killing a toddler

I was just remembering a D&D campaign I played a few years ago. I was playing a sneaky rogue. At one point before leaving on a quest, during some down-time, I’d had her pay a baker to make some bread chock-full of deadly nightshade berries. In the following quest, we were supposed to rescue this princess chick who’d been kidnapped by some evil sorcerer or something. And she was so fucking annoying, complaining about how slowly we’d been rescuing her, acting really shifty whenever we asked her any questions, making weird sexual promises to the Paladin, and whining about being hungry. So I offered her a chunk of my bread.

DM, who obviously had plans for this character: Is this the deadly nightshade bread? Yeah, she’s not gonna eat that.

Me: Why not? She said she was starving.

DM: Is that enough to kill her?

Me: I dunno. I think I read it takes 3 berries to kill a toddler. That chunk probably has, like, 20. If it doesn’t kill her, she’ll get terrible digestive issues, hallucinate like crazy, maybe convulse, and probably wish she was dead.

DM: Wouldn’t she taste something funny?

Me: Nope, the berries are supposedly pretty delicious.

DM: Well… she… she’s suspicious about why you’re giving it to her.

Me: Why the fuck is she suspicious? I’m rescuing her, and she said she’s hungry. I’m being nice. And she’s being rude.

DM: W-well… Paladin, aren’t you going to warn her about the nightshade?

Paladin: I wasn’t there when she paid the baker. I think it’s just bread.

Sorcerer: None of us knew. And she has no reason not to eat it.

DM *getting frustrated now*: Okay, fine! She takes it and… there’s a loud bang from further back in the cave, and she gets startled and drops it.

Me: What the hell. Here I am rescuing you, I give you my bread, and you insult me like this?

DM *playing as the princess*: Oh, uh, tee-hee? Sorry?

Me: Well don’t worry, princess. Of course I didn’t give you the whole loaf. Here, have another slice.

DM: She’s not hungry anymore.

Ranger: Bullshit. Eat up, princess.



On 20 February, 2016, Morgan Lawrence called 911 after returning home to discover that her husband, Ryan Lawrence, and their 21-month-old daughter, Maddox, were missing. She discovered an ominous note from her husband, confessing that he had kidnapped Maddox and indicated that he was going to harm her. The little girl’s body was discovered 36 hours later - she had been bludgeoned to death with a baseball bat before being set on fire. Ryan alarmingly confessed that he had killed the toddler because “he was jealous of the attention she got” after she recently survived a rare form of eye cancer. Ryan pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 25 years in prison.

Better Late Than Never? Pt. 2 {TVD 8x14 Review}

Sorry this took so long guys! You know the drill, I write everything in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning it probably will be rectified by the end but I already know what happens this epi, so, lol. This will contain anti-Damon, anti-Delena, anti-Bamon, anti-Steroline, anti-Bonenzo sentiments. There will most likely be mentions of other shows and of the misogynoir and anti-blackness and racism in this narrative. If you do not like it, do not read. OK, ready? Let’s go!

1. “If you want my forgiveness, you’re going to bring Elena Gilbert back to life” that line still makes me laugh because who the fuck cares about your hand-me-down forgiveness, Damon. Also Elena isn’t dead. So back to life my ass, it’s just waking her up.

2. I think it’s funny that Cade is talking about how Damon is in limbo, “the space between spaces” because my guy, that is JUST the Other Side.

3. No, see, the entire plot line with Cade and the Salvatores irritates me because it’s so conveniently linked to Damon and Stefan. He is the devil or the devil’s right hand man (since Katherine is the Queen of Hell for some reason, right?) I don’t understand why he can’t just find the weapon himself or get someone else to do it for him, there’s no reason that it has to be Damon and it’s the problem when a villain keeps making threats “Or I’ll drag you back to hell”, so then do it. At least with Supernatural when Zachariah wanted Dean to do something and Dean was like nah, Zachariah was like OK so what if I give Sam stage 4 stomach cancer? Or hey, how about if I take away his lungs? And we see him inflict these tortures on Sam while Dean watches. Or Dean starts off the season coming out of hell and we get flashbacks to what hell was like for him and we find out how much it fucked him up so when Uriel and Castiel threaten to throw him back into hell, it’s an actual real threat because we’ve seen the effects and why he would be scared. This whole thing with Damon is like … every time Cade says he’ll send Damon to hell I’m like motherfucker, no you’re not or you would’ve DONE did it by now, stop.

