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Raven Queen Moments

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cipherponyjinx asked: How many times has Vax interacted with the Raven Queen and when?                                                                                               Anonymous asked: Given the revelation that Vax is now multiclassing as a paladin, can we get a list of all the Raven Queen moments?

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elephants have started hiding their tusks when they see humans bc they know they’re valuable and want to put off poachers i want to cry i hope elephants kill us all

sssnakes; a mix for those cunning folk. delivering loathing looks with loaded smiles, wishing desperately to find nothing, marveling at the power that comes when you know you have absolute control. sobbing just to feel something. prioritizing yourself, because in the end, who else matters?

So a while ago I started a second playthrough on Fallout 4, and rolled with Hancock as my companion… 

At some point, he looted a minigun, said the above quote then proceeded to mow down a flock of super mutants and I LOST IT because all I could picture was this small, scrawny ghoul hopped up on enough chems to kill an elephant just so he can carry that thing.

I had to scribble it out quickly because it was too funny not to!


Lupita Nyong’O is now an ambassador for the organization WildAid which spreads awareness of poaching and wildlife crime, the Oscar winning actress now leads the fight against elephant poaching and ivory sales. Thousands of elephants are killed every year for their ivory tusks which are sent to China and the Far East to be sold for more than $2,000, Lupita said she was proud to be Kenyan and was honored to become a global ambassador for elephants!


This game likes to twist character archetypes and nowhere is that more visible than in Reeve/Cait Sith’s dual identity as both the cute, playful mascot and the most calculating, morally flexible member of your party. This is a fact rather than a value judgement. Though his position as the chief executive of Urban Planning seems fairly bloodless when considered against his colleagues, he still occupies an ivory tower, and you can’t build one of those without first killing a few elephants.

There is a streak of frivolity and brutal pragmatism than runs through Reeve, however much it’s tempered by his apparently genuine desire to do right by the people in his charge. He never seems to feel an apology is in order for holding Barret’s daughter hostage. When he has the result he wants, he moves her out of danger as easily as he moved her into it, and that’s that. He objects to the destruction of the slums, and most especially to the lack of effort toward rebuilding, but neither so much as to challenge the status quo. It gives the impression that people can be his playthings as easily as mechanical mogs, and running Midgar seems not so different to him from running a playhouse - something to put in order, determined at a distance from the lives of those most at stake.

This, I believe, is the line along which Reeve grows and changes. He joins the party as a spy, and it’s not AVALANCHE’s mission (simple and seldom discussed as it is) that moves him. It’s the personal stories of the people involved, and their tragedies in particular. Aeris’ death and Cloud’s subsequent breakdown appear to be the point where his allegiance shifts; after his big to-do about the personal sacrifice required to get the Black Materia, witnessing her death at the hands of a monster Shinra created must have been food for sobering thought.

We don’t know a great deal about Reeve’s personal life, but the little we do know suggests strongly that he has not known the kind of suffering or trauma that has been so foundational for the rest of the cast. We get a glimpse of Reeve’s fairly normal-seeming parents in the Honeybee Inn - an amusingly brazen place to send your parents on vacation, but one which does suggest decent relationships all around. His apparent lack of hardship is a mark of the privilege that surely goes hand-in-hand with his power.

I believe his time with AVALANCHE put him in touch with a reality very different from his own. We know that Reeve does care about the well-being of the people of Midgar, but for the most part he seems to care about them from a safe and respectable distance (much the same as how he fights with the party). It’s noblesse oblige, a sense of responsibility to the people in his power. Cloud and company are the ones to broaden his perspective on what that responsibility truly is, and show him what the people are really like.

One elephant is killed every 15 minutes right now. If this continues there will be no more wild elephants left in just 15 years. It’s something that needs to be changed now! 🐘 People from Asia needs to be educated about how their demands for ivory effect the nature, and how it kills wild animals such as elephants. We also need to help the Africans so that killing an elephant to get some money won’t ever get necessary ❤️ There’s so many things that needs to be done, and we don’t have a lot of time 🐘

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The 'at least I have a good taste in films' list

Place beyond the pines
Palo Alto
6th sense
Lost boys
Blue valentine
United States of leland
Charlie Bartlett
Basket ball diaries
Perks of being a wallflower
Dallas buyers club
Requiem of a dream
Pulp fiction
Dead poets society
Donnie darko
Girl interrupted
Last king of Scotland
Life after Beth
Fight club
The cube
Clockwork orange
The shining
Tales from the hood
V for vendetta
Water for Elephants
Kill your darlings
Stuck in love
Blood diamond
Real life

Reasons why you should see Jupiter Ascending:

- Female gaze
- High brow space fashion
- Low brow space humor
- Space werewolf angel boyfriends on space ice skates
- Bee people
- A loving pan of Eddie Redmayne’s naked ass while he sails into a supernova and violins swell
- Antigrav space orgy
- Mary Sue-age the likes of which your 13 year old self could never dream of
- Creepy pseudoincestual comeons
- Giant ridiculous space cities
- Russian cleaning girl is a space princess
- Aliens killed the dinosaurs
- An elephant alien whose sole job is to trumpet when the ship accelerates
- Flying killer space dinosaurs
- Eddie Redmayne doing a laryngotomy impression
- A very short supply of shirts for a very large cast of buff dudes
- A very large supply of attractive outfits for a very attractive Mila Kunis
- Bees can sense royalty
- Space bureaucrats
- Glowy space tattoos
- Soylent green is people
- Mila Kunis sticking a pad onto her space werewolf angel boyfriend’s bleeding, naked chest
- Angry large dysfunctional family
- Intro class to space BDSM; Course 101: Titles
- Dramatic angel terror choir breaks out in the very first car chase
- Complete fuck-all towards plot holes
- Illogically shiny space explosions
- The girl gets the guy
- The girl also gets the planet

Breaking News!

Poachers killed five elephants, one mother and her four children, on Monday. The elephants were found with their tusks cut off Tuesday morning in Tsavo West National Park. The poachers crossed the border into the park through Tanzania and quickly returned to their base, which made them difficult to track. Between 2010 and 2012, poachers killed more than 100,000 African elephants. 

This is not the only elephant poaching incident this month; 30 elephants were killed in Congo within 15 days before this incident. The illegal wildlife trade is valued at $7 billion to $10 billion annually.

Two suspects have been arrested. Security officials found a bloodstained ax and a hacksaw in one of their homes.