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URL: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | MOTHER OF GOD

ICON: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | MOTHER OF GOD

THEME: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | MOTHER OF GOD

SIDEBAR: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | MOTHER OF GOD

OVERALL: okay | good | great | amazing | flawless | MOTHER OF GOD

killiankringle replied to your post: killiankringle liked your post: sometimes sass can…

no i just have the liking abilities of a cheetah on crack and i hate it when people are unnecessarily rude sO idk sorry

ah I see

‘tis fine

just because I want to explain though: she was complaining about how tumblr supposedly is enforcing antisocial behavior by limiting the amount of asks you can send, the length of those asks, their content (i.e. no links or break-lines), and now removing the reply-to-replies feature, but I tried telling her about a cure for the break-lines and that prompted a post saying “I have hacks to get around those points I made. Stop sending me asks about userscripts. Stop doubting my Tumblr abilities. #Called it” or something essentially on those lines and just

it really irked me k we were just trying to help

killiankringle answered your question: should I continue on to season two of supernatural…

THE HOUR also where are you going to watch it just wondering


I found putlocker links after searching for like half an hour

winchestertimelord answered your questionshould I continue on to season two of supernatural…

I say watch the first episode of SPN S2, purely b/c the S1 cliffhanger was so unbearable

oh my gosh that ending escalated REALLY quickly

but I remember I was looking for episode titles on wikipedia because I never pay attention to the text flying across the screen in the beginning and then FOUR SPOILERS FOR YOU GLEN COCO YOU GO GLEN COCO