killing competition



there's always an intense rivalry between:

-hanzos on opposite teams. they always have to kill each other. they’re competitive.

-enemy junkrats. it’s like they need to prove to each other that they are the superior fragger

-enemy reinhardts lmao, those 1v1 charge battles, it’s like the rest of the world doesn’t exist

-two dvas. sometimes baby leashed by a healer.

-a mccree and a Hanzo and I don’t mean that as a shipping thing, I’ve just noticed lots of mccrees wanna take advantage of Hanzo not being great at close combat shooting

-tracers and hanzos, for the same reason above

-tracers and GENJIS

-roadhog hooks and HEALERS you son of a bitch

-symmetras like to chase each other around from time to time

-lucio boop wars

things in musical theatre that always gets me that I realised during a road trip
  • that bit in waitress, “you’re my dOCterr”
  • the harmonisation in what’s inside
  • when dawn goes “I’m not defensive!”
  • that bit in hamilton where everyone sings over each other in non-stop
  • “I hope that you… burn”
  • when john sings the rise up bit in my shot
  • Angelica. everything she says and does.
  • the choir in once upon a december
  • “hey balaga, ho balaga, hey hey ho balaga, hey hey hey balaga, the famous troika driver”
  • Lucas Till going “WOOoooOOooOOooOOOooooOoOOooOoooOOOoooOAH”
  • and when everyone goes “corpulence”
  • honestly everything piere says like yes hand me the existential crisis
  • and whenever amber gray opens her mouth goddamn
  • when everyone sings over each other in 96,000
  • “the only room with a view is a room with you in it”
  • literally everything the piragua guy says
  • “Hey guys, it’s me! The biggest disappointment you know.” - nina is me
  • basically whenever Mandy Gonzalez sings tbh
  • in 21 chump street when naomi sings “take the money justin, please just take the money”
  • and in cousin where justin goes “looooooooooove”
  • in a day in falsetto land when they all sing over each other frick yes
  • “EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT” and then when you realise it won’t be
  • “god you’re a pAIn in the aSS”
  • literally whenever the lesbians from next door speak
  • when they harmonise in “the tango maureeeeeen” in tango: maureen
  • when joanne goes “so be wise ‘cause this girl satisfies”
  • all of seasons of love, every version, it’s beautiful and iconic and frick if that song didn’t define my childhood
  • when kevin goes “i’ll do something inCREDible that blows gods frICken mIND” in you and me (but mostly me)
  • the harmonisation in poor thing
  • when everyone sings together in arabian nights
  • the genie’s rendition of tale as old as time - petition to get James Monroe Iglehart to sing a full version
  • “Why shouldn’t I fly so far from here?”
  • heather chandler going “you’ve come so far why now are you pulling on my dICK”
  • allllll the harmonisations in candy store
  • and blue
  • in come from away when they go “I am an Islander”
  • when bev mimicks the wwii pilots “Hey lady, hey baby, hey! Why don’t you grab us a drink?”
  • and then, “well they can get their own drinks” and that cute lil laugh after
  • “suddenly there’s nothing in between me and the sKYYYYYYYYYYYYYY”
  • “And that’s how we started speaking the same language”
  • when everyone is praying together holy shit that moves me every time
  • “cause I’m freaking out, you’re freaking out and we’re all 👏 freaking 👏 the 👏 fuck 👏 out”
  • anytime someone says “you are there and I am hereeeeeeee”
  • “hot towel, hot towel, c o l d towel?”
  • in legally blonde, elles voice crack when she says “some girls were just meant to smile”
  • “and with the chance I’ve been given I’m gonna be dRIvEn aS hELL”
  • “with fear and shock and aWEEEEEEE”
  • when they’re all singing at the end of blood in the water
  • the entirety of Ireland and the reprise
  • the blatant subtext jokes in take it like a man
  • in Miss Saigon “and now I’ll leave remembering heRRRR,, just heeeeerrrr”
  • tbh whenever the engineer has a solo, I mean he was an arsehole, but it was the only fun thing in that musical
  • “I still believe he’ll come for me” - kim, my heart, my only wish was for her to happy and safe goddammit
  • the literal entirety of “ascot gazette” in my fair lady
  • and show me
  • “READY, AIM, FIRE!!”
  • the humming in wouldn’t it be lovely
  • allllll of heaven on their minds in jesus christ superstar, it’s literally the only song that hasn’t been done wrong in any version
  • also everythings alright
  • okay there’s so much for newsies so this’ll be short but “Newsies on a mission! Kill the competition! Sell the next edition! We’ll be out there, CARRYING THE BANNER”
  • dear evan hansen in waving through a window going “WAVING, WAVING WOAAAAAAHHHHHHH WOAHOHOHOH”
  • “has been hard (hard) has been bad (bad) has been rough. (KINKY!)”
  • “if I stop smoking crACk”
  • alll of you will be found
  • “DONT BE A PENIS THE MAN IS A GENIUS” - iconic from something rotten! every. fucking. time
  • all of it’s hard to be a bard
  • in do you hear the people sing “IT’S THE MUSIC OF THE PEOPLE WHO WILL *NOT* BE SLAVES AGAIN”
  • frick literally all of les mis is iconic

Okay that’s pretty much all I got through before my phone went flat and then the trip was boring but yeah

Just because incompatible animals are not actively fighting one another or showing obvious signs of neglect does not mean they are not stressed.

There is no basic moral difference between housing incompatible / solitary animals together if they never ever not once fight or fight all of the time - both are wrong and unnecessary. 

