I live in New York (Brooklyn to be exact). I just heard about the #100Days100Nights challenge in South Central, LA.
Is this what we’ve come to as a race? Gangs competing to see who can kill the most. So, killing our own is good? The cops are already killing us, and we go and kill our selves? At this rate (especially if this challenge spreads) black people will be extinct in America.
Why is it that we constantly kill our own? I would understand if the challenge was to kill cops. Although I would be against it, I would still somewhat see reason behind it. But why kill our brothers and sisters? Why kill the people we should be standing with?
The black community is too divided. We only come together when bad happens and it’s only for a moment. That’s our weakness.

You’re it baby, I want you, I am always thinking of you. I know you know and sometimes you’d probably want me to keep busy with frivolities instead of sitting sadly or wistfully in thoughts of you. Sometimes I don’t like the idea of you thinking of me so much because it is frustrating and a tease – but then I think of you, constantly, in between breaths, with EVERY BEAT OF MY HEART.
—  Amy Winehouse, from a letter to Blake Fielder-Civil