Endless list of favourite characters → Audrey II “Twoey” the venus fly-trap (Little Shop of Horrors).

↳ “Does this look “inanimate” to you, punk!? If I can talk and I can move, who’s to say I can’t do anything I want?”


From the front door of the glass-walled gift shop at the Alnwick Garden in the far northeast of England, the scene looks innocent enough. A sapphire green English lawn slopes gently downward, toward traditional, ornamental gardens of rose and bamboo. Across the small valley, water cascades down a terraced fountain.

But a hundred or so plantings kept behind bars in this castle’s garden are more menacing — and have much to tell visitors about poison and the evolutionary roots of medicine.

“These Plants Can Kill” warn two signs on a locked, iron gate that’s also marked with a skull and crossbones.

The Duchess of Northumberland (aka Jane Percy) started the Poison Garden in 2005 as part of the 12-acre, elaborate garden on the grounds of her family’s home, Alnwick Castle.

Many of England’s cities and towns have apothecary gardens — historical plots containing plants turned into treatments centuries ago by doctors, herbalists, religious folks and shamans. Most such gardens exist today to teach visitors about the history of medicine.

Welcome To The Poison Garden: Medicine’s Medieval Roots

Photos: Joanne Silberner for NPR

underrated lego batman movie moments

• “dc… the house that batman built… yeah what, superman?… i’m your kryptonite”

• “ this plane is carrying dynamite, guns, acid… and two best friends!”

• killer croc planting a bomb and shouting “i did something!”

• the guy driving down the road singing “nothing bad ever happens to me” before he gets caught by the riddler

• “what about the time (batman defeated you) with the parade and the prince music?”

• harley is joker’s “girl buddy” and there’s no evidence of them ever dating

• “who always pays their taxes? not batman ;)))”

• harley’s roller skates!!!

• batman finishing his lobster thermidor and then randomly pulling out an electric guitar and SHREDDING IT UP

• “my name’s richard, but all the kids at the orphanage call me dick” “kids can be cruel”

• barbara went to “harvard for police”

• alfred placing a parental lock on the batcomputer

• “what’s the password?” “IRON MAN SUCKS”

• martian manhunter’s sick dance moves at the justice league dance party

• krypto the superdog is the justice league party dj

• alfred dressing up in the old batman costume because he “misses the 60s”

• “getting criminals to fight other criminals? that’s ridiculous”


• dick going to the batcave and dressing up in the nightwing costume!!!

• “british robots. ask your nerd friends”

• “so… you mean to tell me… bruce wayne is BATMAN???…’S ROOMMATE???”

• at the end when everybody’s celebrating, ivy kisses some guy out of happiness and he just straight up dies

• mariah carey voices gotham’s mayor and channing tatum voices superman sdsdfgdf


• getting RICKROLLED by dick grayson… what a memer

• the shark repellent actually getting used against king shark

• bruce and barbara don’t ever get together

• the way gotham clicks back together is downright hilarious

• joker wearing those crazy costume aviators with the bars through them

• selina has three lines throughout the entire movie and every single one is just a variation of the word “meow” (even in the ‘blooper reel,’, which makes out that the characters are aware they’re acting, she’s still saying meow)

• the gotham city sirens jamming out together

• the dance party at the end??? so pure??? 

to summarise, i love the lego batman movie with all my heart god bless

“Two Weeks”

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Summary: A narrative that explores how Steve copes after your tragic death.

notes: implied character death (reader), a failed attempt at writing sad things

A/N: thank you to @buckyywiththegoodhair​ for beta-reading this mess. i adore you, and god rest this old bitch’s soul.

One week has passed since you left New York for a month-long guest curatorship in Germany. Before leaving, you kissed Steve goodbye and promised to return in one piece.

One week has passed since HYDRA agents infiltrated the museum. They put the entire museum on lockdown, claiming it had World War II documents that were essential to the HYDRA agenda. Even the Avengers wouldn’t stop their mission to obtain these documents, they declared.

One week has passed since a certain HYDRA agent recognized your face from a tabloid, the headline screaming “Captain America Finally Finds Love!” He also deduced your title as one of the United States’ leading experts on Nazi Germany. It was the perfect coincidence.

