killing fangirls with his stare

My Reasons For Loving Huang Zitao☯

His Face

His Cute Poses

His Toned Body

His Hearts

His Fan Service

His HOT stare

His Hair + Ability To kill fangirl *boom ovaries*

His Gorgeous Side View

His Coolness

His Martial Art Skills

His High Jumping Skills

His Wushu Skills

His Lips

His Sexy Arms

His Style

His Body

His Cuteness

His Inner Wolf

His Reaction (To sehun+lay’s kiss)

His Lip Bites

His Heart Melting Smile

His Panda (Girlfriend)

His Basketball Skills

His Time Control Skills

His Hunger for Food

His Kisses

His Precious Tears

His Killing High Kick

His Smirk

His Modelling Skills

His Clumsiness

All My Reasons For Loving Cutie & Sexy Panda Tao

Bye Byeeee 


My reasons for loving Kris Wu♚

His Style 

His Face

His Smile 

His Archery Skill + Ability To kill A bagillion fangirls.

His Stare

His Height

His Wink

His Beautiful twinkly eyes

His gorgeous facial expressions

His Buing Buing

His Swag

His Inner Model

His English

His Hands

His Mouth

His Rapping + Singing

His Lip Bitting Stare

 His Random Hair Flips

His Shyness

His Kisses

His Cute Little Peace Sign

His Basketball Skills

His Clumsiness 

His Inner Wolf

His Tattoo/Tattoos

His Inner Picasso 

His Just Woke Up Swollen Cutie Pie Face 

His Past Life (SuperMayn?’)

His Cute Little giggle


These are the reasons why I love Wu Yifan 

Bye Byeee!!!