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How about a fluffy sentence prompt for CS? ... "What are you smiling at?"

A/N: Thank you SO much for the prompt, dear!! This is about 650 words of utter, unabashed, plot-free, future FLUFF. Seriously, so sweet you’ll need to visit the dentist immediately after reading for all the cavities this will give you. But writing it definitely made me feel better and helped pull me out of the terrible funk I was in at the end of last week, so I cannot thank you enough!! I hope you enjoy!!

“What are you smiling at?” Killian murmurs, his sleep roughened tones rumbling up from beneath her. A drawn out yawn punctuates his words, the gentle motion causing his chest hair to tickle the bare skin of her stomach – pressed up against each other as they are, wrapped in nothing but the sheet, she feels each and every exhalation and tiny movement he makes.

Emma looks down at him from her position sprawled half-atop his chest, noticing that his eyes are still closed. “Um, how exactly would you know whether I’m smiling or not? I mean, considering that you’re doing your best impression of Sleeping Beauty right now.”

(She totally is smiling, pretty widely to boot, but she isn’t going to make this easy for him).

His brows furrow, but his eyes remain stubbornly shut. “Thank you for the compliment on my appearance, love, however backhandedly you might have meant it, but I can assure you that the Lady Aurora and I bear no resemblance to one another. Besides, as I’ve said before, I think that dashing-”

“Dashing rapscallion is more apt,” she finishes the familiar phrase for him in a mangled approximation of his accent, rolling her eyes and shaking her head slightly – though he can’t see her. “I didn’t mean…ohhh,” she huffs, “you know I didn’t mean it like that,” she says, a fondness creeping into her voice that completely undercuts her attempt to sound stern.

“Mmph,” the noise is noncommittal, and barely audible as he tilts his head back, nestling further into his pillow and looking for all the world as if he’s on the brink of purring in contentment. She’s so absorbed in watching the way his neck and shoulder muscles shift sinuously beneath his skin that she almost misses what he’s saying. “Don’t think I didn’t notice, love.”

“Notice what?” she asks innocently, even as she scoots further up the bed so that she can slide her arms over his shoulders. She uses the leverage that gives her to pull herself close enough to press a light kiss to the tip of his nose, trail another along the scar on his cheek, and follow the arc of his rebelliously twitching left eyebrow with a series of soft pecks.

His own grin stretches the corners of his mouth wide as he chuckles, but he persists in keeping his eyes closed. “That you never answered my question,” he says in reply to her own query. “Very deft evasion, darling, but I’ll not be distracted. So. What is it that has you so amused this morning?”

She tucks her head in the nook between his chin and his shoulder as his hand slides down her back. He traces soft, meandering circles with his fingertips until settling it over the curve of her hip and squeezing gently. A happy sigh escapes her before she speaks. “It’s nothing.”

“It must be something, Swan –” he begins.

“No,” she interjects. “I mean that it’s nothing. For once, there’s absolutely nothing going on in this town. No villain to stop, no magic potion or spell to research, no place we have to rush off to.” She giggles slightly before continuing. “The dwarves haven’t even squabbled with each other in the past week.”

“Shh,” he hushes her playfully. “Don’t tempt fate with that last one, love.”

She laughs harder at that, pulling her head away from his throat which is also vibrating with barely suppressed laughter. Folding her hands on his chest, she rests her chin on top of them and gazes into his eyes, which are finally open and staring back at her with an amused adoration. At last she gives him the answer he’s been seeking. “I’m just…so happy, Killian.”

“Aye, love,” he agrees, sliding his hand slowly from her hip up to cup her cheek and gently bring her mouth to his. Just before his smiling lips meet her own, she hears him whisper. “That’s how I knew. So am I.”

Front Page

A/N : Emma finds out that Captain Swan is the hottest topic in Storybrooke - and yes, people actually named them. Captain Swan fanfic ( ~700 words) 

Emma jumped as Granny dropped the journal in front of her. Puzzled, she put her cocoa down and grabbed it. 

“Is everything okay ?” 

“You tell me,” Granny cryptically answered. “Is it ?” 

Emma looked down at the paper she was holding and read the title a few times before comprehension set in. 

Captain Swan reunited - when True Love is stronger than death,” she tried out loud to see if it made any more sense. Underneath the absurd title was a picture of Killian and her kissing in front of Granny’s the previous day, followed by smaller images of the entire moment. 

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Perfection (4x04: The Apprentice)

This one-shot is part of Twenty First Century Man, a series of canon compliant one-shots that explores Hook’s thoughts and feelings as he adapts to the Land Without Magic. Check out the master-post for a complete list of one-shots in this series.

Episode 4x04: The Apprentice
Rated: T

Hook + modern clothing

Killian stepped out of the Crocodile’s shop into the early afternoon light. Hopefully, Swan wouldn’t question the story he planned to tell her, especially given that he’d already enraged Rumplestiltskin on more than one occasion in too short a period of time. The least he could do to maintain some semblance of order would be to perpetuate the lie that Mr. Gold was, in fact, a changed man.

It was pathetic that the man didn’t seem capable of change. Did he not want to try? Did he not care about his own wife? How could a man profess to love a woman enough to wed her, and yet treat her like a child or a simpleton?

He shook his head, realizing that deep in his thoughts, he’d stopped walking. He knew that marriage in and of itself wasn’t terribly meaningful, especially to someone like the Crocodile, who’d treated Milah as though her desires and needs were unimportant annoyances. Of course he’d do the same to Belle. Both women deserved better.

Perhaps he shouldn’t judge Belle as much as he was tempted to. Milah had been fooled into marrying Rumplestiltskin; there was obviously something about the man that made it easy for him to deceive beautiful, brilliant women.

Killian didn’t need deception. He didn’t need fraud. He was winning Swan’s heart by being honorable.

But bloody hell, if this date was going to go well, he’d need more than just a hand.

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I tried to make something today. I think I like how it ended.

I tried to make it look like it’s night and that’s why the Jolly is black but I don’t know… I’ll let you decide.

As long as Emma is taking Killian with her wherever the hell she’s going, then power to her.  Homegirl needs a break (and Killian needs a break with her).  

As far as we know, Emma never sold her New York apartment.  So if we’re to assume that it works the same way as Bagel’s abandoned apartment and the rent is magically paid every month, then she has a perfectly good apartment with a perfectly good bed that the two of them can go and hide out in.  But hey, no one ever listens to me…