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one year with the charmings  »  Day 287

Things That’re Canon:

  • Killian and Emma talked about having children
  • Killian and Emma actively tried getting pregnant, with Emma worrying it wouldn’t happen and Killian reassuring her it would be ok
  • Emma Swan being radiantly happy at being pregnant again
  • Killian Jones taking care of Emma, wanting her to rest while respecting her wishes on how to handle things
  • Killian and Emma getting to experience pregnancy and the birth of their child with one another
  • Killian and Emma’s child having both parents there to raise them

Up until this moment, this Killian had been an amusing counterpart to the original. An obvious offshoot from the good man we had known Killian to be. But this was the moment it shifted. The moment that literally had me going ‘oh… ohhhh no.’ Because you could see him - really finally see him. Gone was the silly old man trying to impersonate his younger, heroic counterpart. The facade fell away. This is Killian Jones. This is the good man we’ve always known was inside. He just needed to be brought up from the depths of his own poisoned heart. This was the moment I knew this Killian, despite his vastly different life experience without the curse, was the same man. A man who wanted to be better and one worthy of a shot at a second chance. This was the moment I knew I was invested.

Soft Daddy!Killian Things

~ he sings to his baby. Sea shanties, lullabies, songs he makes up just for them. 
~ he watches his baby sleep incessantly. (I wrote an entire series about this.) 
~ he’s the first to hear the baby cry in the night. He goes and gets the baby, and snuggles him/her for a few minutes to calm him/her down before waking Emma up so she can breastfeed.
~ he loves picking out the baby’s outfits. Emma thinks it’s adorable and lets him do it every day. 
~ he always makes sure the window is open (even if just a crack) in the baby’s room. Exposure to fresh, sea-scented air is important. 
~ when the baby is seemingly inconsolable, his go-to is direct, skin-to-skin contact. The baby in just a diaper, him with no shirt. A blanket covering them both on the back porch, the baby tucked under his chin, against his heartbeat. It works every time.
~ he’s a baby-face kisser. Nose kisses, forehead kisses. Soft little eye-lid kisses when the baby’s asleep. And cheek kisses. There can never be enough cheek kisses.
~ when he talks to his baby, he gets this special tone of voice. This soft, velvety lilt that is the gentlest, most soothing thing that Emma has ever heard in her entire life. It frequently gives her goosebumps when she hears it. 
~ he hates being away from the baby in any capacity. What if he misses something? What if she/he needs him? (He doesn’t leave much)
~ he tears up whenever he hears Emma talking to the baby. He is very certain that she’s the most wonderful mother in all the realms. 
~ he takes the baby sailing, and tells stories about his past. About his mother, his brother. About Milah. About how he met Emma and she saved him in every way a person can be saved. And all about Henry, too. He tells the baby everything.
~ he loves giving the baby baths. He loves the smell of the soap and the sound of tiny toes splashing about. 
~ he’s always concerned about the baby’s warmth. “Don’t leave without a hat for the babe, Swan. Are you sure those pyjamas are warm enough, love? It’s supposed to be cold tonight.” When Emma questions him about it, he reminds her that she herself is always cold. And they wouldn’t want the baby to be cold, now would they? 
~ there’s no sight he cherishes more than the sight of his baby smiling. Nor is there a sound he cherishes more than the sound of his baby laughing.
~ and above all, he makes damn sure that baby knows they’re loved. Infinitely, timelessly, irrevocably loved.