killers will kill with or without a gun

Tips and Ideas for Writing Post-Apocolypse

Writing post-apocalypse/dystopian future can actually open a large range of possibilities and original ideas but there are some things we should try to keep in mind. The problem with this genre is that is a heavily research-based genre, it requires a lot of information so a lot of things can slip up or be forgotten.

Limits of the Body - This is something that seems to be largely forgotten unless in extreme situations. Yes, humans are tough, but they are also weak. We have that balance of nature within us. People can keep going whilst in a lot of pain, but something like a headache could knock them senseless. I knew someone who got shot in the leg and ran three miles because he thought he had been hit by the brick. The second he realised he had actually been shot and was safe to do so, he collapsed in pain. Quickly establish what your characters can and cannot do.

Children - Children are more robust than so many people give them credit for, they wouldn’t make it to adulthood otherwise. Children are emotionally stronger than they are physically but many children have a lot more endurance for their size than adults because they have to keep up with adults. Two good examples are The Road by Cormac McCarthy and Lord of the Flies by William Golding.

Hygiene - Namely with periods and stuff. It is hard work keeping the body clean, so personal hygiene will be poor but people tend to stop caring at a point when they realise how hard it is to maintain. A lot of people would revert to old fashioned methods of vagina health as well, so people would use reusable cloth or diva cups. The only book I know of that covers this is The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey.

Simple Killers - More people died of the Spanish flu than in the First World War (source). It is surprising how often it is “little things” that kill people off. An emotional death does not have to be all that dramatic, no bloody death or major killer. Something as simple as a small cut that festered will kill someone if not treated correctly. An asthma attack, diabetes, things we see as treatable would make quick work of us without medical aid. Also most deaths are really simple and sudden.

World Limitations - What is this obsession with guns and everything happening in the summer and unlimited cans of food? No, let’s be honest, none of these are realistic. Guns will not last, can goods will be snatched up by the shop loads, most natural disasters will happen in spring or autumn. Remember to do the key thing, make your world real and people are more likely to believe it.

Take a Page - Who are most renowned for their post-apocalyptic stories? British pre-1950s authors. Why? Their worlds are real, the possibilities of what could happen in those worlds are real. Some where and still are scarily accurate, they looked at the current and possible state of things, creating a world too similar to our own. Great examples like 1984 by George Orwell, The Death of Grass by John Christopher, The Day of the Triffids by John Wyndham, Soylent Green and the Mad Max Series.


2,500 Followers Drabble

Prompt: “You might not be aware but staring at my tits is unprofessional.”

Characters: detective!Dean x cop!Reader

Requested: @maraisabellegrey

“I don’t love this idea, Y/N.”

“Did you see the cool lipstick they gave me? There’s actually a knife in there. It’s awesome.”


“Sammy! Shut up. This is happening whether you like it or not. I got this.” You snap back, furiously pacing in your insanely high heels.


“The bastard has killed five girls so far, dude. If this is what it takes to bring the fucker down then so be it.” You declare dramatically, trying to avoid the worry in his puppy dog eyes.

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satifying moments in the falsettos cast album
  • his name is MENDEEEEEEL
  • i’ll pay the biiiiill untiiiiiil you’re old
  • oh what a lovely table, such a romantic table!
  • whyyyy is he aaalways heeeere?
  • i’m not a giant man but i’ll love you until- love you until I DIIIIIIE
  • yes i feel guilt, yes i’m annoyed, so was jung, so was freud!
  • god i’ll tryyyyy, tryyyyyyyy, i’ll cry
  • life’s a sham and every move is wrong, we’ve examined every move as we move along
  • clip the coupons, make the dinner and looooove hiiiiiim!
  • god bless our home!
  • YOU DIE ON may 27th at eight!
  • my father cried “you’ll MARRY”
  • it’s the 80s! (yabadabadah) ooh, the 80s!
  • the whole thing’s voodoo, and i know more than you do!
  • it’s been so long since i could tell!
  • for the first time in months, nobody dieeeeeeeeeeeeed!
  • “DO YOU KNOOOOW HOW GREAT MY LIFE IS?” “yes i knooooow great your life is!”
  • you save lives and i save chicken fat, i can’t fucking deal with that!
  • where’s the heat? where’s the fire? used to be your desire to FIGHT, so FIGHT!
  • do you knoooow? all i want is you! anything you do is alright-
  • “go ahead and kill your mother!” “not with guns, but kill you mother
  • everyone hates his parents, now i see why…
  • but not a word about the killer!
  • yes, thats my life!
  • i love friends that hover!
  • let’s pretend that nothing is awful
  • to go out without care, my head high in the air, it’s the last little mountain i’ll climb… i’ll climb!