4. Kat and Paul look gorgeous together, like I just … seriously, they’re really beautiful people.

5. Bonnie being able to see Enzo is like Jeremy being able to see Bonnie and Elena hallucinating Damon. I’m bored.

6. Lol I’m sorry, that picture of Caroline and Stefan, their smiles are so tight.

7. I find it interesting that nearly every time Stefan is going to leave town or stays in town it’s because of Elena. He comes back to MF to meet Elena. In 1x09 he says he’s going to leave town to protect her but he stays because in 1x10 she says she loves him and because Logan Fell had just become a vampire. In 3x21 he tells Damon that if Elena chooses Damon he’ll leave town, he stays because Elena became a vampire and because she chose him. In 4x23 he’s going to leave town because Elena chose Damon. And now in 8x14 he’s going to leave town but Elena is in trouble so he stays. In 5x09 Katherine even made it a point to tell Stefan that he stays in MF for Elena.

8. Caroline, isn’t it a bit premature to tell your toddler children that you might not marry Stefan?

9. LOL I do find it a bit weird that Kai would be singing at karaoke but it’s made up for the fact that I could listen to Chris’ voice for hours and Paul’s facial expression as Stefan watches Kai sing is HILARIOUS. OMG.

10. I like seeing Paul and Chris interact, they work really well and really easily together although I don’t feel like I’m watching Stefan and Kai, I feel like I’m watching a visual representation of a Chris/Paul tweet conversation but it’s entertaining.

11. Hmm, the show is doing some pretty tight close ups on Kai and Stefan, they almost shoot them the way they shoot Klefan, I wonder if Klaus would be jealous.

12. I was literally like “why the fuck isn’t Damon coming to save his human brother from being stabbed” and then Stefan says, “What took you so long? and Damon says he went to put in a song. I get that’s supposed to be funny but seriously it just once again shows how fucking thoughtless Damon is, like you went to put in a song when your human brother was going to head to head with a psychopath heretic from hell? Fuck you, Damon.

13. Stefan didn’t actually say that he wants to figure out if he wants to be with Caroline, though, he legit said I need to figure out who I am and I need to do it alone. Like whatever, Caroline.

14. Also where are the twins if neither she nor Alaric are watching them in this scene? Like if they’re setting shit on fire because of temper tantrums and are literally prone to blowing each other up now, I would be around them all the time.

15. I do like how Kai is like hey, hey! Maybe you should stop talking about your love life and wonder wtf is happening with your kids? I mean I could help.

16. BE is basically DE.

17. I like how Stefan has, like, an actual plan to kill Cade but if you’re going to kill him, will you not slash his arm and punch him and make witty remarks, can you just stab him?

18. Because you see what happens, Alaric’s cell phone rings and he stops ringing the all important bell.

19. Really? Did they really make Stefan go, “DIE” as he’s trying to kill Cade? I wonder if Paul was like, do I really have to say this though? Can’t you give a line like that to Ian?

20. Oh so Damon killed himself to save Stefan and Elena. I mean I guess. He comes back to life anyway.

21. They’re making Kai really petty, like really, he’s this obsessed with killing two toddlers?

22. What does being psychic have to do with knowing Damon can hear him.

23. I can’t believe there’s a literal fight for Damon’s soul. OMG.

24. *SPOILERS FOR OUTLANDER* So there’s this show/book called Outlander about many things but at the centre of it, there’s a love story between Jamie and Claire and throughout the series, Jamie makes these declarations of love to Claire and says he’ll do anything for her, that he’ll be her shield, he’ll die for her etc. and there’s this villain called Jack Randall who is a sexual sadist and he has a particular interest in Jamie who he nearly flogged to death years earlier, basically Randall gets a hold of Claire and is going to kill her in front of Jamie so Jamie offers up his body to Randall in exchange for Claire’s safety and in that scene Randall nails Jamie’s hand to a table and kisses him while Claire has to watch and then Claire is forced to leave Randall and Jamie alone and in the next part we basically see the rape and torture that Randall inflicts on Jamie over and over. A lot of people had issues with that and asked the author why she felt the need to show the brutal rape of Jamie and her response was this:

“So, OK.  Throughout the book, we’ve seen that love has a real cost.  Jamie and Claire have built a relationship through honest struggle, a relationship that’s _worth_ what it’s cost them.  This is the final challenge, and Jamie’s willing to pay what will apparently be the ultimate cost.

