I’m not saying that i have, but what would happen, hypothetically speaking, if it came to light that i may have killed one or two people. Heroes and such. No one important.
—  Hero Killer Stain
BTS in NYC from an Optimistic Person who was there

I know with all the recent events everything has been a disappointment in terms of the concerts and the like, but as a person who attended the New York concert yesterday, I just wanted to thank everyone and BTS for making my first concert experience an overall positive one. 

Things to be grateful for:

  • All the NY Army’s that I saw were all extremely caring towards each other, and supported each other the entire time.
  • BTS’ hard work - because honestly, it showed, and when they all attempted to communicate with us in English, it was really sweet
  • The overall organization - the lines and everything in order to get in and seated was fairly easy to follow and I appreciated how orderly everything was
  • The funny reactions from pedestrians on the streets of NY asking what was happening and why everyone was in dressed in black and white haha
  • We got to see pretty much the entire concert, even if 3 songs were missed (not that many tbh)
  • The Cypher (Killer) was HYPE. Everyone jumping up and down and enjoying themselves - it was my favorite part of the concert
  • The sizable pop. of male army’s! It wasn’t all girls
  • The community feeling of army’s - people giving out bracelets to each other and banners to hold up for free
  • The fashion - everyone (BTS and Army’s) looked amazing 
  • The manners - throughout the concert everyone remained fairly well-mannered and not many people were screaming over the members
  • THE CUTE SING ALONG PART - they even had lyrics in english letters up on the screen for us to easily sing along with the song

Overall, I think even with the difficulties, The New York TRB Concert was a blast, and we all should be thankful for the general awesome experience


HUGE  props to the creator of this video. This shit is hard to do and do well, but they pulled it off and this video somehow gets me even more hyped for Killer