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I love how they made Robin someone who would appeal to Zelena, and Regina's dark side. I think it would be great to see Robin push both of the sisters to be their worst evilest self. And if he did get killed, it would give them a reason to take it out on everyone else. What do you think? (oh you were right on the money when you said that Marian was the positive influence on Robin Hood. Without her he is his worst self)

Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this Robin? If I’ve been keeping that to myself, I’m gonna tell you right now—I love, love, LOVE this Robin! :-D This is what makes an interesting character! Lol! God, he had some of the best lines throughout this episode! This one was my fave:

Robin: “I came here for a fresh start! You know, people to rob, places to drink, women to meet. But, you see, I’m not gonna get any of that, not with your sister threatening to reform me at every step.”

OH, I love that line! I love how he made reformation and going straight a dirty word and deed. Because, legit, Robin of Locksley wasn’t one for royalty (Maid Marian notwithstanding). He robbed from the rich and gave to himself and his men (and whoever hung out with them in the woods). He HATED the Sheriff of Nottingham and/or Prince John (depending on your version of Robin Hood). On this show, they had Robin Hood canoodling with the fucking Evil Queen! Like, no! The real Robin Hood wouldn’t have done that! The real Robin Hood would’ve tried his darnest to screw her over. Canoodling with the Queen would’ve been the equivalent of sleeping with Prince John. This Robin Hood is more like the real character of Robin Hood than the other Robin Hood ever was!

And this Robin Hood is a helluva lot more interesting.

So, basically, what I said about Robin Hood AT THE BEGINNING OF 6B looks like it’s hitting the nail right on the head. And I even like the fact that he doesn’t give two shits about the babies. He’s like, “She’s all yours!” And Zelena’s like, “Oh.” I’m gonna GIF her green fireballs and her changing moods, because they were simply awesome and hilarious, and Bex played them perfectly! Lol!

Robin Hood being here is starting to bring out the holes in Regina’s whole reformation/redemption storyline. See…practically the only reason that Regina has reformed herself is because of Robin Hood. She thinks that the dude is supposed to be her happiness. He’s supposed to be her happy ending. That’s what she thinks, so she’s done what she’s always done before—she’s bent over backwards to try to attain that Happy Ending. She “changed” in order to get him. But did Regina really change who she was as a character? Or did she just adjust her attitude in order to get something she wanted?

I remember there have been times all throughout the life of this blog, especially in the beginning, when I would constantly use the same phrase to talk about Regina (or Rumple, or Killian, or Emma, or Snow, etc.), and that phrase came from Adam and Eddy and what they learned from writing for Lost, and that phrase was “Character trumps mythology.” I said that Regina, at her very core, was selfish. Everything was about her, it was about her Happy Ending, when something went wrong and karma caught up with her, the universe was out to get her, she was constantly whining about how others (rightfully) perceived her. Regina is a character obsessed with her Happy Ending in the same vein that the Evil Queen (from the stories) was obsessed with beauty. And that aspect of her personality has never truly changed throughout the series. It’s remained constant from beginning to now. Everything that Regina did, she did to attain her happiness, her Happy Ending (or what she perceives to be her Happy Ending), and that includes “changing” in order to attain it. But do you see the irony of that statement? Regina’s “changing”, but she’s not truly changing. Not really. Her entire shift in demeanor is rooted in her basic personality traits. She once perceived casting the Dark Curse as her Happy Ending, and so she renewed her vendetta against Snow White to attain it. She once perceived Henry as her Happy Ending, so she drank a memory potion to force herself to choose him over herself. She perceived Robin Hood as her Happy Ending and so she “reformed herself” in order to keep him.

Whatever Regina thinks is her Happy Ending, she’ll change herself to keep. This chic is like a chameleon! The more she changes, the more she actually stays the same. It’s…kinda funny, actually. :-P

Anyway! So I said at the beginning of the season that Regina’s whole storyline with Robin Hood (and Zelena and the EQ) this season was akin to the storyline between Jekyll, Hyde and Mary—it’s designed to reveal exactly who the monster is between the three/four characters. Between Jekyll and Hyde, Hyde was perceived as the monster, Jekyll was perceived as the man, and Mary was the mirror—she was the one who reflected the truth beneath the skin. It turned out Jekyll was the monster and Hyde was the man. Now you have a similar situation between Regina, the Evil Queen, Zelena and Robin. The Evil Queen is perceived as the monster, Regina as the good woman, and Zelena is stuck in the middle having to choose between the both of them. And then here comes Robin. In the same vein as Mary, Robin acts as the mirror. His entire personality being different from what Regina originally thought is the functional equivalent of Mary being a passionate vixen who would willingly sleep with Hyde on their first date (rather than wait until marriage, as what was expected of her), the complete opposite of what Jekyll originally thought of her. Mary fell for Hyde the same way that Zelena appeals to Robin Hood. So the only thing left now, in order to hit the perfect trifecta with the Jekyll/Hyde parallels, is for Regina to completely embrace her dark side once again the same way Jekyll transformed into a monster and killed Mary.

And what do you know?! There’s a Regina vs. Evil Queen showdown in the next episode! Fancy that! ;-)

Why do I feel like Humpty Dumpty is about to put herself back together again? Lol!