   Why would I throw that away?  To have him escape rape and torture (he–and we–_know_ what’s coming) by the skin of his teeth would be to undercut his sacrifice, to make it of little moment.  (It would be like someone turning up in Gethsemane and telling Christ, “Hey, buddy, you don’t _really_ have to do this.  Come with me, I got a secret way outta here…”)”

And this is what TVD fails to do with DE. It’s one thing for Damon to be willing to go to hell for both Stefan and Elena but Bonnie shows up and actually saves him from having to undergo that threat and it undercuts his sacrifice because he didn’t actually have to sacrifice anything, he just had to be willing and it’s not impactful. So I’m not even a little moved by what Damon did because he didn’t do anything first of all, second of all after everything he’s done throughout 8 seasons why wouldn’t he choose himself, I mean, it’s the least he can do.

25. “Bonnie, wake up”, Stefan can you check her pulse?

26. “That little psychic blast must’ve blew me into my body” that literally makes no sense.

27. Damon and Stefan sitting on Damon’s car, drinking is basically just Sam and Dean. Stop it.

28. So Alaric wants to open a poor man’s Hogwarts/Charmed “Magic School” omg that is so lame and unoriginal. I also realize how lazy it was for Charmed to call that academy “Magic School”.

29. “Someone who can create a safe, supportive and loving space for kids … someone like you” is that Caroline, though? I’m sorry but she doesn’t seem like any of those  things to Josie and Lizzie, she’s shrill and just tells them to stop doing things, like I don’t know why she didn’t actually ask Josie and Lizzie how they felt when their magic was going haywire, like we don’t actually see her BE with them, she just scolds.

30. So I actually like the proposal scene with Steroline, I think what Stefan says to Caroline is sweet … I just don’t believe it. I just don’t believe that everything he wants is there with her, I just don’t believe that he loves her that deeply and Stefan doesn’t get here on his own and he never gets to the romantic speeches with Caroline on his own and it’s like … how do I explain this … when Stefan and Elena were going through their separations, even if they were both doing something else, I always got the impression that they were on each other’s minds, that there was a struggle to stay away from each other but they were doing so because they thought it was the right thing to do at the time. I never get that with Steroline when they’re apart, it just feels like their lives break off and there isn’t a residual connection there, it feels like they’re perfectly fine being separated and their lives are easily untethered so when Stefan comes back like MARRY ME, it doesn’t feel like he’s stopped fighting what he wants and it doesn’t feel like he’s wanted to do this all along and he’s finally just acting on it, it feels like Damon said, “life isn’t going to get any better than you marrying Caroline so marry her” and Stefan went “true.”

31. Also, every time Candice and Paul kiss it really feels like they’re trying to use as little lip as possible, like this was supposed to be a passionate, deep kiss, like it was supposed to be this:

also people underestimate how sweet Mattoline could be, like I frankly never see Caroline look at Stefan like this:

but anyway, their kisses always look like they want to do the least possible and not open their mouths:


32. The Bonkai reunion was meh but someone told me the Grahamwood chemistry is gone and like, where? When Kai said “This is kinda hot” I believe he meant it.

and the personal satisfaction Bonnie gets from this:

she looks cheeky not like she has this vicious vengeance, like nah, the Grahamwood energy stays on point.

33. Finally, what anons kept asking me about, Katherine Pierce being the Queen of hell. I am going to admit something, I think the show and the characters gas Katherine way too much, she isn’t the baddest bitch of all, I don’t think the characters are toast because she’s running hell, I don’t even think she deserves to run Hell, she’s petty, it’s not like she has master plans that completely destroy lives, she just makes things inconvenient for the core group like *ugh* I mean I guess I gotta go fix Elena because she has venom in her system, like what were the major consequences of what she did in 5x15 to Elena? Elena didn’t see Damon for an entire episode and couldn’t sleep with him immediately. Getting Jenna to stab herself was rude but the major consequence of that is Stefan and Elena breaking up. She outted the Klaroline sex and it just fractured an already fractured relationship with Tyler. The worst thing she did was cause Jeremy’s death and that wasn’t even intentional, it was just like oh well … yeah, my bad, bye. Like she’s a mean girl on steroids, that’s kind of it, she isn’t like this Badass Villain that no one can top and OMG SHE RUNS HELL. I mean Rebekah caused just as much damage as Katherine did because they’re both petty.