feel free to add more!

Joker’s Daughter Part 2

“Daddy! You’re home!!” You cy, scrambling down the stairs, “I missed you!”

“Hello, Princess! How’s my favorite girl?”

“I’m the best, daddy! I had so much fun with, Uncle Frost! “

The Joker grinned, “I’m sure you did, Pumpkin. Did Frosty keep you busy while daddy handled business?”

“Yup!” You glance behind him, confused, “Where’s momma?”

“She wanted to spend some time with Poison Ivy tonight.” The Joker grinned, “The girls have a plan for Batsy”

You giggle and clap your hands, “I hope they have fun! But” you clear your throat, “daddy can I have something?”

“You can have whatever you want, princess! You know that!” you can already see the manic glint in your daddy’s eyes, he’s already plotting how to get whatever it is to you.

“I want the Red Hood” You try to sound confident, but don’t know if you managed it.

Daddy stiffens immediately and hold you at arm’s length, “Why would you want him? You can have anyone, Princess! Why would you choose him?”

“He isn’t scared of you! That’s why!”

“Y/N …”

“You make everyone scared of you, daddy! I just want someone who will love me for me! Not for your power!” You can feel tears building up in your eyes.

“Sorry to interrupts, Mr. J but your wife is on the phone”

The Joker growled and pushed you towards your uncle, “Take her up to her room, Frost. I have business tonight”


“No, Princess. You are gonna stay here tonight, I need to take care of a few things”

You nod and quietly turn to follow Uncle Frost. You really wish that you had waited fro momma to come home, but you were just too excited to wait! Momma and daddy’s relationship had gotten better ever since she got pregnant. According to Auntie Ivy it had been really bad in the beginning, that daddy had hurt momma a lot, but it hadn’t been that way for a while.

“Do you think daddy’s mad at me, Uncle Frost?” you whisper.

“I think he was just surprised, Princess. You know he would give you anything, but you asked for a vigilante that is constantly trying to ruin Mr. J’s plans. The Red Hood seems to have a particular disliking for Mr. J too, so your father might have been a little upset”

“I met him today, Uncle Frost. I met the Red Hood, he saved me”

Frost stopped and quickly spun you around, “What do you mean he saved you?”

“When I ran away, there was a guy in the alley who grabbed me” You didn’t really see it as a big deal, but uncle Frost’s eyes widened in horror, “He didn’t touch me! Don’t worry! Red Hood beat him up for me!”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this?” Frost hissed.

“I don’t want you to tell daddy! Please don’t!” You beg, you decide to pull out the puppy-dog eyes. Uncle Frost can’t resist those, so reluctantly he nods, “And then Hoodie and I started talking, and I gave him a kiss! And he said that he wanted to see me again! But I want to see him outside of the Hood. I want daddy to not hurt him!”

Uncle Frost sighed, “I know you really want this, and I know you don’t want him to be hurt. I also know you and Mr. J know exactly who they are under the mask. You have to give him a little time, sweetheart. He has to get used to the thought of you growing up, you know he’ll always see you as his princess.”

You wrap your uncle in a tight hug and nuzzle against him, “I really want him, Uncle Frost”

“I know you do, but you have to be patient”

“I will, promise”

“And you can’t run away anymore! You scared the shit out of me! If something had happened to you …”

“But nothing did! Nothing happened! Red Hood stopped it! It’s like I have a guardian angel watching over me!”

“Yeah, a guardian angel who likes to beat up your father, and who likes to use a gun”

You giggle, “But you like to use a gun, Uncle Frost!”

