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To be loved: Part 5

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Part 4:

Quick Note: Y/N/N is your last name

*Present Day*

We need to talk face to face meet me in room 522

I know you saw the picture it is not what you think

I know that sounded like a cheesy movie line but it really wasn’t what you think 

I just need to see you in person I should have not ended things in text

Please Y/N I need to explain my actions

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the second painting is about how all anyone is is just a particle of dust on the floor of some alien octopuses house if you think about how big the universe is or something. equality. everyone is as important as each other and everyone is as unimportant as each other. that first picture was just me killing time until college ended

It’s that time again! Another doodle dump from your friendly neighborhood Cia. This time all from chapter 16

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Poubelle: omg the little comments you have on each picture are fucking KILLING ME. “pay 4 ur drinks u smug asshole” and “right on the tit” are my favorites I think. AND AN ALPHYNE KISS YASSS. such cute even if they were being evil in this chapter. ALL THE EMBARRASSED EXPRESSIONS TOO. god. cringe attack. i love it. i love it so much <3 THANK YOU FOR MAKING ALL THESE!!!!! <3 

tagged by @guktwt​!!! I’m sorry for what you’re about to read, it’s rough.

expose 15 tags you’ve said about your bias.

#king (yoongi):

  1. breathing is difficult
  2. i love my wife i love my life
  4. fuckin’ nope i give up
  5. I’m not crying you’re crying
  6. this is too much for my weak heart
  7. this look actually killed me
  8. breathing evades me
  9. N O
  10. find me a more perfect specimen i’ll wait
  11. why is my bias literally so dumb
  12. put your tongue back in your mouth sir
  13. I actually draw breath for sugas jawline
  14. i’m gonna die here
  15. kill me

Links provided for each picture, lol, a lot of these had me in stitches. I’m hilarious.

Tagging whoever wants to, I’m B A D at tagging

The thing that’s been getting me lately is how for a woman exploring newly acknowledged same-sex attraction, Delphine couldn’t have stumbled upon a better type than Cosima.

Cosima, however much she wants Delphine and isn’t shy about making it known (which is also nice because the ambiguity isn’t there: Delphine knows very well that the [physical] attraction exists for Cosima and thus the questions really pertain to her own feelings), all signs point to Cosima being someone who is willing to go only so far as Delphine is willing to go.

Not into women? So sorry, I won’t hit on you again, let’s be friends.

Want to make out? I will gladly reciprocate any and all kisses.

Want to have sex? Let’s take it to the bed.

Not quite ready to get completely naked with me? Okay, we’ll go as fast or as slow as you want.

Not comfortable making this public knowledge? I will not kiss your face off when you show up at the lab to say hello, but I will certainly not rebuff you when you initiate a very yummy public display of affection.

Like. That? Is amazing. That Delphine knows that she can set the limits and the boundaries. (Which may or may not be an issue in her dynamics with Leekie.) And then to have someone so puppy eager as Cosima who will go fetch you ice cream at your whim.

It’s so easy to see the reasons that Delphine would fall for Cosima that it’d be almost criminal if she really hasn’t. XD