Criminally sexiest Coffee Ad

“Admit it! Your coffee really is murder!" 


Prostitute kills a serial killer 

On July 18th 2015, local West Virginian prostitute by the name of Heather answered her door. Neal Falls is the other side pointing a gun to her face, he drags her to her kitchen. Neal puts the gun down to try and restrain her but as her turns Heather grabs the gun and shoots him in the face, killing him instantly. Heather never received any charges due to to self defense, but its what police found when searching Neal’s body and car that made them realize this was a possible serial killer. 

When searching Fall’s body, police found a sticky note containing names and numbers of prostitutes who had adverts on This lead them to believe this was a hit list and they were dealing with a serial killer. On inspection of his car they found a variety of hammers, knives, a bulletproof vest and bleach. 

Neal Falls was born in Oregon 1969, he is believed to traveled across state for work.

The victims were all either involved in prostitution or drugs. Detectives are looking for connections between missing prostitutes in Nevada, Ohio and Illinois. Neal Falls was working in Hoover Damn, Las Vegas between 2000-2008. During that time 4 prostitutes went missing. 

Body Count Masterlist

The following is the number of victims each serial killer claimed before being caught. Some killers said to have had hundreds of victims but there isn’t sufficient DNA to confirm their statements.

Zodiac Killer: 5

Ed Kemper: 10

Dennis Rader:10

Richard Ramirez: 13

Ted Bundy: 30

John Wayne Gacy Jr.: 33

Jane Toppan: 31

Dorothea Puente: 3

Leonarda Cianciulli: 3

Joanna Dennehy: 3

Aileen Wuornos: 6

Belle Gunness: 40

Nannie Hazel: 8

Vickie Dawn Jackson: 10

Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka: 3

Raymond Martinez Fernandez and Martha Jule Beck: 4

Cathy Wood and Gwen Graham: 5

James Marlow and Cynthia Coffman: 4

Ray and Faye Copeland: 5

Alton Coleman and Debra Brown: 8

H.H. Holmes: 9

Albert Fish: 3

Son of Sam: 6

WIlliam Bonin: 21

Robert Pickton: 6

Michael Swango: 3

Henry Lee Lucas: 3

Jeffrey Dahmer: 16

Gary Ridgeway: 49

Ottis Toole: 6

Imagine Loki has been courting Asgards’ fiercest warrior, she is known for being merciless and has killed and tormented more people than any other. They have been together for around a year. During a royal banquet, Loki asks for her hand in marriage but all she does is sit there and look shocked then in a whisper says “why would you want to marry a monster like me?”