The Voice star Christina Grimmie shot dead by gunman who opened fire at her Florida concert

A gunman opened fire at a Florida concert venue as singer Christina Grimmie signed autographs for fans after a show, killing the onetime star of The Voice before shooting and killing himself.
Police said that the 22-year-old singer had performed with the band Before You Exit at The Plaza Live in Orlando.
The concert ended about 10pm, and Grimmie was shot as she signed autographs for fans at a merchandise table. Grimmie’s brother immediately tackled the gunman, who then shot and killed himself during the struggle.
The gunman was not identified, and police have not said why he attacked the singer. An investigation is continuing, but police credited the singer’s brother with preventing the gunman from hurting others.

Yesterday on the 5th anniversary of the Utoya Shooting in which 77 people were killed in a bombing and shooting rampage done by Anders Breivik, a 18-year-old shooter David S. killed 9 people and injured 12 in a mass shooting in Munich.

The shooting began in a McDonalds Restaurant. Mostly young people were killed.