“I suppose I do, but Mr. J know I’ll die to protect you. Will your Red Hood?”

Once again you manage to slip away from your guards, this time however you head up to the rooftops instead of into an alley.

“Y/N!! Y/N!! Not again!! Where are you?!?”

You can’t help but laugh at your Uncle Frost’s distressed voice, “Silly Uncle Frost, as if I would give up this far into the game!”

“And what are you doing all the way up here, Princess?”

You whirl around, your blue and purple streaked hair twirling around you, “Hoodie!!”

Red Hood jumped down from the taller building, landing silently next to you, “Did you run away again?”

“I had to!” You jut your bottom lip out in a pout, “Daddy’s been trying to keep me in the house. I wanted to see you. I missed you”

Jason chuckled, pulling his helmet off, “You missed me?”

“Of course I did, sugar! Daddy tried to get me to forget about you! He brought home a bunch of guys from his club, but I didn’t want any of them!! I only want you, Jaybird” You whisper, wrapping your arms around his neck.

Jason grinned, “It’s been a week, doll. I thought you forgot about me”

You put one hand on your chest, “I would never forget about you!”

The safety on a gun clicks off from behind you and in an instant Jason had you pushed behind him.

“Step away from my daughter” Your momma snarled

“No momma! Don’t shoot him!!” You try to get around Jason, you know that momma won’t hurt you, but she has no problem hurting anyone in the Batfamily.

Jason just continues to hold you behind him, “I’m not going to hurt her, Harley. She hasn’t done anything wrong”

“Yeah, and the minute she does you’re going to turn against her. You’re going to hurt my princess, and I’m not going to let you do that, I’m not going to let anyone hurt her” Momma ended up screaming at the end. She raised the gun, ready to shoot.

“Please!” you sob, “Please don’t hurt him”

“Your daddy told me about your infatuation, honey. Puddin’ said you wanted to see him for a date, and then Frosty said that you had managed to get away from the guards and from the house. I knew exactly where my girl was heading, so all I had to do was find Red Hood here, and I knew I would find you”

“Momma please, I’ll go with you. I won’t see him anymore, I promise. Just-just don’t hurt him” you beg.

“No” Jason snapped, “I won’t just give up on you like that, Y/N! You’ve proven that you’re different, that you aren’t a killer, or at least that you don’t kill without due cause.”

“You’ll let her go, Hood, or I’ll shoot you”

“I said no” Jason growled

“Jason please, just let me go, I don’t want her to hurt you, you know momma will. She won’t hesitate”

“You have until the count of three to let my Princess go. One” the gun cocked, “two” momma aims right for Jason’s chest, and you tense, “Three” the gun goes off.


Rating: Teen and Up

Pairing: Reaper/Reader

As infamous as he is, even the Reaper is still just a man.

AO3 / Other Fanworks

You have missed the bus. Of course. It is not often you are called upon to visit the offices where you technically work; as their best programmer you’ve been given permission to work from home. The next bus doesn’t get here for another hour - God only knows why - which is how long it will take you to walk, if you hurry.

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Nygmobblepot AUs I want

Maybe one day I’ll get around to doing something with these but until then I want this list out there because if someone does any of these I’ll be forever indebted
also some of these were inspired by other people’s AUs but I can’t remember who now so if you want recognition just ask

Mayor Assistant AUs

  • Ed leaves little notes and things that hint out to Oswald that he loves him
  • Ed tries to get Oswald a date for a gala and tries to figure out who Oswald is into and surprise its him
  • Ed leads Oswald around by the hand so as to not lose him in crowds of reporters but there’s no crowd now
  • Oswald needs to learn to dance and Ed takes him and they are the only two without partners

    Teen AUs
  • Os fights a lot and Ed heals him, Ed trips on nothing a lot and Os heals him
  • Ed is bullied, Oswald is short but likes to punch bullies
  • Ed has very few friends and Os is new and is he flirting or trying to make friends? Is this buddies watching a movie or is it a date? He doesn’t know
  • Ed and Os having water ballon/nerf gun/something battles
  • Budding killers Os and Ed argue over who gets to kill their bully
  • Both their parents starting dating again but their dates are assholes so Ed and Os bond over their hatred for them
  • Ed rides the bus and wow is it raining so Os shares his umbrella
  • Os is stealing his phone back after it’s confiscated in class and Ed is stealing lesson plans