One week has passed since HYDRA attempted to use you as a bargaining tool. “Give up the documents, and we’ll let you go back to your precious boyfriend,” they said. Much to their surprise, behind your simple dress and ballet flats was a woman not afraid to kick men in the balls, both figuratively and literally. You proceeded to do the latter.

One week has passed since the Avengers compromised the guards and rescued most of the hostages at the museum. Only one remained, but when it became clear that they’re wouldn’t gain access to any of the documents, HYDRA decided to inflict pain in the best way they knew how - by taking away the remaining innocent life.

One week has passed since your tragic death.
One week has passed since Steve Rogers buried the love of his life.

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Things my cat Stump has tried to pick a fight with: Scarecrow’s crow Nightmare, Poison Ivy’s killer plants, Killer Croc, Bane’s shoelaces, The Riddler, Harley’s Mallet, Batman, Red Hood’s motorcycle, Robin’s bat dragon thing, and the Batmobile. Things Stump is deathly afraid of: the bath matt my mom got me and bananas. #onlyingotham #stumpno #assholecat #banestoppedtopethim #riddlerisallergic #robinwasimpressed

anonymous asked:

Well I mean since you're in the mood and taking asks, what about a klance allergy fic? Like... maybe they're on a planet and separated from the others, and one of them is horribly horribly allergic to something on the planet. Idk I just love the idea of someone practically having to haul their partner back to safety while murmuring encouragements to the S/O who just. Can't. Stop. Sneezing.

Omg what a great prompt! Enjoy!

“This planet doesn’t look too dangerous,” Lance says, trying to make conversation as they make their descent. “Just lots of plants, green as far as the eyes can see.”

“Yeah, well, plants can be dangerous. Haven’t you ever heard of carnivorous plants?” Keith retorts.

“What, you think there’s going to be human-sized Venus flytraps here?” Lance asks, raising an eyebrow. “Actually that would be pretty cool. I’d like to see that. Maybe not get near it, but still.”

“They also could be poisonous, or have sharp thorns, or-”

“Okay, okay mister buzz kill. Plants are dangerous. Don’t trust the plants. I got it, okay?” Lance rolls his eyes before going quiet as they steer their lions to land on a patch of relatively flat ground.

“We should take some samples back for Pidge,” Keith suggests, digging out one of the sample containers from Red. “And good news, the air on this planet is breathable.”

“Sweet!” Lance exclaims, taking off his helmet. “Let’s go check out the killer plants!”

“You mean check for signs of Galra invasion.”

“That too.”

Unfortunately, their investigation doesn’t last very long. Lance starts sniffing as soon as they start off, but Keith ignores it, figuring that he’s just trying to be obnoxious. They only manage to reach the edge of the nearest forest-made up of tall, spindly-looking trees with almost mushroom-shaped clusters of leaves at the top-before Lance comes to a sudden stop.

“What is it?” Keith asks, impatient and ready to keep moving.

“I don’t know,” Lance says, scrubbing at his eyes with a gloved hand. “My face is just-really itchy.”

Itchy? Keith is at a loss for what to do. He’s about to suggest that they keep moving forward and see if the irritation goes away when Lance snaps forward with a sudden sneeze.

Keith waits for him to straighten up and wipe his nose. “Bless you. Now let’s keep going. I assume that took care of the irritation-”

Before he can continue, he’s interrupted by another sneeze from Lance. There’s no time to bless the other paladin before Lance snaps forward with another, then another in a rapid-fire fit.

“Are you okay?” Keith asks, starting to get a little worried now. Lance’s nose and eyes are bright red, and his eyes are watery and streaming. When he sniffles, it sounds like someone turned on a hose in his sinuses and put it on full blast.

“I’m fi-” Lance says, before yet another sneeze interrupts him. The fit of sneezes that follows is so quick that Lance can hardly take a breath between them.

Now thoroughly shaken, Keith grabs Lance’s arm and starts hauling him in the other direction, back towards the lions. “Allura, something’s wrong with Lance, we’re coming back to the ship.”

Lance tries to protest, but he’s hindered too much by the unending sneezing fit to really struggle. The sneezes are sounding deeper, more painful; practically scraping out his throat. Sniffling wetly, Lance lets out a moan of either pain or frustration or both. “It’s okay, we’ll be out of here soon.”

They make it back to their lions fairly quickly, and Keith doesn’t even think twice before hauling Lance into red with him. There’s no way he can pilot in this state. Blue can follow behind them. Lance collapses onto the floor behind the pilot’s seat, both hands cupped over his face to catch the sneezes.