Overall this episode was … one of the least offensive episodes of the season, I guess. No real strong feelings about it. Sorry it took so long to review, I hope it was worth the wait :)

Reasons why INTP is a toddler:

• likes dogs

• calls her dog “doggie” even when it has a name

• shiny things

• is overly suprised by normal things

• drinks milk with a straw

• doesn’t like taking her medicine

• is easily bribed with food

• especially candy

• smol

• squeals everytime she sees a bird, or a dog, or a cat, or any animal really

• doesn’t like elaborated food


quark sleeps in an onesie

why is it SO CUTE

I must maintain a certain distance, even from my family.

Okay, this is one too many princes and princesses. Good thing they’re dead before Fates begins. And good lord I killed a toddler?! How dare I!

edit 3/21/16: A little late, but they have names now

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whats caylee anthony story? (im too scared to look it up haha)

casey anthony had a daughter named caylee (anthony) and said daughter went missing before her body was found – the circumstances were really sketchy and eventually, her mother went to trial where she was found innocent ( which is beyond ridiculous because she very obviously did it ). kind of like how everyone knows o.j did it – except she killed her toddler 

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I'M CRYING EM THANK YO U SO MUCH FOR WRITING THOSE KINDERGARTEN HCS I DIED READING THEM AND PROBALBY STARTED GETTING EMOTIONAL AFTER EACH CHARACTER chuuya defending other kids is my new aesthetic i'm in love with these headcanons so much i'm blessed thank you so much i hope you're having a nice day and find $10 somewhere. get well soon too and stay hydrated ♥♥♥♥


Chuu is protector child cause he loves to whoop ass cause he is an angry tiny potato of love

me playing Sims 3

- oh hey there I’m here to make your lives perfect and then kill your entire family

- control shift c, motherlode, control shift c, motherlode, control shift c, motherlode, cont

- I spent 3 hours making this house and you piss yourself on the nice carpet you goddamn imbecile


- what’s this fertility treatment thing? *gets 2 sets of twins* …kill me

- okay this toddler will take like 2 sim weeks to age up, I have plenty of time to get the skills taken care of later *2 weeks later, notification pops up about toddler’s birthday* fuckfuckfuckfuckfuck



- what do you mean I actually need friends to throw a birthday party

- I swear to fuck you’ve had sex like 5 times in a row now why are you not pregnant yet

- I always think I have time to get my sims showered, fed, and dressed before the carpool/school bus arrives…hah nope

- now I remember why I never put windows in my old houses, strangers are just casually staring through them at my family

- *maliciously laughs while killing sim, then cries about it 2 minutes later*

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squints eyes >.> okkk 16 zimbits. but i'm like,yelling

i assure u this is all a v important part of the creative process i ASSURE YOU

July in Georgia has Jack relieved that he hadn’t entertained talks with the Lightning reps who’d contacted his agent. He’s only ever been to Florida in the season, and it had been a humid mess then. He’s not sure he could handle that on top of the oppressive heat seeping like bathwater through his clothes.

The Bittles seem immune to it; Bitty’s wearing a riff on his Spring C outfit that’s really – but Suzanne is wearing a cotton button-down and denim shorts just like Jack, and she looks perfectly content while she drives with the window rolled to pick up a breeze.

Jack and Bitty have to share the one-and-a-half sized passenger seat of the minivan because the back rows are already packed for, from what Jack can tell, at least one fair, two parades, and a fireworks show in which the Bittle family are integral. The warmth of Bitty’s skin against Jack’s side, all along his side from shoulder to ankle, should be too much. Jack is sweaty and hot, but he’ll risk heat stroke before he moves an inch closer to the door.


The fair is that day, but Suzanne takes pity on Jack and drives them to her home so he can borrow one of Bitty’s bigger shirts out of a lighter fabric.

By the grace of god, their house is air conditioned, and when Bitty leads Jack to his bedroom, Jack blames the rise of hair on his arms and chest on the chill as he slips out of his shirt.

“Here,” Bitty huffs, tossing a light, worn t-shirt at Jack. “It’s from summer camp a while back. Coach ordered a large ‘cause he thought I might grow into it.”