    College AUs
  • Ed’s obsessive ex Isabella won’t leave him alone so his dorm mate Os takes it upon him self to fake date Ed
  • Ed really needs this book and Os is overdue so he track him down to yell at him and oh no he’s cute

  • Os made to much food and invites Ed over to help him eat it all and wow what a romantic atmosphere

  • Os asks Ed for books suggestions and Ed’s face is so cute when he talks of his favorites
  • Ed and Os fake dating to get unlimited food deals at restaurants because they’re broke

  • Our parents are homophobes so let’s fake date and fuck with them wait this is nice let’s really date

    Criminals AUs
  • Os faked his death with Ed’s help and now he’s back and they have fun fake fighting
  • Ed needs to bury a body and Os is out in the woods hiding one and his shovel broke
  • Ed helps Os with his plans to return as King after the docks
  • Ed takes care of sick Os while Os rants about how evil he is and doesn’t need to be taken care of
  • Ed takes Os hostage not knowing the cops are after Os too so now they are on the run together
  • Os jumps in Ed’s car and makes him his getaway driver
  • They destroy the city together and wow do they make great partners
  • Ed makes up a challenge for Os and Os is bad at them so by the time he solves it Ed’s asleep with the food cold and candles burned out and a love confession in his hand
  • Os checking Ed out as Ed weaves through a laser grid

    Soulmates AUs
  • Ed can see colors and would have give them up to be with his soulmate and now the colors are fading and who are they
  • Os’s soulmate tattoo is penguin facts and he will fight his soulmate for this
  • Ed can only see in the color of his soulmates eyes and it changes every few days because Os has an extensive contacts collection and wants Ed to have colors so Ed repays him by matching colors

    Various AUs
  • Ed is a sphinx and Os is a vampire
  • Cuddling while stuck in a storm
  • Ed meeting Os because his nose was broke accidentally by Os’s umbrella
  • Body swap with clumsiness
  • Ed not touching anything of Os’s after the docks and Babs breaks something and he looses it

anonymous asked:

wonwoo + assassin!au

“What have they done?” Wonwoo asked his boss, who was intently looking at him, trying to figure out his reaction but Wonwoo kept expressionless.

The man crossed his legs and leaned back, fiddling with his hands. “The client didn’t give us too much information but apparently she had betrayed him and now he wants revenge.”

“By revenge, he means death.”

The man nodded and got up, clearly not as calm as Wonwoo was. He was still fiddling with his hands constantly, bullets of sweat running down his face, dark bags under his eyes.

“The reason why I offer this job to you is because you can take her out quietly.”

Wonwoo was left unsure about this gig since he saw no real motive to kill you. To kill you only because a probable ex boyfriend was left heartbroken was something he saw no sense in and it was against his values. Heartbreak was not a crime. And Wonwoo always took care of the bad guys, the ones who did actual bad things.

He was about to object against this mission but he was left gawking when the man continued, telling the price of the gig. He sat back and ran his hands through his hair, trying to realise the number he had just heard. 100 million dollars.

A 100 million dollars to kill one woman? Insane, he thought. But the money got him to agree - he wanted to help his parents. Give them a comfortable life.

Now, he stood behind your door, breaking in easily. He counted that it was probably his 8th time breaking into someone’s apartment this month.

He usually assassinated people on the streets but trespassing had become a lot more frequent since most of his targets were homebodies or the clients wanted to get the job done asap. This case was one of the latter.

He quietly sneaks around your apartment, no lights on - you could hear a pin drop. He didn’t wander around too long as he found you in your bed, asleep. He took a deep breath and covered your mouth. You woke up immediately, eyes wide open and in shock.

“Shut up,” Wonwoo spat, raising the gun against your head. “Don’t scream or I’ll shoot,” he continued and signalled you to get up from your bed. And you did as asked, your whole body shaking. What a wake up call.

