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If you want to use that Go tell Killerman theme for real, I could make that cover for you. If you need it.

I would be interested in hearing that. I’d probably use it in the intro near the end of the playthrough, when it’s more fully ILLBLEED’d.

((properly colored in version of that previous post

Humanoid version of Rachel, the titular “Queen Worm”, from one of the most underrated horror titles, Illbleed. And the little fan-art there is of Illbleed, it sadly doesn’t have her. Thought I’d change that a little.

I got her color palette this time correct, since I had more reference unlike at school. Funny thing was, that little chibi/doll Killerman was harder to draw despite it taking less time

also funfact: my irl name is Rachel, so whenever someone asks if I share my name with someone from a game, this comes to my mind first))