#everyone is pretty #someone people have pretty eyes or pretty hair#or it’s their hearts that are pretty or mindds or hands or the way they sing or dress#but being pretty is NOT a prerequisite for niceness or being a good person and that’s what matters#not the outside but the way you express your inside#you don’t owe the world pretty you don’t own anyone pretty#and anyone demand you be prettier or more beautiful for them is worth your time#you’re worth more than gold

How to have your life ruined by Colin O'Donoghue

Step 1: Seeing his face, whether on OUAT or some other movie he was in, or just randomly

exhibit A

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exhibit B

Step 2: Seeing him act. This is dangerous bc he has an amazing accent in addition to being a good actor. Plus just look at his fucking facial expressions.

Step 3: Seeing how apparently everyday life is like a fucking photoshoot for him

this was a normal stroll around the city

Step 4: Seeing his twitter account

Step 5: Shipping his character on OUAT with any other character (choices here vary quite a bit, he’s even shipped with characters that haven’t been introduced yet as well as characters he hasn’t interacted with yet). Basically you’ve got

  • Emma/Hook
  • Aurora/Hook
  • Ariel/Hook
  • Red/Hook
But there are probably more that I don’t know about

At this point, you’re pretty fucked. There’s a good chance that your life is already being 83% ruined by him on a daily basis. Then comes the final trigger.

Step 6: Finding out he’s a guitarist in a fucking band. At this point, you’re probably about 382% done, and he’s officially ruined your life.

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so good luck with that.

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sleeping hook dark fairytale au

“I have a name. You might use it,” the queen said, skirts hitched up in her hands as she navigated over thick roots and slippery moss.

“I might,” Killian agreed. “But I won’t.”

“Do you even know it?” It was half-accusing her words, and he turned to look at her and saw how thin her hair was, how pale her skin, her grey her lips. The death potion had long since left her system, and still there was a dead light in her eyes that made him uncomfortable. He had seen it, and recognized it from the first, but had not cared. It hadn’t suited his purposes.

“No,” he admitted slowly, and knew it was a line he was crossing. He had never much use for them, anyway, nor much respect. “I suppose I don’t.”

“Aurora.” There was a slight hesitation over the beginning of the word, as if she had not uttered it in a long time and had forgotten the sound of it, the taste of it. Her own name. The queen angled her chin then. “I am Aurora.”

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whispers i love you

I love canon!Peter and by canon!Peter I mean the literal incarnation of scorched earth, gutted and ruined, who looked into the eyes of the fire and lost everything until he was nothing more than a hollowed out vessel for hate and vengeance, using everyone and everything as a means to his ends because he stopped understanding the concept of people so long ago; whatever empathy he had he buried with his family

the actual embodiment of the Hale house