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cs fic: this is not your home

a/n: There’s so much I want to write, but am unable to. But this, this wouldn’t leave my head (my ‘heart,’ I just tellingly mistyped). Killian the lost little boy breaks my heart.

cs fic: this is not your home

If he blinks his eyes for just a moment, moves his head to the side this way, the house is as it should be - with its turret and fence. The columns of the porch sturdy and white.

He’s unsure of his fate beyond this limbo, but he’d venture to say that this building and all that it means - or was never able to mean - aren’t a part of what lies ahead. Real estate in the beyond, unlikely a concern for those with no mortal coil.

And even if it’s not the house, the stairs give as easily underfoot in acceptance (you are home, you are home, you are home). In centuries of promises given (taken), kept and broken, this is the only one he can touch from down here. It exists above in a way he can’t, won’t ever again, and he’ll pull from it the last lees of comfort in its old boards down below.

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I am in awe of and jealous of...

 all the strong souls that allow themselves to enjoy the delicious angst of CS. Although I recognize that it is delicious, and will most likely result in an epic payoff, I am an individual who only Feels Pain™ and I would like nothing more than a heaping dose of Domestic Fluff™

Liam Jones is the only person in the world who loves Killian Jones as much or more than Emma Swan.

And Liam Jones is the only person in the world whom Killian Jones loves as much or more as he loves Emma Swan.

I think everything about the promo (and then the episode) will make sense once you consider it in this light.

Because I am pre-emptively unable to do anything due to the facts that:

  • I have said since this arc began that there would have to be a moment where Killian had to CONSCIOUSLY CHOOSE to return, seeing as a) Emma didn’t give him a choice the last time, and b) the goddamn ginormous importance of choice in his character arc
  • the fact that it will be between his true loves (I mean good lord Killian always gets the short end of the stick, he literally has to choose between one true love and resting in peace, and the other true love and going back to the world)
  • the fact that Killian is so beaten and tired and weary, doesn’t want them putting themselves in danger for him, the heart share plan didn’t work thanks to Hades, and moving on (and reuniting with Liam) might sound like a pretty damn good option.
  • the fact that of course Liam Jones is not going to think ANYONE is good enough for his little brother, and Emma will have to change his mind and prove to him that she will protect and cherish and care for Killian as fiercely as Liam did, so they can let Liam go into the light and stay behind together
  • the fact that hence we’ll have a scene where Killian will be standing on the bridge with Liam on one side and Emma on the other and have to make his choice, between past and future, between one true love and the other, between resting at last after a long life and returning to the sea, or going back and struggling to build a future despite everything
  • the fact that I’m going to 100000000% definitely and certainly die
  • like
  • it’s not even a question
Unwilling Devil

@tersaseda asked CS + 11 (Collarbone Kiss from this list)

Emma stared out at the world beyond the window, admiring the pristine white of the newly fallen snow. Dawn light bathed the street in a soft glow, settling peacefully across the town, and the muted sounds of Storybrooke waking up drifted into the small, still room.

She wrapped her hands tighter around her cooling coffee, trying to leech what little warmth remained. A sigh escaped her, contented, but tinged with melancholy. She was back to her old self, but at what cost?

Though she had been sleeping well, wrapped in Killian’s arms, she always awoke too early. Before dawn was always the hour of regrets, when most of the town was asleep and she was left alone with her thoughts. How much had those she loved lost due to her choices, when one loss was one too many?

Still, she now had a chance to make things right, thanks to her beloved pirate.

The man in question stepped up behind her and wrapped his arms around her stomach. His bare chest was warm, even through her cosy sweater. She could hear his steady breath in her ear and leaned back, taking comfort from his embrace.

“Penny for your thoughts, love?” he murmured. His lips brushed softly over her collarbone, and her breath caught at the casual intimacy. She closed her eyes, letting her other senses breathe him in and store him in her memory. She’d almost lost him. She wouldn’t make that same mistake again.


“Ah, well,” he replied softly, resting his chin on her shoulder. “That happens to be a subject on which I am quite an expert.”

Emma smiled, resisting the temptation to turn around.

“Well, then, expert,” she began, trailing her fingertips over the crisp hairs of his arm. “Tell me what you would recommend for a woman trying to apologise to the man she loves for doing a whole lot of wicked things to him while consumed by evil?”

She felt his devilish smile against her skin as he kissed her neck. “I would prescribe she spend at least one day doing wicked things of a different nature with him.”

His kisses moved up to her jaw and she hummed in pleasure.

“I think that sounds like extremely good advice.”

can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that emma pretty quickly realized star dork-lord killian had no clue who she was, and so immediately gave him the heart eyes, teased him about his goats milk, called him jack sparrow, then snuggled up close and gave him the world’s sexiest sword fighting lesson and told him she was his girlfriend in another life and he loved that, and then while the sweet darling bumbling bunny tried to hold off her evil parents, screamed at seeing him die and would have done anything to get back her REAL devilishly handsome pirate, but still would have fallen in love with this adorable oblivious deckhand who sacrificed himself for her and henry after knowing them for 5 minutes?

because i just

have a lot of feelings about this


killian is lord of the sea (ouat/galavant mashup) 

done by request. i kind of have accepted i’ll never stop doing these. (sorry about the sound at the end….had to take it straight from the clip and there was no transition.)