killing for money

“I should really get out more”, I say to myself as I spend another weekend refusing to leave my bedroom because I couldn’t muster up the emotional fortitude to go outside

I wrote my lover, yeah I wrote my lover today
The little letter gonna have to go a long, long way
I want a letter, want a letter, want a letter
I want a letter, want a letter, want a letter.

Since Kairi can send a letter that even reached Sora and Riku in the Realm of Darkness, I’m sure Lea’d attempt to do something similar.

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Reminder that a wild Orca called Granny died this week (well most likely she’s missing presumed dead) at the grand old age of 105. Tilikum died at 35. Captivity kills.

latinx representation in the mcu is so annoying (these are points i’m just quickly spitting out bc i can’t sleep)

1) iron man 2: the nice man selling strawberries on the side on the road

iron man 3 (this isn’t representation but it was an uh why even put that in moment): when some dude reveals his tony stark tattoo, which has a goatee or something, and tony says “that looks like a hispanic version of me”

2) captain america 2: if u squint in one of the beginning scenes u’d see that jasper sitwell’s nationality is honduran american, he’s a villain and he dies

3) ant man: didn’t see it, saw that part where luis mentions his dad getting deported in what is meant to be a comedic scene and i said nope, “but he becomes a hero :(” u say, idc his purpose was to be a goofy criminal


According to Sangwoo, Bum’s first victim is the guy in the bar. A man. Jieun is supposed to Bum’s second. A woman.

Just like Sangwoo’s possibly first two victims which is likely his father and his mother. The bar man might look like his father (that belly and hair) or something and Jieun has the hair and the mole of his mother.

Help? Please!! Killing Stalking chapter 14
  • So I can't find chapter 14 of killing stalking?? It's already out but I'm broke and can't afford to pay 4 flipping bucks to buy the chapter.
  • So uhh, if somebody can message be privetly and help me out with the money, or can get me a link somewhere where I can read the new chapter I'll love you forever
  • Seriously, I've been dying the see this new chapter ever since I saw art spoilers.
  • Please re share this if you can't help out or share news with me about the chapters releasing!!!!