Jack struggles into it, forgetting to breathe when Bitty mentions he’s really only ever slept in it. When he finally works it on, the shoulders are too tight to even right the bottom, and he lets his arms dangle at his sides. A forlorn look at Bittle, and suddenly they’re both laughing.

“Alright, no sleeves. I can work with that. I think I have some old pinnies around here,” he rambles, spinning around to find the right dresser.

“Uh, Bittle – “ Jack splutters, grabbing at the collar with either hand but missing with both by inches. The bottom rides halfway up his stomach, and maybe Jack stretches a little more than necessary, but mostly he’s chuckling inanely.

Hands on his hips, Bitty’s lips quiver with the effort of maintaining his stern frown as he says, “Mr. Zimmermann, you are helpless.”

Then Bitty is right up against him, fingers against his skin and whole body leaning against his for balance, hiking the t-shirt up until even his reach on tip-toe isn’t high enough.

Jack isn’t laughing anymore. Not when Bitty says, “Bend over,” and finishes the job.

“Now, this’ll be a little short, but crop tops are in this season,” he says, chipper as ever.

“You really haven’t forgiven me for am practices, have you?”


Suzanne wants a picture of the two of them, and even though it’s Bitty who backs up until he’s under Jack’s arm, Jack is the one whose hand rests in Bitty’s hair and whose eyes – of which there’s photographic evidence – don’t leave Bitty’s smile.

Bitty has a baby cousin, and she adores Jack. Her mother doesn’t let strangers hold her, but every time Jack is out of her sight, she wails hard enough to break his heart. She becomes Bitty’s responsibility, and unless Jack wants a dozen drunk parents’ and grandparents’ buzz killed by a caterwauling toddler, especially when they know who to blame, he has to spend the night glued to Bitty’s hip. Peek-a-boo and patty-cake are definitely a hardship – and that’s not taking the baby into account – but Jack’s had worse nights.

There’s a bluegrass concert that devolves into a jam band, and Bitty wants to dance. Jack never learned whatever step he’s doing, but Bitty’s a good, encouraging lead, and his laugh sets off the rhythm of the washboard perfectly. The hand on his hip every time they spin back together is small, but it’s steady and solid.

It’s a terrible holiday.


Bitty drives him back to the airport, and Jack spends the ride with his elbow out the open window and the open palm of his other hand outstretched between them. The weight of his tongue against the roof of his mouth is oppressive; he feels sick with how much he wishes he weren’t leaving Bitty behind when he boards his flight.

Even worse, every time he’s had the chance to say it and let the opportunity pass drags him down. He feels tethered to every moment this trip when he held back, and now he’s so securely anchored there’s no way to move forward without sinking.

Bitty parks even though it’ll end up costing about forty dollars for less than an hour so he can walk Jack to the gate. Their elbows brush on the walk, and just when Jack thinks his lungs are about to burst, Bitty stops cold and pulls Jack’s bags out of his grip.

“What’s – “ His duffels thud uselessly on the ground; Bitty rushes him before he can distinguish wish from reality.

Jack hasn’t ever been hugged quite like this. Shitty’s always been about brotherly affection, and his parents aren’t stingy with embraces or kisses on his cheek. But with Eric’s arms around his waist and his head tucked under Jack’s chin, Jack feels like he was made to be held this way.

Even better, when he holds Bitty’s shoulders, he feels like maybe Bitty was made for Jack to hold him.

“Don’t you dare be a stranger, Jack,” Bitty sniffles.

He tightens his arms and buries his nose in the cowlick at the crown of Bitty’s head.

“You’re never gonna get rid of me, you know that?”

If Jack kisses Bitty’s hair, he’s the only one who’ll ever know.

“I’m glad.”

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How would the 104th squad & veterans react to be in a room with toddlers?

Mikasa: Adopts all of them and loves it
Reiner: Slightly overwhelmed but still masters the situation like a boss
Bertholdt: Sweats nervously
Annie: Fuck
Eren: Absolutely overwhelmed and fucked
Jean: Tries to please the little ones, but doesn’t manage very well
Marco: Plays a group game with the toddlers, everything is fine
Sasha: Makes food for the toddlers and calms them down like that
Connie: Panics
Historia: Knows exactly what to do and handles the toddlers amazingly
Armin: A bit clumsy but also very responsible, does great
Ymir: Accidentally kills one
Levi: Has all the toddlers taken care of after an hour and chills
Hanji: reads the kids a book about chemistry
Nanaba: calmly handles all the kiddos
Mike: Human jungle gym