“You alright back there?” Keith calls. He can’t look behind him right now, too busy trying to escape the gravitational pull of the evil plant planet they just left, but Lance sounds pretty miserable.

“I'b fine,” Lance croaks out stuffily, his voice wrecked with congestion. Another sneeze calls the validity of that statement into question.

“We’ll be back at the castle in a few ticks, and you can get all fixed up in med bay,” Keith promises.

The rest of the trip is spent in silence, punctuated only by the occasional sneeze or sniffle from Lance, and the occasional murmured encouragement from Keith. By the time they reach the castle, the fit has died down a bit, leaving Lance stuffy and congested, but no longer sneezing.

Keith startles when he hears Lance groan. “What’s wrong?”

“Just a sinus headache. I’ll be okay,” Lance mutters, but the tense set of his shoulders and tightly closed eyes suggest otherwise. Keith rubs his shoulder soothingly before turning back to dock the lion in her hanger.

As soon as the doors open, Keith hauls Lance to his feet and they stumble out together, immediately greeted by the the worried faces of the others. There’s worried chatter about Lance’s condition, and Keith does his best to soothe everyone’s frazzled nerves but also insist that they get Lance checked out.

“Aw man,” Hunk says, peering at Lance’s face and taking in his puffy eyes and red nose. “Are your allergies bothering you again, dude?”


“I mean I GET IT and her beef with me could be about anything, being a bad influence on harley, accidentally setting her plants on fire with a sparkler, just being an annoyance in general but still, a clown can only take so many angry slaps from semi-sentient killer plants…

Aside from that tho… She’s alright i guess… she makes harley happy and of course, when harls has a smile on her face, so does everyone else… in fact I’m pretty sure the only reason ivy HASN’T strangled me with vines is because of that exact same reasoning… funny isn’t it”

Post Season One Questions

This is a list of questions I’ve noted that I still have concerning information from season 1. As the show progresses, I’ll keep an eye on this, noting when things are answered as well as adding anything that may pop up.

What’s the deal with this thing? I remember someone telling me that someone from the crewniverse confirmed that the “ink” used to draw this was made of crushed gems, which is just gruesome. Does this count as a corrupted gem? It was very much alive, as we saw, but it was as if the “spirit” of the gem was embedded in this picture. Also where can I find this poster.

The crystal heart is very similar to the power core we saw both in the Kindergarten and Peridot’s hand ship. Does this power the entire temple? What runs through it? Is the temple alive? Why does this heart beat like an actual heart? 

I wonder if gem shards will ever make another appearance. Thinking back to what Pearl said about the “living armor and infantries,” I wonder if the suits of armor we saw in Rose’s training room may have been used for gem shards? In general, I always wonder how much sentience is left within gem shards and the like. 

Just…everything about this. That’s Rose. She’s fighting someone. For the rest of it, I’ve no idea. And we’ve only seen half of it. Now that the temple is destroyed, though, I don’t know that we’ll ever see mention of this again.

Where did he come from, where does he go? Where did he come from, pink cotton candy … eyed … Joe? What is Lion’s relation to Rose? Why did she keep him a secret from everyone? How does he have all these powers? He’s not a typical lion, but he has no gem. Is even related to gems? Where did she get a fucking pink lion? 

This is the only other gem we’ve seen implanted in an object like Lapis. So is this gem not corrupt? Is it waiting to be released in the same way Lapis was?  

Everything about this bird intrigues me. Why does its insides consist majorly of bubbled gems? Why, when shot, does it turn into hundreds of gem shards?  


I just want to see these two again. What’s their story? Why were they so important? If they’re corrupted gems, why were they not poofed and bubbled like normal? 

I just wonder whether Steven’s aging will be revisited. I’d like to see if he’s going to age normally, or if his age will stagnate or go into over drive. In the same vein, I’m curious to know if Steven will live a normal length of a life, and also if he’s near immortal like the gems. And on a darker note, can he poof and regenerate? 

Rose and her killer plants. The hell is up with that? I’d love to get a flashback and see these in action, or at least hear about her using them doing the war or something. 

Swords and weapons, armor of the fallen, heretic’s anguish, giant penny, training bot - Rose had a lot of things hidden away. I wonder if Steven will now begin using the training cave as his own or not. 

