New World Symphony (Killer Is Dead Version)
  • New World Symphony (Killer Is Dead Version)
  • Akira Yamaoka

Killer Is Dead © Grasshopper Manufacture, Inc. / Suda51.

Final boss fight. It’s basically a remix of “New World Symphony, 4th Movement” by Antonin Dvorak. Given that, guess where the fight takes place?

Chosen By The Moon
  • Chosen By The Moon
  • Akira Yamoka

“In chess the player who makes the first move is at an advantage. Which is why the other player should be happy when there’s a stalemate." 

Here is the brilliant and truly final boss music from KILLER IS DEAD (one of many tracks that was not on the CD, and as a result it’s merely been named after the level).

So in the past week I’ve beaten three amazing and truly beautiful games. As a result I have very few pixels to share, but I do have the soundtrack for these three games, all of which you’ll get a taste of in the days to come. I’ll also be paring them with a three sentence review- speaking of which here’s KILLER IS DEAD’s: 

Strange, absurd, surreal and beautiful. The themes, morals and plot is not apparent until you really start pulling the whole game apart, from the bosses to the beauties, but really works once you get it. Solid combat, although repetitive  more enemy variety would have been nice but I can’t complain.