to the list.

the man from u.n.c.l.e. (2015) sentence starters

tw disordered eating, alcohol, gendered slurs, violence

❝ you look important… or at least your suit does. ❞
❝ statements like that can get you into a lot of trouble around here. ❞
❝ make yourself comfortable, why don’t you.  ❞
❝ you’re wasting your time. i haven’t seen him for 18 years. ❞
❝ if i had 15 minutes, we’d drink tea, eat biscuits; i’d talk, you’d laugh, and we’d be on our way. ❞
❝ are they still following us? ❞
❝ when you hear something that sounds like a gunshot, drive. ❞
❝ you can’t be serious. ❞
❝ excuse me dear, i just need to use your back door. ❞
❝ hug me. ❞
❝ what’s that? it smells like feet. ❞
❝ how long was your prison sentence? ❞
❝ don’t ever make the calamitous error of mistaking my deliberate short-sightedness for blindness. ❞
❝ look at ‘em. merrily oblivious as we labor tirelessly to save them from extinction and not even a ‘thank-you.’ ❞
❝ don’t kill your partner on your first day. ❞
❝ i’m sure you understand humiliation better than most. ❞
❝ my woman would never wear anything like that. ❞
❝ smoothly done. ❞
❝ you can’t put a paco rabanne belt on a patou. ❞
❝ and remember… take it like a pussy. ❞
❝ not very good at this whole ‘subtlety’ thing, are you? ❞
❝ either you start to look like you know what you’re doing, or i’m out of here. ❞
❝ would you like a bigger glass? ❞
❝ no fun dancing by yourself; i need a partner. ❞
❝ don’t you make me put you over my knee. ❞
❝ so you don’t want to dance… but you do want to wrestle. ❞
❝ i like my women strong. ❞
❝ now we are engaged. again. ❞
❝ i am neither a goat, nor your sister, so… get your hands off me. ❞
❝ i’m okay, i think. ❞
❝ i’ve been on a diet, my dear. just caviar and champagne for three weeks. ❞
❝ you see, each one of us has a destiny… and i believe i can help you with yours. ❞
❝ you can see the future? ❞
❝ i can see us having lunch tomorrow. alone. ❞
❝ darling, time to go. ❞
❝ they had it coming. ❞
❝ you need to control your temper. ❞
❝ i think he’s an athletic, good-looking gazillionaire, who’s offered me a job and made advances towards me. ❞
❝ i quite like him. ❞
❝ i don’t know what you’re upset about, you’re not even my fiance! ❞
❝ the thing is… i work better alone. ❞
❝ i’m not leaving. ❞
❝ and what, exactly, did you do to him? ❞
❝ just shut up and watch me work. ❞
❝ you’re trembling. ❞
❝ it’s going to be okay. ❞
❝ i’ll be close by. ❞
❝ help yourself to a drink. ❞
❝ so sorry to keep you waiting. ❞
❝ i thought i was doing so well. ❞
❝ the fault doesn’t lie in your performance. ❞
❝ she seemed so innocent. ❞
❝ i’m so sorry i can’t stay to finish you off myself. ❞
❝ man has only two masters in this world, and their names are pain and fear. ❞
❝ i never thought i’d say this, but i’m actually quite pleased to see you. ❞
❝ it’s okay. i would have done exactly the same thing in your position. ❞

Violent and abusive men continually being given court-ordered access to their children despite the danger that they will maim, assault or kill their ex-partner and kids is actually 100% a more pressing issue than this strawman argument that mothers are unfairly granted custody over fathers. As it stands, the law protects the rights of abusive men over the lives and wellbeing of women and children, so instead of holding up that argument that’s so often touted by actual abusers and child murderers, how about we hold up this issue where the courts will not fucking listen to women when they say a man is dangerous and force them to give their children over to fathers who might hurt or kill them

Sleepless nights


Request: Could I request a reader x Steve where reader is suffering from ptsd from a near death experience and the best way Steve could help is by staying up at night in front of her door when she’s up at nights crying. The reason he does it because he tried to wake them but they are violent in their sleep. Then one night they find his asleep against the wall and so they joins him thinking he does it because something is bothering him.

Warnings: swearing, PTSD, PTSD attacks

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Originally posted by hothothotgg

   Another night of (Y/N) crying, another hopeless night of sleep for Steve as he listened to their heartbreaking cries. He couldn’t do anything else, the last time he tried to actually wake them up they damn near slit his throat in surprise, needless to say he’d been staying outside of their room from then on out. 

   The nightmares, the crying, the sleepless nights all began 4 months ago when a particular mission turned out to be the worst failure of any mission ever completed. They lost two agents that day and nearly lost (Y/N). It had been a simple enough mission, get some intel, take out the bad guys but little did anyone know that the enemies had backup, and lost of it too. On the spot (Y/N)’s partners were killed, shot in the head as soon as they set foot within the base. (Y/N) on the other hand had been taken within the deeper halls of the base, locked inside a room, and tortured mercilessly.