You know what’d be hilarious? If Regina actually ends up being the one to kill this version of Robin Hood (just like Jekyll killed Mary). That’d be fantastic, actually! :-D

If Page 23 was Regina and Robin’s alternate meeting, perhaps this “Page 23” (the episode title) will be Robin’s alternate death (at Regina’s hands), their alternate ending.

Anyway, the way I see it, Robin’s there to showcase how Regina’s “reformation” is not a true reformation. She’s changed, but not because she wanted to. She did it in order to get something she wanted. It’s like the equivalent of bribing a baby with candy to get them to stop screaming, rather than teaching the baby to behave and the baby learning to do so. It’s a subtle difference in the short run, but it makes a big difference in the long run. Regina’s used Robin as her crutch the whole time he was alive. He was her reason to stay away from the darkness. Now, not only is he gone, but now she’s looking at a doppelgänger of him who embraces that same darkness she was just weaned off of. It’s like…a sober twin and an alcoholic twin. Regina was with the sober twin and quit drinking, and now, all of a sudden, she’s with the alcoholic twin. Dollars to donuts, that bitch is gonna go right back to drinking all over again. If she even remotely wants to keep this Robin, then right back down that dark, dank hole she’s gonna fall. If Regina’s acting this good in the beginning, then she’ll be as evil as fuck by the end of the season. Compare that to Killian’s storyline (they’re foil parallels), where he’s doing all the wrong things now and beating himself up in the beginning, only to do all the right things later and be hailed as a hero by the end of the season.

Always be suspicious of a situation that starts out good at the beginning of the season. Because that situation is likely to flip to something shitty by the end. And vice versa. That’s how Adam and Eddy write.

Anyway…did I answer the question? We don’t have quite all the information yet to see exactly why Regina is going to get involved with the Black Fairy by the end of the season. All I’m fairly positive about is that she does, and that this Robin is the one who pushes her to that end. And that she falls back down to darkness the exact same way she rose out of it—through Robin (and Henry probably also starts treating her similar to how he did in S1 as a reaction to her return to darkness).

Wow, we’re all just in freefall back to S1 standards, aren’t we? Regina’s going evil again, Captain Swan’s having a baby, Henry’s telling it like it is to Regina and messing around with his storybook, there’s a curse that’s gonna be cast, a baby gets given up and grows up alone, a grown-up kid comes back to town to rescue his people from his Evil great-grandmother’s clutches, there’s a wedding and a TLK and the Final Battle finally beginning. Seems like this show is finally getting off the ground! After six years of setup!

About fucking time, if you ask me!

What was this episode called again? Oh, yeah! Ill-Boding Patterns (like the Repeating History patterned theme, which always bodes ill for everyone)?

Thanks so much for the question! I hope you have a great rest-of-the-week! :D

I have a soft spot for characters who are assholes and are giant smartasses but are loyal to to the letter and have a heart of gold.

Hook (pulls out engagement ring): There’s something I need to ask you.

David (gasps): Yes

Hook: …

David: Oh, you mean Emma.

CSers: Ugh I’m so mad I can’t believe Killian didn’t get to tell her, why’d the writers have to do it?

Also CSers: THEY’RE ENGAGEDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just need Jughead and Veronica to have more interactions on the show. Like can you imagine the snark levels?

“That beanie is so 70s, just like your Holden Caulfield persona”

“Its called individuality, Veronica. Can you spell it?”

  • Regina: Rumple and I, there was always a certain amount of chemistry
  • Killian: EW???
  • Emma: EW???
  • Henry: EW???
  • Charming: EW???
  • Snow White: EW???
  • Belle: EW???
  • Zelena: EW???
  • The Blue Fairy: EW???
  • Archie: EW???
  • Pongo: EW???
  • Leroy: EW???
  • Robin (from the grave): EW???
  • Morpheus (from the womb): EW???
  • Zeus: EW???
  • Literally Jesus Christ himself: EW???

10 (anti) parallels of Hook sees Emma / Others see the Savior

Dedicate to my incredible friend @cat-sophia

I talked a couple of weeks ago about how Hook is serving as the protector of the savior. I think we see a lot of the times that how others sees Emma as the Savior instead of looking at her as plain Emma.

I think the thing that bothered me the most on the show was the second dark curse. Snow and David were perfectly fine with not seeing Emma ever again until they needed her saving skills. That part of the show truly upset me (along with the knowledge that Snow’s person she loves the most is right there with her and not her daughter that is far away like Regina’s son).

I’m not saying these people doesn’t love Emma, of course they do. But they do expect her to be the savior and to solve all their problems (including Henry) and sometimes it puts the plain Emma in a second place for them, which you never saw this happening with Hook.

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Operation Mistletoe

It’s Christmas Day and Henry decided to play a little match maker! 

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Once Upon a Crack - [Crack] ll 6x12 - 6x11 ll Murder Must Foul - Tougher Than the Rest

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10 (anti) parallels of Hook’s hook with Emma / Regina’s hand with Emma

Dedicated to my amazing friend @laschatzi

I am shocked that there are some people that are claiming that Emma deserves more than a guy who doesn’t have two hands, as if having a hook makes Killian less of a man. 

When disliking a ship becomes plain cruelness this is where the line needs to be put, and the anti Hook have crossed that line long ago.

This gifset comes to emphasize how a touch of a hook can be thousand times more gentle than a touch of a brutal hand.

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Once Christmas Countdown! DAY 12 (UPDATED)

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