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Riverdale Preferences : What Once Upon A Time character and season is their favorite


His favorite season- Season 1; He loved to see the very beginning of what was an iconic show.He loved to see the characters in their cursed state, not knowing who they really were but the audience already did.He also loved to see the beginning of Henry and Emma'a relationship, it was a great family dynamic that he loved to watch unfold again and again.

His favorite Character- Mary Margaret Blanchard; She was rather innocent at times, but extremely tough in others.She reminded him a lot of you in that way. He also deeply respected her when she broke up with David, she recognized that their relationship was unhealthy and left, and that took a lot of courage.


Her favorite season- Season 3; It showed a new side to the characters and introduced a deeper story line for them as well. She was shocked when Peter revealed that he was Rumple’s father, but it made sense. One of her favorite things about it was that it had a different take on the characters of Peter Pan that made you think of them in an entirely different way.

Her favorite Character- Regina Mills; She was fierce and Sarcastic, basically your fictional twin.She never apologized for her actions and she had an excellent character arc, which made her all the more better.She showed the world that Villains good in fact get happy endings. Betty admired her so much because of that, she looked up to be in so many ways, and it made her very happy when Robin entered her life.


Her favorite season- Season 4; Her favorite Disney movie was Frozen, so she had major heart eyes for the season that had a brand new story for it. She thought that not only was the casting amazing, but so was the storyline. It had it’s own ways of filling the plot holes that were left by the film.

Her favorite character- Killian Jones; He had emotional depth, he just didn’t like to show it, which was something that she related to a lot.He had heartbreak and family issues,another thing that she related to. He was her fictional hero, he showed her that she wasn’t alone, that someone was always there for her, no matter what she thought.


His favorite season- Season 2; He loved Season 2 because it represented new beginnings, which he was experiencing a lot of. He liked how the characters were struggling with identifying with both their cursed selves and their fairytale selves. It showed their internal agony, something which he had a lot of.

His favorite Character- Robin Hood; He had always seen the archer as a both a criminal and a hero.He stole from the rich to give to the poor, something he was proud of. He liked how the show switched things up a bit and had him be with Regina.He lowkey really ships it.(He is the captain of the OutlawQueen ship).


His favorite season- Season 6; Season 6 gave the show a fresh new spin. He loved how they took classics, and adapted them to involve magic and darkness, and made you fall in love with the original tales even more. He had even guessed that Captain Nemo had some sort of relation to Killian, and he was shocked to find out that he was actually right for once .

His favorite character- Henry Mills; He simply adored lil Henry. Ever since season 1, he’s always wanted to protect the child. Seeing him grow up made him tear up, he was so proud that Henry had made it this far. He felt that Henry never deserved all the shit Emma gave him in the beginning of the show. He’s also a major shipper of Venry.(Hiolet?)


Her favorite season- Season 5; She'a a big fan of Mythology, especially Greek, as were you. She was ready to criticize how the show would handle the massive legend that is the Underworld. She was actually pretty satisfied with what it provided. She couldn’t really judge much seeing as the show was so unique.

Her favorite character- TinkerBell; She has lots of love for the blonde fairy, and was excited to see how she would be portrayed. In her opinion, it was pure perfection. Tink was brought to life in a familiar yet excitingly new way, and it was fantastic. She also liked how the show dived deeper into a storyline for her that showed an amount of pain far too great for someone like her.