Is some form of Rose still in the room? At this point, Steven had never heard Rose’s voice. So, assuming the room drew off Steven’s memories to create everything, how was it able to replicate Rose’s voice? Because the room is powered by Steven’s gem, and Rose still lies dormant within it?

I just need this story, thanks.

Corruption. What is it, and how does it affect these base models. Is there any hope for cure? Give me Centipeetle! 

What’s this thing? How is there a “synthetic storm” contained in this geode? Why is there a synthetic storm trapped in it? What’s the purpose of it? When is that duct tape gonna give way?

“They’re here to hollow out the earth! It’s part of the Great Diamond Authority! They’ll take on any form!” Ronaldo was probably right about the Great Diamond Authority, so is there any merit to his “sneeple” theories, or is this a red herring?

Will we ever see these guys again? Will this power ever be of any use? 

WHO IS THIS? Why is she here? Why does Rose have a gem bubbled and hidden away from everyone else? This is why I have trust issues.

We’ve seen the flag, tape, sword, shirt, and picture. What’s in the chest?! Where’s the key?! STEVEN, GET ON IT!

This gem looks a hell of a lot like a giant diamond. It seemed incredibly powerful, too, to be able to control the entire lighthouse. Then again, the one powering the temple in Serious Steven looked fairly diamond-esque too. 

Will the shooting star ever be used? Where are they storing this thing? 

Did Steven have some sort of effect on the tv? It did go out as soon as things got heated and he felt uncontrollably uncomfortable. 

I just need their backstory. Give me the Rose and Pearl! 

More backstory! I want to see the gems finding Amethyst in the Kindergarten. I want to see Rose and Pearl meeting. I want to see how Garnet came on board. I want to see even further back - I want the start of the rebellion, I want Pearl and Garnet (or Ruby and Sapphire?) on Homeworld; Rose, too. I want it all!


The fuck is the cluster? Is that another word for kindergarten or something else? What’s the purpose of the cluster? What’s the point of restarting the kindergarten? What’s the point of anything at all?

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Ivy having to die Harleys hair red and blue?

this will not be three sentences at all

It started when Harley asked Pam to grab her some dye from the store around corner, and Pam got thinking about just how much dye Harley must go through, how many chemicals are in that, how much damage that must be doing to people and the earth alike. There had to be a better way, she reasoned. And surely she could take a day or two off from terrorizing Gotham with killer plants to find that better way.

(Also, she’d been incredibly comfortable on the couch and really hadn’t wanted to get up and go to the store.)

It ended up being more of a week long process, as Pam figured out how to grow plants that made just the right dyes and sought out test subjects. It was amazing how willing the college kids were to let you test things on them for a little cash, even the ones who had been born and bred in the city. As long as you swore that you weren’t testing out any fear toxin or Joker gas they were usually more than happy to go along with it, and Pam wasn’t asking them to try out anything worse than hair dye. 

Granted, after the final rounds of testing some of them were going to be left with red or blue hair permanently. She’d conveniently forgotten to mention that part.

“That’s nice, Pammy,” Harley said, when the long-lasting all-natural eco-friendly dye was ready to go. “I love that ya actually went to all the trouble of making that for me. But I actually like changing the colors sometimes, ya know? Plus I kinda got bored of waiting and just bought dye myself. We’re out of orange juice, though. Think you could - ”

“Grow a tree with oranges designed for optimal pulp-free juice production?” Pam interrupted. She was nodding, smiling to herself, already planning it out. “Yes, of course. Give me just a minute.”

“The store, you goof! I meant the store!”

“Just a minute! This is so much more fun.”

  (~ send me characters + a prompt and I’ll write a small thing ~)

even more headcannons nobody asked for

- whenever bokuto wants akaashi to promise him something he always makes him pinky promise

- oikawa is a thief. he’ll steal food off plates, chairs or spots on couches where other people were sitting, he’ll borrow pencils/pens/erasers and never give them back. his victims are usually the other 3rd years (mostly iwaizumi)

- yachi gets along really well with noya and tanaka, they like to get ice cream together and talk about how pretty kiyoko is

- kageyama closes his eyes every time he hugs someone (hes not that much of a hugger but hes getting better)

- asahi is a full body blusher

- terushima is a drama queen who will fall in love instantly with literally anyone