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✪ my muse seeing the ghost of your muse (sorry a million)

✪ my muse seeing the ghost of your muse

Peter couldn’t breathe. He was sitting on a bench at a park near his old home, hyperventilating. Nothing was right, everything was wrong. They were gone, dead and out of the picture. His plan seemed so full-proof. He was going to live under the protection of Voldemort– how could it have gone wrong? The most powerful wizard in the world couldn’t even kill a stupid toddler, Harry fucking Potter of all the toddlers. It was all his fault. Ever since that stupid kid came along, Peter was pushed away. It was all his fault. They all stopped coming round– they all stopped caring. It was all his fault. Did they even care to begin with? Did they finally figure it out? Had they known in the end? What he had done?

One, two, three, four, five, six, seven

Peter was tapping his foot, tapping it in counts of seven. Everything he did was in counts of seven, never less and never more. He thought he had needed all the good luck he could get, he had hoped that would protect his friends. Friends. That was hardly the correct word. Enemies, burden, losers, unhelpful– dead. Peter could think of a dozen other words. They ruined his childhood, they ruined his potential– they ruined everything

“That was never our intention.”

His foot stopped moving, his breathing came to a halt. Peter was completely still. No way. Her voice was painfully recognizable. Slowly, he looked up from his feet. There she was, standing in front of him, frowning. He couldn’t move, his entire body was paralyzed with fear. This was it, it was all a ruse. They knew, they knew what he did and this was them catching up to him. It was time to face his ultimate fear, the one he’d gone to such lengths to avoid. Peter Pettigrew was going to die. 

Peter stood up, his breathing picking back up again as he tried to back away from her. “No, no no no. You’re not here, he killed you! You’re dead!” Hands trembling, voice raising with each passing second– Peter had all the makings of a madman. “I saw your body you were fucking dead!” The image of her lying motionless next to the crib with her eyes staring up at the toddler still trying to reach for her flashed through his mind. 

Lily Potter spoke again. “No, Peter, you betrayed me. You betrayed James and I, your friends. You killed us.”

Laughter. The kind of laughter that made your skin fill with needles and your stomach twist into knots, the kind of laughter that Peter had never made before. “Oh, so this is just my fucking head isn’t it? This is my conscience coming back to me for the shit I’ve done?” He did a twirl, waving his arms around as if there was something to point to. “Well, fuck! Who cares!” Peter’s voice fell as his eyes returned to Lily’s. “You deserved every second of it.”

“Once upon a time, you all gave a shit about me! Stupid, childish Peter Pettigrew just following after them like a fucking dog. But no– I wasn’t a dog, I was a rat.” The boy never did quite get over his animagus. “Well, I lived up to that one didn’t I? Just goes to show, no matter how hard you try people never change.” Bad luck, bad luck, bad luck. “Honestly, you were asking for it! Giving me your trusted location? The one person who betrayed you, really fucking smart!” If the muggles were listening, they heard a boy screaming into nothing. The show hadn’t even begun.

Lily smiled, “we tried, Peter. You were the one that pushed us away. Up until the very end, I tried to be your friend.” For a split second, Peter saw a glimmer of concern. It almost seemed like he was wrong, that she had invited him to things. She talked to him, she wrote him, she checked on him– he just didn’t listen. He twisted her words, he turned his back, he betrayed her. And for a split second, Peter Pettigrew had regret.

A split second.

Peter Pettigrew!” In a flurry of movement, Lily was gone. There was Sirius Black, racing down the street towards him, wand in hand. “You did it, didn’t you?” No. Peter couldn’t get caught now– he couldn’t let that happen. He stepped back from Sirius, raising his wand as well. Think fast, think fast

“What? Figured out that you betrayed the Potters and got them killed?” Peter screamed, knowing that if the muggles hadn’t heard before then they heard now. Let them come. “You’ll get what you deserve, Black!” The madman’s voice was it’s highest when he raised his wand.

Headcanon: Shortly after Amelie was brainwashed by Talon and killed Gerard, Mercy found their toddler daughter sound asleep in her closet, unharmed and unaware of what happened. Mercy took the girl to Switzerland and has been raising her as her own. None of the other Overwatch members know the kid is still alive though, Mercy wants her as far away from that life as possible after what happened to Gerard and Amelie.

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