“You wouldn’t kill me,” you whispered, staring at Wonwoo’s tall figure.

“I’m a dangerous man,” Wonwoo said with a low voice, his gaze not leaving yours and his hands pointing the gun on your temple, steady. Don’t think, just do it, he thought to himself, applying light pressure on the trigger.

“I’m not afraid of you,” you said, looking him dead in the eye. If he really was out here to kill you - he would’ve done it seconds ago.

Wonwoo stood there, almost frozen as he repeated those words you said in his head. Never had he heard anyone say that they weren’t scared of him - he was a killer, almost a monster himself.

He did not lower his gun as he backed away slowly. When he came to the doorway to your bedroom, he smiled faintly. You nodded at him, clearly getting his message that he was not going to hurt you. And then, he was quickly gone, the doors shutting behind him.

He’d come up with a plan to fake your death because he was not going to kill you. He would just need your collaboration on this but next time, he would come knocking on your door, perhaps just without a gun.

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Standing Ovation Ch 3, Game Suspension Pt 4

Refer to: Cast

VIP Room

“Now then, the meal is just about done, so how about we return to continuing the negotiations?”

The game on the ground is coming to its sixth inning already.

The Serpent’s progress is alternating back and forth, it being a close game with the opposing team, demodulating a lot of the voltage of the audience.

“Really now, were we negotiating? That’s a first for me.”

Izaya replied back with a smile towards Hiura holding a knife and fork.

“Then let’s start from here on out. Izaya Orihara-kun. Who is backing you?”

“There isn’t anyone….is what I want to say, but since I’m just an ordinary informant, if I have to say someone then the one hiring me would be the human backing me… what that will mean.”

“Is that so. If that’s the case, this will be quick.”

Hiura roughly causes the sofa to creak and told the young man sitting in the wheelchair while giving a fake smile.

“You see, I’m saying I’ll mediate for you.”

“A mediator, you say?”

“Yes. I don’t know if you realize it, but you are currently standing on thin ice. On top of that, it’s a layer of ice above boiling magma. It wouldn’t be strange when it melts.”

“Now for that I’m at a loss whether I should be freezing or sweating.”

“Hand me all the information you have on the current case. I won’t do anything bad to you, and I could persuade Takioka so you all can gain profits.”

Hearing Hiura’s words fairly stated, Izaya looks up at the sprinklers above them and answered.

“I see, I see. That is truly an appreciated proposal. However…”

“Is there something you disapprove of?”

“For you to be able to decide the entirety of my treatment and business from here on out, vice governor Hiura, you already are seizing the initiative for that matter, are you not?”

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I’ve been sitting on this thing that was eventually going to be some beautiful freewood with the two of them goading each other into jealousy, y’know, to push the other into doing something.

—– anyway, I’ve had this in my drive like two months, and it kinda works like a standalone thing. I might work on it in the future, but probably not because I’m lazy af.

You want to hear a joke?

Though perhaps you may hear this and think it more suited to be a Shakespearian tragedy of some kind; after all, it’s got a fair few dick jokes under its belt.

There’s this man, right? A mercenary who goes by The Vagabond and remained true to that name. A traveller, a man without a home or a goal, who wanders into cities with nought but the clothes on his back and the guns that weigh him down. He makes his kills, takes the money, and vanishes into the chaos of the world.

He’s emotionally stunted and lost, like most killers.

Until he isn’t.

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15th Advent Squad Imagine

Originally posted by fatalitum

Your P.O.V.

Being a part of Suicide Squad wasn’t easy. Especially when everyone else seemed to be so darn good at things and I was Why did they even take me? Did they think that I would actually use my powers to fucking help the world? Maybe if I’d absolutely have to, but this squad could do this without me.

Rick was leading us through the streets and it was raining lightly. Some of his armed men were surrounding us as I walked behind the rest of the squad. Harley was in front of me, holding her bat on her shoulders as she chewed some gum. Katana and Rick were in front of us. Deadshot was between Harley and El Diablo. One had already blown up as again the drunk Aussie Boomerang tried to chat with the soldiers. Killer Croc was right behind Katana.