- kageyama is a serial plant killer, not on purpose of course, he loves plants, he just forgets to water them sometimes. eventually hinata gives him a pretty little succulent bc he knows they are tough enough to endure tobio’s forgetfulness. he names the succulent ‘shou-chan’ but he keeps that a secret

- kenma is always cold. bc of this he now owns 7 of kuroo’s sweaters/hoodies

- daishou pours the milk first when making cereal just to piss people off

- iwaizumi never finishes anything. ever. that tea oikawa made him? half finished on the table. that puzzle he started out of boredom last week? theres two corners done and the rest of the pieces are scattered on his desk. that tv show maki told him to watch? he got to episode 4 and never went back.

- bokuto is a pillow hoarder, he sleeps with 8 pillows

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Since you're still taking prompts, I was thinking maybe a parasite in Lance or something? Makes him act really suspicious and everyone's worried

really interesting idea! i know I’ve seen a few post her and there with this, so I’d love to give my own try at it.

so the team goes to a planet completely covered in forests and rivers and to many it could look like a paradise. bonus points, the Galra haven’t taken it over yet. but when they get there, they were expecting to find some type of civilization, or intelligent life. but there’s nothing. not even animal sounds. Shiro gets a really strange vibe off of it, so he tells them to get what they need and to leave as soon as possible, and everyone eagerly agrees. so everyone goes off different ways to collect vegetation and whatnot. and before long, everyone is back in the castle and they leave the planet and back on to fighting the Galra.

except, something’s off with Lance. it starts off small, drinking more water after missions and training, always feeling a exhausted afterwards. but they think that he’s just needs to catch up on some sleep, that he just might have caught a cold.

but it progressively gets worse and worse. whenever their planet side, Lance is as perky and energetic as always, but if they stay inside somewhere to long, or when they go back out into space, he becomes sluggish and always tired no matter what. the team will find him in all sorts of strange places, sleeping away on the floor, halfway over furniture, even crashing in Blue. let alone how much water he’s drinking now. whenever someone sees him actually aake, he’s guzzling water down like his life depends on it. and the amount of showers he takes is just bizarre. sure he’s really focused on his looks, but 4 or 5 showers a day? that’s way too much. even for him. and the fact that Lance would always come out pink from the hot water really scared them, that he would just let boiling water hit him for so long to leave him looking like a lobster.

they want to say something about it, and Hunk and Shiro have tried, but anytime they bring it up, Lance just talks his way around it without actually giving away anything about how he’s been feeling. and everyone is seriously worried for him; scared that he’s going to give himself water poisoning.

then the itching started.

it was pretty subtle at first, but by the end of the day, he was scratching gouges into his arms and legs, not even registering that he was hurting himself, just saying that the itching had to stop, that he needed it to stop. that’s when the team finally put him in the pod. not only to heal him, but also to figure out whats been going on with their friend for the past 2 weeks.

it was a parasite that Lance had picked up while on the forested planet. it had somehow found a way inside of his body. but it was completely plant based, thus it’s need for water and how Lance would become so tired without sunlight. it seemed that it was trying to overrun Lance’s nerve system, trying to take over Lance’s body by overriding his nerve system first and make his body do as it wanted by sending it’s own signals through his nervous system and blocking the signals coming from his brain. the itching was because of it doing just that, and Hunk was able to connect the constant hot showers to the itching as well, probably Lance’s first attempt to quell the sensation under his skin to not tip off the others that something was wrong.

they keep Lance in the pod for a few days, knowing that the freezing process of the pod will stop any progression of the parasite, to do extensive research on how to get it out of their friend without doing more damage to Lance than what’s already been done. they eventually found a treatment that does the least damage to Lance and take swift action. they spray a specific type of plant killer into the pod, and once they were 100% sure that it was as dead as possible, they took Lance to a recent ally of theirs who had both the equipment and know how to surgically remove the parasite from Lance’s nervous system. 

it takes weeks of intense physical therapy after the surgery for Lance to get full control over his body again. there will be some spots that Lance will still scratch unconsciously, and if not pointed out or stopped by one of his teammates, he can start to make gouges in those parts again. but the team make sue to catch him if he starts going to far with it.

i hope you liked it! because damn did i have fun making it! thank you so much for the prompt.

