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OUAT 7x07 and 7x08...

I absolutely loved these episodes.

Colin’s acting was over the moon perfect, in 7x07 his way of talking and moving was absolutely 100% “old Hook” in young and completely different from present day Killian. He continues to stun me every time.

“Turns out abandoning people is not my thing” - yes, we always knew that, it was never his thing and it will never be. No version of Killian Jones will ever abandon people. His immediate unhesitating devotion to his child, nothing less did we expect from Killian Jones. I’m hoping we maybe get to see a glimpse of it with original Killian Jones and his and Emma’s child, mabe at the end of the season. A girl can dream.

We always knew he’d give up his revenge for love. And so wonderful to finally learn about Mama Jones, at least her name and that she was devoted to her sons so very much, and that he has something left from her, and if it’s only the memory of a lullaby.

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I have nothing to add to the debate about Alice’s conception. It was an evil act (even if it can’t be compared to Regina/Graham or even Zelena/Robin), and it was depicted as such. It wasn’t portrayed as something excusable, no one was flippant about it. We’ll just have to see how it will be handled in the future to be able to judge.

I’m not ashamed to admit that I love Regina this season (which surprises me, but then again - she’s being a role model of goodness so far, so why not). The scene where she confronted Weaver/Rumple was hilarious: “You’re always awake!” Interesting sidenote: unlike Rogers (at least for the last years) she’s the one who is constantly drinking. I wonder if there’s any reason behind that? Oh, and I’m very very curious what she’s done that she doesn’t want the curse to be broken, at least until she can’t fix what she’s done.

I’m starting to warm up a little bit to Henry/Ella… still don’t care very much about her alone, but when they’re together, it’s okay. But who the hell is Nick/Jack??

Knightrook, what can I say?? These two broke my heart with a single word, and I hope they find their way to each other soon, and a cure for Killian’s poor heart, and I’m happy that Rogers could forgive Tilly (but then - he’s Killian Jones, so no surprise there) and took her under his wings, they were both so happy.

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All the rest: I’m still intrigued and excited to watch, and for the first time I found Tremaine a tad interesting, and not just annoying.

Once Upon A Time Season 7 Thoughts…

I find it funny how many people were moaning that the show would suck without the main cast (Emma, Young Henry, the Charmings etc.) But the show is better than ever! I am now a shipper of Glass Believer and I love the relationship between Alice/Tilly and Hook 2.0/Rogers! Regina as Roni is both hilarious and heartbreaking and Ivy is the best villain this show has seen in a long time. Not since Regina herself have I seen a villain so cold and calculating….almost like Cora. Lucy maaaaaayyy be a bit grating at times but she’s sweet and adorable! Also her scene where she stands up to Victoria just like Henry did to Regina was badass! Also the Belle episode…my heart… xD Hopefully it gets picked up for season 8 and the writing stays strong! Also the gif works for how I feel about Victoria Bellfrey lol

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henry mills’ complete (sort of) family tree

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thank you once upon a time seasons 1-6 and it’s fans for instilling us all with a little hope and magic.