I need help guys.

So it might be May 1 or a few days after but I am getting my own place. I’d like to save up as money as I can before I do so that I don’t have to always be telling my mom that I need her help. I’ll be moving into an apartment- Possibly- that costs $520 a month. (I’ll need a room mate also, because that’s only half the rent I’ll be spending- It’s really $1025 a month for one person staying there).

Help a girl out, get some cool artwork with your fan character on it and help me financially. 

The Jon is not a commission piece, he’s just an example. The backgrounds are also examples but don’t cost more. You’ll get a free background of your choosing from Stripes(Like the one robot has) or a real background(The one with the mean orange dragon lady). All of them will be full bodied, by the way.

Reblog please!

$7 for a sketch - bust or full body

$9 for a clean sketch - bust or full body

$11 for a full colored picture - bust or full body

$1+ for additional character

50 cents for it to be lighted or shaded.

I have a reason to need commissions ASAP but I’d rather not go into detail right now. School, work, financial stress and all that crap. 

I was also pressed for time making this. I don’t have all the time in the world to make it fancy and what not.