By August 22, 1991, Dahmer had been charged with15 counts of murder. At his trial, beginning on January 30, 1992, Dahmer filed a plea of guilty but insane. Twoweeks later, on February 15, jurors found him sane andresponsible for his actions. The court imposed 15 con-secutive life sentences, thus requiring Dahmer to serve aminimum of 936 years. (He was subsequently chargedwith the Hicks murder, in Ohio, but was never broughtto trial.)


In prison, Dahmer refused offers of protective cus-tody despite the many threats against his life. On July 3,1994, another convict tried to slash his throat in theprison chapel, but Dahmer emerged from the incidentwith only minor scratches and refused to press charges.Five months later, on November 28, he was cleaning abathroom adjacent to the prison gym when anothermember of the work detail, 25-year-old ChristopherScarver, grabbed an iron bar from a nearby exercisemachine and smashed Dahmer’s skull, killing himinstantly. A second inmate, 37-year-old Jesse Anderson,was mortally wounded in the same attack, dying twodays later. A racial motive was initially suspected in themurder since Scarver, like many of Dahmer’s victims,was black, but a closer look determined that the killerwas deranged, believing himself to be the “son of God,”acting out his “father’s” command.