I followed you into the fun house of mirrors, it was so easy to surprise you in there and put my hand over your soft mouth as I plunged the needle into your neck. The fear in your eyes turned to confusion then unconsciousness, you went limp in my arms. I carried you out the back door, with my mask off and said to the ride operator.. it’s my wife she fainted.. as I took you to the van and laid you up in the back… your short sundress rising up and showing me your thin sweet thighs… but I will see more of them very soon… much more. I climb in the drivers seat and pull away into traffic… You’re mine now. All mine.

It’s at moments like this I would like to say “thank you Dexter” you taught me a lot over the years… and I am glad I have a thing for short thin ladies…. they are so much easier to carry.  

I love to sneak into your home when you aren't there and wait for you to return. I do my research very well. I know you live alone, I know you have a cat, I know you like Doir perfume, I know you like to wear Victoria secret lingerie and I know you are single. Oh did I forget to tell you? I know your name and your work place. They won’t miss you for a while, I already sent your work place an email saying you won’t be back till next week due to a death in the family… YOURS.