She’s a gardener and a botanist. Her best friend is a killer plant monster she has had since she was a tadpole. She knows how to make the best medicine and delicious tea with her plants.

And if anyone can help me name her that would be great because I’m terrible with giving names.

Fantastic Worlds #6 (1952) - Standard Comics

Cover by: Alex Toth

It should come as no surprise that I fucking love Alex Toth’s art. However he tragically did very little sci-fi comics. So we’ll go with this obscure piece.

I’m really kinda impressed that he managed to do a killer plant without resorting to a Vagina Dentata cliché. There’s still something decidedly labial about it, but not in the conventional way.

Also, I get that a damsel eating plant would be scary and all. But don’t you think you’re over selling it a bit calling it “The Cosmic Terror”?


So yesterday we went to the botanic gardens where there’s a really great selection of Deborah Butterfield sculpture. I even found a fallen bee buddy to use in a future project!