Fantastic Worlds #6 (1952) - Standard Comics

Cover by: Alex Toth

It should come as no surprise that I fucking love Alex Toth’s art. However he tragically did very little sci-fi comics. So we’ll go with this obscure piece.

I’m really kinda impressed that he managed to do a killer plant without resorting to a Vagina Dentata cliché. There’s still something decidedly labial about it, but not in the conventional way.

Also, I get that a damsel eating plant would be scary and all. But don’t you think you’re over selling it a bit calling it “The Cosmic Terror”?

November 20, 2021 - Man-Eating Plants Kill 160 Colonists

On November 20, 2021, the seaQuest DSV responded to a distress call from Calimar Colony, a United Earth Oceans horticultural facility. Upon arrival, the crew of seaQuest discover all 160 colonists missing.

After further investigation, including bringing some plant samples aboard the ship for study, they discovered that the plants were capable of disintegrating a human body. The plants had killed all of the colonists, and began working on seaQuest’s complement. Eventually, the seaQuest crew was able to destroy all of the mutated plants and quell their uprising.

(seaQuest DSV, Episode 208: By Any Other Name, 1994)

Godzilla vs Biollante
> sequel to dark, politically charged 85 film
> has cheesy 80s action scenes
> esp proves plants can think apparently
> also a killer plant horror film
> godzilla/plant/human hybrid is giant rose then crocodile mouthed with Venus flytrap tipped vine tentacle thingies.
> ‘anti nuclear energy bacteria’
This series is golden.