killing me, killing you

infinite members as neighbors
  • Sungkyu: loud ass singing everyday, repeatedly singing one song, you go to bang on the door but when he opens it, you have no choice to just sigh and say hi (bc he too cute). i heard his fridge is dirty af.
  • Dongwoo: loud jumping and skipping noises,can't tell if the laughing is him or the TV but it is 99% him. really kind. leaves happy quotes and snacks at your door.
  • Woohyun: is he flir- .....???? really nice. apparently a good cook. why does he make hearts so often????smiles to die for. yes.
  • Howon: sarcasm levels up everytime you say hi. nice(?), always hear beats jamming when you pass by. you're really sure he hates you but then he's really nice to you so the mystery goes on
  • Sungyeol: cute, funny, tol, knows how to make you smile on a bad day, has a new hobby every time you see him. also plz turn down tv.
  • Myungsoo: quiet. too quiet? half the time you wonder if he still lives there and then you hear a dorky ass laugh. really sweet dude. has a cat. be friends with him for the cat. he's also 100% cute. crush-worthy.
  • Sungjong: walks out to get the mail 100% fashion ready and you look like a homeless person. Sweet. very kind and friendly. only leaves out lemon candy for Halloween?????

Twelve days of Twelve [10/12] - Scene that made you the most emotional

- The Hybrid- what is it? What’s so important you would fight so long?
- Doesn’t matter what the hybrid is. It only matters that I convinced them that I knew. Otherwise they would keep me out with nothing left to bargain with.
-What are you bargaining for?
-What do you think? You. I’d have to find the way to save you.

the worst thing about the Doctor/Master relationship is how they saw each other. there were years of the Master trying to bring the Doctor on his side, to bring his bads and wrongs to the light, to make him burn the galaxies and rule them with pleasure. and there were years of the Doctor pushing the Master away ‘cause that was wrong, 'cause the Master was wrong, 'cause the Master wasn’t Koschei ('I need my old friend, not my old enemy’), 'cause the Master was bad and not like him. the Doctor always wanted him to be someone else, someone with whom he could be friends. the Master wasn’t ever an option. they were there for thousand years. the Master tried to make the Doctor understand, to see him - like the Doctor wanted Clara to see him after regeneration - to feel him, to let him in. but the Doctor was always hiding from him while the friendship means that you accept your friend with all goods and bads, with all rights and wrongs. that you help him if you think that he lost, not push him away. and the Master thought there was the only way - to make the whole Universe feel his pain if the Doctor didn’t want to. he was killing people, he was burning stars, he was breaking people’s lives 'cause he was a broken man that didn’t know the way out of this suffering - only the Doctor. the Doctor that was always running away and not wanted to be friends with him.

Missy - it’s where it stopped. she tried again to do the same thing and understood that there were other ways, that she needed him more than Universe and control. 'I need you to know we’re not so different. I need my friend back.’ || 'What you really need. [] To know that you’re just like me!’ Missy saw their resemblance and she saw their difference later. she knew that they could be on the same side - it was all she’d ever wanted. she tried to make him see that in season 9 - 'The friend inside the enemy, the enemy inside the friend’ - but he was too obsessed with Clara Oswald and too angry at her for making him think about killing that Clara to hear that. to understand that.

the Twelfth Doctor’s problem was that he was always trying to be not just him, but someone else. the name was a promise, his new suit, his way that he choose a long time ago. ‘the Doctor’ was someone he used to be, he had to be and he tried very hard to be that man. he made from 'being kind’ a job not a choice while it’s really a choice for every day, for every moment. he decided to himself that he should be kind because it’s right, not because he wanted to. so in his own head, he should be a hero, a good person, the Doctor, and it was the one side. and while Missy wasn’t like him - she couldn’t be on that side. 'Missy. Missy. You’ve changed. I know you have. And I know what you’re capable of. Stand with me. It’s all I’ve ever wanted.’ it was the only time he let himself be her friend (not just say this to his friends and enemies) when he let them be on the same side. when she changed.

that makes me so angry you can’t even imagine. his best friend, the only one in the Universe the Master trusted, the only one in whom the Master believed, the only one the Master didn’t just hate but even opposite, the only one who could understand him, that person didn’t want to be friends with him if the Master was just… himself.


To Tumblr’s knowledge,

I may be a piece crap for liking Killing Stalking and you’re right, I am. But at least I don’t go telling other people to kill themselves over a comic.

i still rlly love my “allen loves bugs” hc because i really like to imagine him just befriending some bees or watching the fireflies for hours or getting in a fistfight with lavi because he tried to kill a spider