Actual, observable, physical, wounding fighting is the CLIMAX of stress, not the beginning. 

Your incompatible animals are not “fine” if they do not fight. Fighting takes energy and is even more stressful, and a lot of times stress can even inhibit aggression. This does not mean the animals are not stressed in their situation.

You are not special or cool, you do not defy animal behavior and biology, if you are keeping solitary animals together they undoubtedly are experiencing stress. You choose to ignore how these animals live in nature or how they are bred to behave - how they are biologically programmed and should be kept in your home, without exception - and put their welfare at risk for your selfishness, with I’m sure very few and very rare exceptions. Guidelines and standards of care, including housing and cohabitation, are not based on a roll of dice. They exist to best replicate the animal’s natural environment where they are most suited to live and most comfortable in. The satisfaction of or neglect of those standards directly correlates to the animal’s health and well-being or lack thereof. 

Stop putting your ego before what is best for the animals in your care.

IT’S STILL YOUR BIRTHDAY OVER HERE!!! (okay, alright, the clock just turned midnight, shhh)

So: Happy Birthday, @lesbiankiliel!! Have some beautiful lesbian archers!(did I mention that I hate drawing bows? x) the only ones remotely drawable are recurve ones)

  • me: but we'll be out where carrying the banner man to man, we're always out there soakin' every sucker that we can. here's the headline, newsies on a mission, kill the competition, sell the next edition. we'll be out there, carrying the banner, see us out there, carrying the banner, always out there, carrying the banner!
  • me an intellectual: got a feelin' bout a headline, I smells me a headline, papes are gonna sell like we's was givin' 'em away, betcha dinner is a doozy, got a pistol packin' floozy, don't know any better way to make a newsies day. I was stakin' out the circus and then someone said that coney's really hot but when I got there, there was spot with all his cronies, so I'm gonna take what little dough I got and play the ponies, we's at least deserves a headline for the hours that they work us, geez I bet if I just stayed a little longer at the circus!

You know,when I have an injured knee & tell everyone I’m gonna take it easy then go on the stage-doing my thing,being my flawless & fabulous self,making people scream & Oh! most importantly SETTING A NEW WORLD RECORD,you know,just to be extra-I’m gonna be this fucking cool about it too

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Humans are space orcs post

Saw a lot of these posts, decided to share my ideas.

Aliens already understand how tough and durable humans are; but imagine them finding out about special forces. Like that would be terrifying. A human that can eliminate a threat quickly and quietly, adapt to many different environments and seems to have no problem killing a threat.

Also competitive eating. The aliens are just like: “You eat and drink sometimes lethal amounts of sustenance? FOR SPORT?!”

high school losers hc’s

@eddiekasp and @eddiesbadbreak helped a lot with this and i love them

- all seven of the losers would sign up for a class that literally no one else takes so they would have at least one class all together

- bev and richie take theatre all four years and bev heads up the costume and makeup crews and richie always gets comedic roles in the shows

- bill plays football and baseball, and mike plays football too, but the other losers are more hyped about football season. they come to every game and richie is a student section leader and flag boy

- one of the game’s student theme is jersey theme and stan wears bill’s letterman jacket

- stan runs for student council and all of the losers help with his campaign and he ends up winning

- richie and eddie have biology together and they sit in the back at the same lab table and richie doodles all over eddie ( @eddiekasp has a post abt this gO READ IT)

- all of the losers would come to every play and musical that richie is in and eddie brings him flowers and afterwards when they are taking pictures, eddie is CHEESING SO HARD

- stan plays on the baseball team for his sophomore and junior year with bill and they have so much fun. they throw the ball with each other during lunch while the other losers lounge near by and chat with them.

- eddie will always run lines with richie either for his auditions or the show itself and he always reads them without any voice inflection and it makes richie laugh

- they carpool with each other a lot

- they all have “study sessions” around finals which are really just them avoiding studying at all costs

- in the classes they have together, they have a system to help each other out with answers during tests through a series of foot taps and arm stretches

- ben runs track and bev comes to every meet and cheers for him the loudest

- ben convinced richie to join track because he has so much energy and eddie gets super happy that richie is doing something healthy

- richie comes home from every meet and practice so exhausted and he conks out all curled up next to eddie

- one day per semester they will have a skip day and drive into bangor for a fun time

- a dumb senior tries to pick a fight with richie on the first day of school one year and richie just turns around and lays that boy out in the middle of the cafeteria and no one messes with him for months

- richie and eddie skip class sometimes and bum around either the empty locker rooms or auditorium

- mike gets sick for like a straight week and the losers go see him every day after school and bring him food and his school work

- during pep rallies, richie is the one who leads all the cheers and he announces all of the football players in one of his big, booming voices

- everyone loves richie

- when it isn’t track season, ben takes part in model un and youth leg

- eddie is in HOSA and DECA and richie gets super sad when eddie has to leave for state/national competitions

- eddie also takes art and sketching class with bev and for one project he does a portrait of richie and it turns out AMAZING and richie sees it at Arts Night and tears up

- mike is super good at algebra and geometry and tutors for some extra cash

- one time the teacher left the room and richie called a pizza place and ordered lunch from the teacher’s phone then got detention 

- bev is in debate club and she absolutely kills her competition with her quick wit and killer outfits


Since the competition has ended, and I - as I predicted - didn’t won shit, because I obviously suck at life and etc…
I will post these pictures of Paxton I made.
The point was to try and imitate other artists style. All of these ppl are comic artists.
Names of the artists in the captions.
The artists I like\enjoyed styles of - are the biggest pictures in the sets.

Part One\Part two