I watched them all. It’s like I ceased to exist. I was Y/N, the girl with personality problems. Most of the time I could actually be almost normal, even tho I still wasn’t sure what was right or wrong. I could kill without thinking through. But then sometimes I got really strong. If I wanted to, I could get like super strength. I used it to commit crimes. Besides being super strong I could be super fast. Those combined with a criminal mind was a fatal result. But right now I just walked here, ignoring the fact I had a gun and I could probably try to escape. But I didn’t want to blow up to millions of human flesh pieces either.

‘’So..What’s your story?’’ Harley Quinn broke the silence. Deadshot glanced at us, but didn’t say anything. Harley stepped back so she was next to me. I knew she was vexing so I just shut up. ‘’Huh don’t be so boring!’’ Harley sighed and poked my shoulder with her bat. I wasn’t in the mood to talk. ‘’Hello? I’m talking to you’ she groaned and tried to poke me again. I grabbed her bat and used my powers to rip it out of her hand. Every time I used my powers, I burnt a little more energy. So if I used a lot, I would probably go to sleep after my heist. Luckily this was as much as ten steps, nothing more.

‘’Hey!’’ Harley yelled as she realized I had her bat. ‘’Don’t piss me off’’ I told her, but found this amusing. She tried to grab it, but I used my super speed to move my arm quicker than hers. Harley groaned and tried to jump and get it back, but I was quicker. It was like cat and mouse and I was smiling soon. ‘’Girls!’’ Deadshot tried to make us focus, but it was useless now. Both of us seemed to take this too seriously.

‘’Can’t catch it’’ I teased Harley and jumped up. Suddenly she grabbed my shirt and we lost out balance, making us fall onto the ground. We both screeched and then hit the ground, rolling on top of each other. Harley and I looked into each others’ eyes and a second later we were both laughing. I just found this funny. ‘’I didn’t know you had so much in you Y/N’’ Harley giggled while I gave her the bat. Then we got up again. ‘’Watch out Harls’’ I warned her with a smile.

‘’Okay that’s cute and all but we really need to get going’’ Boomerang sighed,making us look at him angrily. ‘’Look who’s talking instead of drinking’’Harley sassed and then glanced at me. ‘’We’re bonding. Isn’t that great?’’ She then chirped and grabbed my hand. My eyes widened a little, but I tried to keep my cool. Then we caught up with the squad, Harley happily holding my hand which I didn’t really mind.

‘’You know..If you weren’t so pretty, I’d be more pissed off’’ Harley whispered to me. Now she’s a real flirt. ‘’I could say the same to you’’ I chuckled, making her smile. ‘’When my boyfriend comes to get me, I’ll make him disable you from the bomb as well. We could be evil together doll face’’

As usual I was thinking of Gabriel from Solo Quiero Caminar and came to some conclusions/paralells I’d like to share with you guys :)

- Gabriel (the character) is known by the codename El Arcánjel (The Arcangel)

- Gabriel, according to the bible and other writings, is indeed an archangel

- Archangels were the first creations of God; angels of high rank which answer to him first and only

- they’re neither good nor bad, they only do what their told but are feared for their power which comes from God

- the name Gabriel means “God’s strength” or “strong man of God”

- he’s the one who told both the prophet Daniel and Mary about the Messiah’s coming

- this archangel is known as a messenger from God and an angel of death

- The character Gabriel has only known life beside Felix since he was a child; he was fabricated killer because up until the very end there seemed to be no other way to survive and think over his vengeance against his father

- he acted as Felix’s right hand when it came to making deals and sending messages to his enemies and allies, both by gun and bribing and got his own fame for it (no one dared say a word against him)

- he’s always done what he was told, killed any man (except women and children) without blinking or asking questions

- many of Felix’s men basically answered to him since the practical matters always fell on his hands; @diegocassians and i share the opinion that at the end of the day he was the boss by proxy

anonymous asked:

