Jon & Dany are a go, a green light, passed inspection, ready for mass reproduction, pass go&collect $200 kind of HELL YES for me.

 I can’t believe we had to wait 7 seasons, 7 years, to have Daenerys and Jon Snow in scenes & now I know why I never fully shipped him with anyone else till now.  These two were made for each other in every way.  This was more than I imagined.  I don’t care who’s related to who at this point. That’s irrelevant.  Everyone is semi-related in most ships on this show anyway. The Cersai brother&sister thing,growing up together, yeah, that’s a hard no. That’s just weird.  But if I can ship dead killer vampires, zombies, and motorcycle gun smuggling gang members from Sons of Anarchy with someone, I sure as hell can ship a dragon queen with her supposed nephew, especially if it was commonplace for the Targaryens in ancient times & not this earth.  Would I accept this in the real world in this day and age?  Of course not.   But this is fictional and it’s whole different world on GOT with fire-breathing dragons and dead skeleton people with glowing blue eyes walking around in the snow carrying machetes because they feel like killing shit, so there’s different rules applied here and a different train of thought.


I should’ve played Silver Case when it came out last year but I waited until the ps4 version lmao and god it’s amazing. If anyone reading this is interested in Suda’s games and wants a place to start/is a fan but on the fence, it’s a must play (and fairly frequently goes on sale for like, $12 on gog and the other one). I need to replay FSR now too… or wait until 25th Ward.