“The family’s girl.” (Batfam x reader) Part7

Hello my lil wings!!

How are you doing?

Here the new part of Tfg! Now the villain of the story rises!! And soon Dick will come back!

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“Hello, Damian.” Ra’s Al Ghul said, while holding a small frame with a photo of your parents and you. “She’s pretty, isn’t her? Reminds me of my sweet Sora…”

“Let her out of this grandfather!” Damian growled. “What do you want!?” he asked, ready to attack.

“My, you’ve grow weaker than I expected. I was just checking on my grandson training.”

“I’m not following your commands anymore grandfather.”

“It will be a real shame if something were going to happen to her” Ra’s smirk send chills down his spine.

“I won’t let you.” Damian growled.

Ra’s smirked. “Careful, my boy. It’s not wise to threaten me.”


“Now I must leave. Remember boy, don’t cross me.” Ra’s smirked before disappearing.

“…she can’t stay here. I need her to talk to father.”


“Timmy!! Hey!” You smiled at Tim, who was waiting outside for you.

“Hey, (n/n) want to go out today??” Tim smiled cheekily. “ Only us…like a date.”

“Sorry, Timbo. Gotta take care of dami. He’s been alone all morning.”

“Oh….” Tim’s smile faltered.

F*cking Demon.

“We were going to the zoo, I promised him we’ll go and then to the new vegetarian place.”

“I’ll go with you! I’ll help you control the demon- I mean, my baby bro!” He grinned.

“ Aw,, he is a good boy.” You smiled softly.

“Yeah….the best..” Tim frowned.

“ Then its settled! Come with me!” Hold his hand and walk home.




As people walked and look at you two, Tim smiled proudly and held your hand tighter.

You smiled at Tim as you two went up to your apartment.

“Dami! I’m home!” you sing-sang

“(y/n)!! We nee-Drake what are you doing here” Damian glared at Tim and then pushed him away from you, breaking your hand hold. Dami hugged you.

“Awww damiiii!!”You hugged him back. “Grab your things! We are going to the zoo!!”

“And what’s Drake doing here.” Damian glared at him

“I’m coming too.” Damian snarled at Tim’s shit-eating grin. “Problem?”

“no.” Damian’s teeth clenched.

“Let’s go!!” You smiled obvious and held both of their hands.


“(y/n) YOU CAN’T PET THE LIONS!!!” Screamed Tim as he ran behind you and Damian.

“CUUUUBSS!!!!!!” You smiled at the baby lions who yawned cutely. “AWWWW!”

“They should be in the wild. Or with me, I would take care of them.” Said Damian looking with sparkling eyes at the cubs.

“THANKS-GOD!” Tim took a deep breath. “DON’T DO THAT AGAIN!!”

“Sorry, Timmy…” You smiled awkwardly

“Tt.” Damian looked away from the cute cubs to Tim.

“Let’s go eat, it’s getting late.” Tim said as he held your hand.


“Can we take them home?”




“I’ll take the tofu burger.” Damian said.

“I’ll take the (f/v/f) m, thanks”

“I’ll have the same as her.” Tim said.

“okay! Be back in a flash!!” The waitress smiled amicably as she went to the kitchen.

“So, (n/n) you ok living with the demon?” Tim said as he held your hand.

“He is a sweetheart!” You smiled at Damian as you brushed his hair. “And he like me , right dami?” You smiled as Damian blushed.

“Tt.” He said as looked away.

Tim looked suspiciously at Damian until his eyes widened in surprise and his mouth opened.

“you li-“ What Tim was about to say was interrupted by Damian’s kick. “auch!”

“Are you ok, Tim?” You asked.

“The demon just-“ Damian kicked him harder. “auch!!stop it!”

“I’m not doing anything!” Damian said.

“You kicked me!”

“I didn’t! AUCH!” Damian said. “Drake you’re a child!!”

“Said the child!!”

“Here is your food!!” The waitress smiled as she let your plates in the table.

“Thank you.” You smiled.

“You’re welcome. Enjoy your food!” She smiled and left.

The three of you ate in silence, Damian and Tim keep glaring at each other when the door was broken by Ivy.

“Look at those killers!! All those plants dead!!” Ivy smirked as vines came out of the floor, one of them grabbed you and raised you high in the air. “Look, a pretty flower in a group of monsters.” More vines appeared holding you still. “Harley, take all they have.”

