killian is raoul


Actors that went from principle Marius/Enjolras to Raoul in London.

I did not do understudies or Raoul’s from Love Never Dies which is why there is no David Thaxton, I did want to add him however!


  • Michael Ball
  • Mario Frangoulis
  • Simon Bowman
  • Matthew Cammelle
  • Niklas Andersson
  • Hadley Fraser


  • Matthew Cammelle
  • Ramin Karimloo
  • Oliver Thornton
  • Simon Bailey
  • Killian Donnelly
  • Laim Tamne

Killian Donnelly backstage, though!

Row 1: Killian Donnelly and Earl Carpenter tweeting that they were to swap roles for the night, causing quite the stir. Costume nerds will notice that Killian wears his stripy Raoul pants for the Phantom outfit…

Row 2: Stealing the Phantom’s preciousnesses, including his lady (Katie Hall)!

Row 3: Lots going on backstage… Wendy Ferguson as Carlotta.

Row 4: John VS Killian: Who can wear the most costume pieces at once? 


Killian Donnelly as Raoul, West End 2011-12. Here seen with Sofia Escobar. 

ETA: three latter ones shows Will Barratt. They were featured in the 2011 Killian Donnelly brochure as well, and I was too lazy to check if they had re-used photos. I know better than that. THEY ALWAYS RE-USE PHOTOS. 

ETA 2: The Hussar one is Killian Donnelly after all, or well, his head poorly photoshopped on Will Barratt’s body anyway. Whoever made these brochures should be kicked hard.