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I forced out a gross scribble doodle for my nuts and dolts au

Basically the whole thing of this au is that Ruby was given like this mini prototype of Penny from Ozpin at the start to prove her leadership skills and worth of being in beacon. Ozpin wants Ruby to help Penny act as a normal teenage girl cause in the beginning she’s basically all killer robot but Ruby’s personality slowly influences her until she has the personality she has in her most recent episodes.
The world around them is like the same as the series but penny is always with team rwby, and her and Ruby’s relationship develops within the series. It’s hard at first but soon Ruby develops a crush on robot penny omg and lots of other things too complicated to put into it. There’s also tons of details aswell

(btw penny activated to Ruby’s sound of pain from yeng whomping her on the head haha -sorta like baymax in a wAY but more killerrobot like)