"It's not your fault." 😚💜

It wasn’t your day. You woke up with pain in your lower abdomen thinking the worst. Once you got to the bathroom there it was, the bloody days of the month had started. The job wasn’t nice to you as well. The killer you were trying to catch for almost a week had escaped the highest secured prison and was now killing again. Once you were face to face with the notorious Ted Bundy copy cat you got shot. You were trying to protect your boyfriend from getting shot for third time in his life so you pushed him on the ground as the bullet went right into your left lung. You weren’t wearing a bulletproof vest because the killer kidnapped you from your own apartment. You spent; it seemed to you, years in a small dark room with nothing but a bed in the right corner.  In reality three days had passed until Spencer and the rest of the team had found you. Once they did they were face to face with a man who killed and tortured approximately 100 women all over America. He was furious so he did the only thing he knew. Pulled a gun and started shooting. Luckily the rest of the team were prepared and in the end the killer ended up with a bullet between his eyes.

You on the other hand were still alive but barely breathing. It felt weird, almost like you were having a panic attack and you couldn’t breathe but without panicking. You felt light headed, sleepy and weightless. Spencer was trying to stop the bleeding putting pressure as much as he could, whispering something you couldn’t hear. He was the last face you saw before you passed out.

You woke up in warm and semi-comfortable hospital bed not knowing how you got there. Everything was white, almost like you were in heaven and your body hurt. Especially your left side which was covered in bandages, it hurt like a bitch. You slowly opened your eyes and looked to your right. Spencer was right next to you holding your hand with his head on the bed, he had fallen asleep.

“Spence?” You whispered.

His head immediately went up as he rubbed his sleepy eyes. “I’m not asleep.”

“Sure.” You smiled.

“How are you feeling?”

“Like crap, everything hurts.” You groaned as you tried to sit up.

He leaned in and kissed your forehead. “I love you with all my being but I’m going to kill you.” He then said.

Well that was unexpected.

“I know I’m sorry.”

“What were you thinking?!” He raised his voice.

“I don’t know.”

“And you know I wore a bulletproof vest and you know I already lost someone I once loved I can’t do it again!”

“I know Spencer I’m sorry please don’t be angry.”

“You almost died because of me.”

“It’s not your fault.”

He had that look on his face…the look you had only seen once when Maeve died. That look of sorrow and emptiness which crushed you. You weren’t together back than but the feelings only grew against your will. His hazel eyes were filled with tears and your heart was broken.

“I’m-“  You tried to speak but your words were cut off by a kiss. A soft loving one indeed, completely taking your breath away.

“Don’t you ever do that again.” He said.

“You have my word.”

You moved a little to make some room as he laid next to you. You curled against him as your head rested on his chest, listening to his heart beat.

Even though he was now lying on your bed not as angry as he was before, you still didn’t know the answer. Why? Why did you do it? He had a bulletproof vest…maybe it was just…unconsciously?

Originally posted by hospitalheaven

Black Lives Matter is not black against blue.
It’s a manifestation of the desire of blacks to stop having to ask if today is the day they die without consequence when they see a cop car nearby. 
We want to live, and we want justice to be served.
We were not born to be hashtags; we were not born to be used and discarded, we were not born to be fetishized and simultaneously hated for the same features.
The message is simple, and the task at hand is simple.
Stop making us feel like black lives only matter if we can benefit you.
Stop killing us, and when we are killed, punish the killers just like you would punish one of us if we held the guns.
If all lives matter, prove it; show that black lives matter too.
—  Maxwell Diawuoh, “Stop killing us.” (190/366)
If Bleach characters had to pitch horror movie titles

Author’s choice list. :)

Bleach characters will now pitch their ideas for super scary horror movies - by title and tagline.

1. Ulquiorra: “The Hollow Who Had A Heart”

He can feel it beating inside him - but he can’t find it.

2. Mashiro: “The Scarf”

By the time you realize your scarf has been possessed by the spirit of a psychotic strangler….it’s already too late.

3. Oetsu: “The Zanpakuto’s Revenge”

Hell hath no fury like a zanpakuto scorned.

4. Askin: “The Death Dealer”

Cross him, and your blood might just become poisonous.

