the smoke escaped from your lips,
causing my lungs to cringe as i inhaled.
‘do you want me to stop?’ you asked,
furrowing your eyebrows as i let out a cough.
‘no,’ i replied, my throat burning.
you went on slowly killing yourself,
as did i.
because just like you, i was addicted to something that was slowly killing me.
—  10 lines down, they’re getting longer ||

Francis Dolarhyde doesn’t murder people, or kill them, he changes them, he visits them..

That’s what Dolarhyde always says, probably in order to save the last shreds of his sanity. 

 He even refers to himself (aka the Dragon) as “The Being”.

Also, no ‘families’, but ‘groups of people’. He doesn’t recognize families. He has never had one.

The more I get to know this character, the more tragic I find it.