    Fury had tried to tell Steve about what they had done to (Y/N) but he couldn’t stand to think about it, everytime he’d turn away, leave the room, plug his ears, anything to never know what (Y/N) had been through. For precautionary measures (Y/n) was placed on Steve’s floor so he could keep a constant eye on them, make sure their state of mind didnt get worse, just to be there if they ever needed it. But having (Y/N) on his floor also meant having to hear them scream and cry every night and not be able to do a damn thing about it.

    Every night Steve sat at their door, tears of his own sliding down his cheeks as he listened to (Y/N) sobbing for help but he knew better than to go in, going in was far too dangerous to risk, even for him. So that’s what Steve was doing now, just like every other night, sitting at (Y/N)’s door as they cried and he was absolutely helpless. 

   Tears of frustration slid down his cheek, collecting on his tank top. He didn’t ask for fucking much in this world, just a chance to make people safe and happy so why the hell couldn’t he help (Y/N)? God- he could just punch something or cry more. Yeah…crying more sounded better. 

   Eventually the tears began to subside, not only his own but (Y/N)’s too, they fell silent, meaning that for now they were getting a good rest.

    Steve had fallen asleep ages ago, his own exhaustion and frustration getting the better of him. Usually he’d leave before (Y/N) could find him in the mornings but that night he’d been too tired. So now he was camped out beside their door, snoring softly. 

   (Y/N)’s door creaked open slightly and they stepped out into the dim lighted hallway. Their eyes were more than swollen and puffy, their voice was incredibly hoarse, and they felt sick to their stomach but a soft snoring from outside their door convinced them to walk outside. They looked around, stopping when their eyes landed upon Steve, sleeping soundly right beside their door. (Y/N)’s brows furrow in confusion, after all, Steve had his own bedroom to stay in, why was he parked outside their door sleeping? Was their something wrong with his room? Maybe he was lonely? Maybe he was having nightmares again? 

   Occasionally Steve’s own PTSD would flare up and he’d have vivid nightmares. His screams would forever be ringing in (Y/N)’s ears, his cries forever etched into their mind. But (Y/N) hadn’t heard screaming at all that night, which debunked the PTSD theory. Perhaps he just needed some company, someone to talk to when the sun came up?

     (Y/N) yawns softly as they trudge back into their room, retrieving a blanket and pillow from their bed before slipping back outside, closing their door behind them. They situated themself beside Steve, laying beside him. They draped the blanket over his body and theirs, meaning they had to sit more than close together. (Y/N) set the pillow up against the wall and leaned their hea back against it, sighing softly. It actually wasn’t too uncomfortable. Steve’s warmth invaded their own, plus the pillow and blanket made the floor much more bearable. In fact, (Y/N) was starting to think it was so much more bearable than sleeping all alone in their bed. They’d take Steve, a blanket and pillow, and the floor over a bed any day. 

   (Y/N) turned their head a bit, resting one portion of it on Steve’s shoulder. 

   "Night Stevie,“ (Y/N) whispers, their eyes already slipping closed.

    The next day Steve woke to the feeling of something pressed into his side, there was a pair of arms wrapped around him tightly and he didn’t feel as cold as he had the previous night. 

   He blearily opened his eyes to look around but his gaze stopped when it landed on (Y/N) sitting next to him, curled into him as close as possible. Their mouth was open slightly, soft little snores falling past their lips. Their eyes were swollen and red but at least they weren’t crying now, that’s all that mattered to Steve. In fact- he didn’t think he had heard them cry at all after he fell asleep…what had happened when he was out? 

   Just as though he had spoke to soon (Y/N) began to whimper in their sleep, the telltale signs of an oncoming fit. Steve knew he should get away, after all, what if they tried to joke him this time? But instead he found himself wrapping his arms around (Y/N) gently, being cautious not to wake them. 

    "Shhh,” Steve whispers to them, his lips pressed against their hairline. “It’s okay (Y/N), nobody’s gonna hurt you, your safe with me,” He knew he was treading on thin ice here but he couldn’t stand to listen to another one of (Y/N)’s heart breaking attacks. “I’ve got you, I’m not gonna let anyone touch you,” (Y/N) slowly seems to settle back down, their whimpering ceasing and their body going limp against him. Whatever he had just done worked out, he had finally gotten (Y/N) to calm down during one of their attacks. 

    Steve can’t help but smile in relief; it was music to his ears not to have (Y/N) crying and screaming out, his heart couldn’t stand another minute of it.

     With a soft sigh Steve reclines his head against the wall, staring up at the ceiling as he slowly traced soothing circles into (Y/N)’s arm, still being cautious not to wake them. Steve’s breathing started to even out, his eyes slipped closed, and he could barely feel himself falling asleep when he could have sworn he heard a soft whisper, 

   "Thank you Stevie,“