5. Halibel: “The Fourth Floor”

Her mother warned her never to go above the third floor…

6. Hichigo: “The Mask”

It’s getting closer! It’s gonna swallow you whole!

7.  Cang Du: “The Losers”

They lost a fight. Now death is coming for them…one by one.

8. Berenice: “Do You Know Who You Are?”

Well, do you?

9. Komamura: “The Puppy”

The family who adopted him didn’t know what a spirit of bloody revenge lurked inside.

10. Hitsugaya: “The Zombie Master”

She’s coming for you…and she’s gonna make you kill all your friends.

11. Lilinette: “The Living Gun”

What if your gun had a mind of its own?

12. Nel: “The Shinigami”

He’s a scary guy!

13. Ginjo: “The Haunted Ramen Bowl”

Don’t accept ramen from handsome strangers.

14. Ikkaku: “An Unlucky Man”

Whatever can go horribly wrong, will.

15. Starrk: “The Last Man On Earth”

He’s alone.

16. As Nodt: “A Woman Without Fear”

Is seriously the scariest thing.

17. BG9: “Death Roomba”

It will kill you from the toes up.

18. Tosen: “The Actual Real Justice System”

Life’s true horror.

19. Hisagi: “Attack of the Giant Killer Hollows”

A school exercise should not be like this.

20. Loly: “The Super Nice Girl”

No matter what you do…she’s still so fucking nice.

gammag-31-16  asked:

Gamma wasn't used to the citadel, he wasn't impressed either as he was hanging upside down in one of the cells that they placed him in for well killing Ricks as he was silent when staring at the guard Morty and Rick outside his cell without an issue or hesitation

The Rick and Morty were on both sides of the cell.. boh holding two handed laser rifles..

Rick sighed “What’s the matter Morty? Why are you dancing like that?”

Morty had his knees crossed and was bouncing slightly “R-rick i know were on duty.. b-but i really need to go to the bathroom”

“T-then go.. i’ll be fine..”

“N-no! T-this is a R-rick Killer..”

“I-ill be fine Morty.. Just go….”

Morty looking really worried.. propped his gun against the wall and ran for the bathroom

Rick kept a close eye on the gun


черная вдова || black widow

tili tili bom || russian lullaby - “for those who can not sleep”
black widow || susanne sundfør - “in the end i’m going to swallow your heart
we must be killers || mikky ekko “and we all know how to fake it baby, and we all know what we have done”
bang bang || sky ferreira - “bang bang, i shot you down. bang bang, you hit the ground”
mockingbird || anais mitchell - “hush, you little baby, don’t you say a word. here comes the devil, all dressed up like a mockingbird”
no rest for the wicked || lykke li - “there’s no hope for the weary if you let them win without a fight”
russian roulette || rihanna - “take the gun and count to three”
dangerous girl || lana del ray - “we were born to kill, best of the best”
about her || malcolm mclaren“well no one told me about her, the way she lied
drift || daughter - “instrumental”


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Teen Killers: Life Without Parole (2014 Documentary)

“In the United States more than 2,500 people are serving life-without-parole sentences for crimes they committed when they were 17 or younger. In this film, five of them, all convicted for first degree murder, tell their stories. Brian was a 16-year-old outsider inspired by the Columbine School massacre when he and school friend Torey killed their classmate Cassie in a chilling murder reminiscent of a scene from a horror film. Josiah and Jacob both reflect on the impact childhood abuse had on the appalling murders they committed and Sean recalls gang life in the notorious Bloods, killing a passer-by the first time he shot a gun. All five give sober insights into their teenage selves and the deep regret they feel for their victims and all those impacted by their crimes. Through their stories the film asks some difficult questions. What is justice when a teenager kills? Can a horrific act place a life beyond redemption? Are there alternatives or should we simply dispose of them?”

heneral luna meta? damn straight up heneral luna meta

A monstrous six-thousand word exploration of Antonio Luna’s character through his four lieutenants: Paco Roman, Eduardo Rusca, and Manuel and Jose Bernal. Proposes that the four characters contribute to the visual language conveying deeper themes in the film. Originally posted on Facebook. Putting my eight viewings of this film to good use, yessir.

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