Cordyceps, the Killer Fungi.

Spores from the parasitic fungi called the cordyceps infects an insects brain and directs the insect upwards towards the forest canopy where it latches onto a plant to eventually die. 

After growing for about 3 weeks within the dead insect, the cordyceps unleashes spores into the forest, infecting other insects within the immediate area. There are thousands of different types of cordyceps fungi and each specialise in just one type of insect species. 

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(Fire-tale)Boris@Min: Wait, wait ok, so every leafeon here has a soul tree.. and that emi guy is a supposed.. 'Plant killer..' so.. does that mean he did something bad to his tree? Or did he never have one? Man, no wonder your worried about him!

… but there’s no reason to be worried about him! Some people are just late bloomers, you know?

Fantastic Worlds #6 (1952) - Standard Comics

Cover by: Alex Toth

It should come as no surprise that I fucking love Alex Toth’s art. However he tragically did very little sci-fi comics. So we’ll go with this obscure piece.

I’m really kinda impressed that he managed to do a killer plant without resorting to a Vagina Dentata cliché. There’s still something decidedly labial about it, but not in the conventional way.

Also, I get that a damsel eating plant would be scary and all. But don’t you think you’re over selling it a bit calling it “The Cosmic Terror”?

November 20, 2021 - Man-Eating Plants Kill 160 Colonists

On November 20, 2021, the seaQuest DSV responded to a distress call from Calimar Colony, a United Earth Oceans horticultural facility. Upon arrival, the crew of seaQuest discover all 160 colonists missing.

After further investigation, including bringing some plant samples aboard the ship for study, they discovered that the plants were capable of disintegrating a human body. The plants had killed all of the colonists, and began working on seaQuest’s complement. Eventually, the seaQuest crew was able to destroy all of the mutated plants and quell their uprising.

(seaQuest DSV, Episode 208: By Any Other Name, 1994)

The neighbors spray poisons all around their house, flower beds, sheds, etc leaving a brown dead zone where nothing grows. This is a popular and encouraged method of “gardening” in this community.

I now know what they do with any excess plant killer.

They dump it in the back corner of our yard that has been out of sight.

Also, those big rose bushes they dug up the threw in the grown up part of pur yard.

And trash they didn’t feel like carrying in the house after yard work.


This is normal behavior in this area. Take your trash and dump it on someone else’s property … I HATE that!

I want a 10ft tall solid fence!