“Aye, Red!!” Harley came into the room an one by one took all their things.

“He have to escape, they have (y/n).” Tim whispered. “Grab that knife to cut the vines.”

“tt” Damian carefully grab the knife and cut the vines, freeing him and Tim. They crawled to the bathroom and changed to their uniform and banged in the room. Damian fought Harley, knocking her out as Tim took on Ivy, he cut the vines holding you and carried you off of danger.

“Ma’am please stay here, your friends will join you shortly.” He said

“Wait, how do you- Tim? Tim is that you?”

“What, no!”

“Then robin is Damian??”

“I must go.”


Red Robin came back to the battlefield and knocked Ivy out.

“How is she.” Robin asked.

“She knows.” Rr said.

“What? How?”

“She just does. Bring those two to Arkham.” Red said. “I’ll bring (y/n) to her home. We wait you there.”

“Tt.” Robin grab the two knocked out villainesses and jump out.

Tim sighed and ran out to where you were sitting.

“(Y/n), lets go back, ok?” Tim smiled as he carried you bridal style to your apartment.

Tim open your windows and let you inside, he entered behind you and took his mask of.

“Tim, since when?” You looked at him and he sighed softly.

“Since I was nine.”


“I didn’t want you to know. It’s dangerous for you to do…and I didn’t want you to worry…”

“Tim, its ok.” You hugged him. “Your secret is safe with me. I won’t lose you for this. And I can kick ass!!”

Tim smiled softly and grabbed your face and pulled you up for a sweet kiss.

Your eyes opened wildly but seeing his closed eyes and smile you whined and kissed back.

“I’m..sorry, (Y/N)…I just…love you” He kissed your lips again, “So much…”

“Tim..” You whined. He pulled you closer and kissed you hard. One of his hands hugged your waist and the other was lost in your hair.

“Hey (y/n). Can I…. come, in..” Said a man as he fell inside your living room.

“JASON!” You screamed as you ran to help him to your couch.

“I’m going for the first aid kit!” Tim ran to the bathroom and brought the kit.

“Jay, what the hell? Who shot you?” You said as you teared his shirt open and stopped the bleeding.

“A…thug, he was selling drug * hiss* to kids. He had to be stopped.” Jason hissed as you applied the clothe in the injury.

“Here! The first aid kid!” Tim gave you the kit. “And this for him to bite when you pull the bullet out.” Tim put a towel in Jason’s mouth for him to bite.

“Now bite hard, this is gonna hurt.” You grabbed a pair of pincers and introduced them slowly in the wound.

“HIIIISS!” Jason bit the towel hard as you extracted the bullet of the wound, then disinfected it and wrap a bandage around it.

“Jay, you need to be more careful.” You kissed the wound and smiled. “You hungry?”

“Yes, thanks babe.” Jason smirked at you and you got up and let the first aid kit in the counter before cleaning your hands and preparing a small dinner for jay.

“Replacement you’re in suit she-“

“She found out on her own.”

“…Bats won’t like that.”

“I know.”

“Jay here!”  You let a trail with warm food. “Eat everything ok? I’m going to put my pajama.” You walked to your room to put your pajama on, when you got out Jay had fallen asleep on your couch and Tim in the ground.

“Hey Dami.” You smiled at Robin.

“ What’s Todd doing here?”

“He got hurt and came to me to cure him.” You kissed his forehead. “Go sleep, little robin.”

“Good night (y/n)”

“Night , dami.” You smiled as he disappeared in his room.

You looked at Tim and thought for a moment.

Why not?

You dragged him to your room and let him in the bed. He made himself comfortable and sighed happily. As you were about to leave he pulled you in the bed and cuddled you.


“Good night, (y/n)” You felt a sweet kiss on your forehead and you thanked that the light was off, or he would have seen your red tomato face.

“Night Timmy.” You smiled before hiding your face on his neck, the smell of his cologne calmed you and help you fall asleep.

Tim nose buried in your soft hair and smiled, soon falling asleep.

“I love you, (y/n).” Tim sighed to himself before closing his eyes.


“Father” A woman walked inside a dark cave illuminated by the green of the pool.

“Talia, my daughter…The moment has arrived. She’s almost ready my dear child.”

Talia smirked at the woman in the green water.

“Welcome back, mother.”

To be continued…